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I have learned a lot about myself in the last few weeks of just reading your website - and really listening to things that you say. So much of what you talk of I have thought - but it never came to the surface. I really like the part about all of us being a peice of the puzzle, or knowing a peice of the puzzle, but not having the whole puzzle. It makes so much sense. This one little sentance that I just described, opened up a lifetime to me. I always thought that there was so much that I didn't know. Things about religion, things about Christ and Our Father that I knew - but I didn't know. But now - I am not afraid any longer. You can't even begin to imagine how that feels.

Wait - I take that back - you are probably one of the few people that understands what a relief it is to know that all this confusion I have had in my head and in my heart about spells and divinity and everything - how it works together or should work together isn't something to be afraid of any longer. While I don't think this life of mine was set up to actually practice spell work - there has been such a change in me since meeting you and really paying attention to what you are saying. For example - when I first contacted you, what I really wanted was revenge against two guys that I felt deserved the wrath of a woman.

And hey, maybe they still do. When I realized all I wanted was a real chance to change my life, to change my love style and to change for the better - I changed my spell approach. And I am willing to continue to do what I need to do, in order to allow for that change. I hope all this is making sense. I love the negativity releasing prayer - I was half joking when I thought I needed more than nine black ribbons, but I can always do it more than once, right? What I am trying to say is this - thank you.

You are a wonderful person. And while this is a way of making your living, it is also helping me to live a better life - because that is what I am really striving for - and I know that will happen - regardless of the outcome of my spells. I kind of feel that I have been elevated to a better way of thinking.

In the meantime when I say this to you - peace to you my friend, I mean it with all my heart. One day we will meet in person, and I can't wait, but it will happen in its own time I am sure.



Hey, Jim!

Just writing to say, "Hi!" I hope you're feeling better and that the dark clouds have lifted
from above you. You are such a wonderful person, I hope that all turns out well for you and I'm sure it will. You have shown me such kindness and compassion in my situation that it really bothers me that I cannot do anything for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I really admire your fantastic sense of humor and your strength and character. You're awesome! You have brought sunshine and hope into some of my dreary days and I hope to return the favor at some point. Thanks for all you do for me and all your clients, we appreciate you and are very grateful for all you do. Thanks for!

Well, Jim, you take care and be good to yourself. You will remain in my prayers . Liz


Hi Jim,

Wow! The spell I asked for has worked! Alexi saw (----------) at the gym yesterday and ------ actually approached Alexi and asked how she was, and told her that she was thinking about her a lot lately, and missed her. She also asked about the family and said that she was going to call me to see if we could get together. She said that she missed all of us and was sorry that we weren't keeping in touch. This is a total turn around for ----!

This is so wonderful! Because just 2 weeks ago, ------saw her and ----- totally ignored her, and acted like she didn't even know her. ----- has acted cold and mean toward ------- for the last 9 - 10 months, so this nice behavior is totally new! I know this is happening because of the spell!!! thank you, thank you, thank you. I have already said thank you to Divinity, and I will continue to pray and say thanks!

Thank you Jim for everything! I am so happy that my spell manifested! It is a start, and I believe that -------and ------ getting back together is going to happen some time soon.



hey Jim I just want to thank you for the work that you have done for me. Once again ------- and I are back together and happier than ever. I don't know how to thank you. If possible can u email a copy of the history that I emailed you for the 90 day spell. I want to keep it on file and add to it in case I need your help again. Thanks so much once again. Nick.


Dear Jim,

You may post the following testimonial in place of the existing posting:

In early August 2004, as I sent off for a 30-day Business and Finance Spell
for blessing me with business genes, I received a shocking notice from my
broker. It concerned my stock portfolio which I had bought on margin some
months back, but had not monitored. I had apparently accumulated a margin
call of about US$500,000, and was told to pay up in less than a week! I was
dumfounded into silence. There was no way I could pay up that kind of money.
As I panicked on what to do, I got a sense of quiet ease after contacting
Jim about it, and felt that things would turn out all right. It did.
Although I had never faced such a situation before, something drove me to
close out all my open positions before the due date. I reduced my account
to peanuts, and sustained all necessary losses so as not to owe anything.
The matter was "instantly solved" as I haven't had any more margin calls
since. I credit Jim's spell as having played a part in working this dilemma
out. The spell was still in its early stages then. Lesson learnt in trading
stocks: Monitor your margin trades regularly. Cut losses quickly. Since the
spell was cast, I have also come to realize the non-feasible markets of 2
existing businesses and turned my energies on a new business to start up in
October 2004. I have since met my first potential client a week for this
new business after "I" conjured up the idea. Thank you, Jim! Let the Angels
roll in the money carpet!



Hi Guys... I know that you (James) are not on my case any more but I wanted to write to both of you. Let me start out by saying (although I have said it before) Thank you for all of your support and kindness over the YEARS.... I guess what I am writeing to tell you is that I know FINALLY what you meant by letting go.... your right you can not put it into isn't something that anyone can make or tell you to do.... I am the girl with the file the size of an encyclopedia... I let go of---------... the angels have sent me a man named ---------...I could only hope that he thinks I am as great as I do about him...I guess only time will tell Yes (against better judgement I know...wink... I do still talk and hang out and talk to -------) But it is gone... and it is a strange peace... and I feel him rethinking our relationship and who he is not too sure where that will lead (I am guessing a choice will come abou winkt)... I like -------- alot and I can only pray he

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