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Have you ever wondered about the time of creation, and the stories that came out of this great happening in the world? How much truth is there to all of these stories, do you think? Where is it that we, as a race, originated from? Did we evolve from the animal kingdom as Darwin would suggest? Or, did we crawl out of the sea upon the beach one dark night?

Were we born of the dust, as the Bible states? And, are we perhaps the by product of extraterrestrial beings? Are we just an experiment gone terribly wrong, I wonder. I have personally asked myself these questions, many times down through the years, usually when I am alone at night. I just ponder these thoughts over and over deep into the night, as I struggled with these truths still not known fully to me. Still, after all these years, all I can do, is make educated guesses like everyone else.

Case in point: Lets take Christian Mythology for instance. And, to narrow it down a bit further, let's look at Jesus Christ a bit closer, in his relationship to the divine presence. Some say, he was God in the flesh. Others say, he was the son of a God born to the flesh, to wash away the sins of the world.

I really don't find this very hard to believe myself. How much further is this from the Greek mythology, that is concerning itself with, Hercules being the son of Zeus? Or, even the Buddha as being the son of the Universe? Could these men have been aspects of Divinity? OR . . . were they Divinity? Could they have arrived from a distant star, to teach we the Humanity of the Earth, their blessed doctrine of peace and higher learning. Or, the balancing of our human emotions, that are both harmful to others and ourselves.

Down through time, the human race has always had its heroes fighting the evil monsters of an ancient past. We have had ancient Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Dragons, Demons, and Monsters, of every shape and size, either saving us or wiping us out. If you read about all the mythologies and theories ever produced by ancient and modern man alike, you would absolutely loose your mind, and become so confused, that you might have just given up believing in any of it! This is highly unfortunate, because I know for a fact, that there is a Divinity! And that it does exist behind a vial of mystery, that shrouds it from our mortal eye. But never the less, it does exist .

I think the truth of the matter here is, our high clergy of the church have just made it way to complex, by playing there little game of; "only I can talk to God! You can't because your stupid and unworthy!" Let me ask you this. What did we really have in the begining of time, when we first stood upon the Earth, eighty thousand years ago, before any priests? Oh, Yes, that's right, I said 80,000 years ago, as the most current carbon dating suggest. This is still a drop in the bucket incidentally, because, the archeologist state that the earth is at least sixty billon years old.

Anyway, all we had long ago, was the Elementals. Such as Earth, Wind, Fire and Sea, as the prevalent forces in our lives. It was these forces, and not the forces behind them, that we as a race, defied into what we now know as Divinity, in all of its various forms today. At that time, we didn't know any better. Because, that's all we were allowed to see, by them. Perhaps for our own good. Because our minds couldn't handle too much in this age.

Now you may be thinking, "ok, well, Creator, God, Goddess, Angel, ect. is just a bunch of mindless energy, floating around in the cosmos. There, to be used, as we see fit, or just an uncontrollable force of nature to be reckoned with, as some would believe. Still yet, something that just deals out to us, blind fate. More over, there are some that would believe divinity to be, a fantasy belief system for insecure people to fall back on, for the purposes of gaining comfort and strength, in times of great stress. Some believe Divinity to be, our past loved ones. Or, our Ancestors of long ago, that have past into death and so forth. What do you think about it all?

What road did you choose, if any, my friend? Are you still thinking on it perhaps? Do you think that you have found the answers? Can there be a provable answer to these mysteries? How can we be sure that there even is a Divinity? And still yet, how will we know if we are on the right track? Are we correct in our theories? Do we wish to take the chance of being wrong? Some would say to me.

"why do you pry into the unknowable affairs of Heaven, And who are you to question these mysteries of Divinity and life? Or, why do you stir the masses and confuse them?" And I say:," why shall I place my eternal soul into the hands of a man? And what is so sinful about seeking the holy presence from which I came? After all, it is written in just about every Holy text that has ever been read." [[Seek and you will find me and I alone am the light, the way and the truth.]]

Does Divinity have a connection with what we call extraterrestrial forces? I believe so. For the sole reason, that in the caves of Central and South America, there are paintings dated 17,000 years old and older. Pictures showing certain kinds of beings destroying villages with advanced weaponry of fire and sea. At the same time they are healing the sick with advanced methods of medicine. Even in the book of "Revelation," it speaks about a certain prophet being taken up into the heavens, in something that very much sounds like a space craft.

They say, that Atlantis was a by product of terrestrial intelligence. In the Bible itself, it sounds as if ancient man, was in fact, describing high tech vehicles. But ancient man really didn't know how to describe really what he was seeing. So he just wrote it off as being an Angelic being, or creature of sorts.

And for the record, this sort of thing has been recorded in many different faiths around the world. So it is not an isolated case, of being in just one system of faith. Is Divinity the little gray space guys we see on T.V all the time? Are these guys going around making these pretty little crop circles, just to screw with our minds? I Don't know! But I for one, am not going to stand in a corn field all night to find out! Are you? (hee hee hee.)

You know guys, I have been on this journey for the last thirty years of my life. Some of that being into my childhood years. Really, my whole life has been dedicated and encompassed by, my life's quest of searching for the truths of life. You know, I have been to the brink of death many times in my travels, and I have seen what lies beyond what we call reality. Some of these things I can speak to you about. But most of what I have seen, must die with me. I have posed a lot of questions here on this page, and hopefully I have not added to your burden by confusing you further.

But I can tell you this: There is an all knowing presence! There is an afterlife! Divinity does exist! They do love us! They do come in many different forms! There is a master plane for us! A soul does chave to be earned! There are things that are expected of us! That is, to evolve mentally and spiritually!

To have faith in them to help us! To grow closer to them! To develop trust in them! To love each other! To realize that life, is a testing ground for balance! We are all visitors in a strange land here. But only for a short time. So be good to each other! Help each other! Learn from each other! Know that when it is all said and done in that day, we will all meet again as children of the stars.

written by James Richard Morgan II

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