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Divinity, What is it?

The answer to this question ,in my view, would be this. Divinity is the everlasting force behind the very creation of every planet, meteor, star, nova, and black hole in the Universal Cosmos.

A self generating and governing force and the sole operators of the five Earthly Elementals of Nature. Earth , Wind, Fire, and Sea, these are the Spirit of those forces that make up the whole of the Human race in its substance.

It is the very thing that has created, and is older than, time itself . . . and like time, that which is eternal can never die. But, rains supreme over the Heavenly, Earthly, and Realms of Death, forever more without challenge . "What does Divinity want from us?"

In my view, this Divine Force wishes only for our Spiritual and Mental growth. So that, perhaps one day, we may join them in their eternal dance at the end of our lives.

Now, you may say: "this all sounds great. But, how do I reach this point of Human evolution and what happens to the person that doesn't give a hoot about what your saying here." I would respond to these questions by saying:

"Let us look at a few words such as sin and repentance." Do you know what Sin really is? Or just what the Church has told you of this term in the past? Sin is any thing that can be harmful to either yourself or to another. Be it Human, Animal, or something in your environment.

Such as, pollution, or the removing of anything from nature without justifiable cause. A hurtful or hateful action that will not serve you in your growth. Something you know to be wrong to do, but do it, despite your good sense or conscious.

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