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When the spell itself has been completed, and if you picked up the Spiritual Counseling service, after you have been guided through the "Negativity Releasing Prayer" and the Spiritual Counseling, a period will exist where the Client and myself won't have much communication. This is the moment of truth. We both must wait to see what results will manifest as a result of the casting. Opening communications between the two people, or to see if the existing communications will improve over all.

These spells are most generally geared to cause the Target to become more receptive and to either restore existing communications or long dead communications in a positive way. And above all else, to heal that relationship and bring the two people back together for a second chance. Basically the Client and myself play the waiting game at this point, to see if the Target will make some sort of contact via a friend, family member, or to perhaps even bump into the Target some where out in public, etc.

Even though I've had a 97% to 100 % success rating with the Love Retrieval Spells in past cases, one has to realize that this is just a rating system used by myself concerning [[ Past Case Histories ONLY]] and [[can't really be used to scale out a future cases success with]]. Every case is unique in its own way, even though a case may seem similar in structure to another persons case, believe me, it's definitely not. Each case brings its own individual aspects to it, making it unequally different from the last case that was cast, such as: The over all complexity of the situation, How hot or cold the case might be, The logistics or geographical areas to which the Client and Target may dwell currently, Availability of imprints, Combative People involved, Actions that were taken, both on a individual basis and concerning magical work, that may have been performed for a person in a effort to resolve their situation.

Another issue is if there has been possible curses cast against a person, individually or the relationship over all. Willingness of the Client to seriously consider advice given by the Caster, and willingness on the Clients part to work with the spell criteria in a reasonable way is also important. Will the Client be truthful with the Caster, Is the Target of the spell on drugs, Or has the Target been abused as a child, How much baggage do the Client and Target have concerning past relationships, Would the Target or Client be a Caster themselves, and so forth.

You see, there are alot of factors here to be considered, right? When I'm asked for time frames concerning Love Retrieval Spells, I just cringe. Again, each situation is totally different, and can manifest at different times. However, when I'm pressed for a time, I'll usually quote time frames from: as little as one week for total manifestation, (which is extremely rare) to three months, which is typical for most cases. Or, it can be as long as one year and one day, to which is also very rare. Again, all this is depending on how well a Client can work with the process, and the factors involved listed above on this page.

When a spell casting runs its course of one or two months without seeing any results at all, [[To Which Is Extremely Rare]] then I offer a free re-cast to give the spell a boost. However, this isn't needed in most cases as these spells tend to show immediate results for the Client, a majority of the time, as far as past cases go. Basically, with love spells, a Client must practice the three Ps of: Patience, Persistence and Perseverance, along with me, to see what the spell yields up concerning their results. All we can really do at this point is make the request in a prayer and then release it by:

forgetting about the spell itself and having the faith in the fact that this will either happen for us, or perhaps bring us something even better. We as Human Beings can't force Divinity into doing anything for us in the way of Miracles. We have to remember that a spell is nothing more then a ancient fancy prayer that we, as a race, can offer up to a age old Divinity that owes us NOTHING and is not Obligated to grant anything to us, other than to take us through the natural progression of our Mental and Spiritual evolution that is carried out in our daily lives.

The Function of these spells are to take a situation out of its natural evolution and to speed a persons growth up, so that particular person is made worthy to receive their fondest wish in life. No matter if its love, money, popularity, health and so forth. In other words, when a person can fix their own Soul through the spell process, then Divinity doesn't have to do it for them through the slow process of life's little trials and tribulations,

thus sparing a person five or ten years of negative testing. When a person takes on the repair of their own mental well being and spiritual growth voluntarily, then they appear righteous in the eyes of the Divine, as they see that person as being sincere in what they want out of life and are willing to change to get it. So In essence, the Divine will respond to a persons efforts by granting the person their wish in life. They have willingly put themselves through Divinities test before hand and have past them all with flying colors, so there's no further need for Divinity to hold these good things back from that person.

Divinity wishes to teach the masses on the whole the virtues of Love, Faith, Hope, Patience and Self Discipline. In the spell process I would try to teach the Client, Patience above all else, as this demonstrates Faith in the Divine. Then, I of course would try to teach the person to let go of the situation, or to release it, by forgetting about the spell as much as possible. This also demonstrates Faith in the Divine and lets Angels go to do their jobs.

I would ask a person to go out and simply have fun or to possibly even date another person temporally, just to get that persons mind off of the spell and other person for a short time only. This will give Divinity, and the spell, the exposure that it needs to bring about the persons wishes through their environment. A person must have Hope in Divinity to bring a better tomorrow and Self Discipline so that a person can maintain better control over their own life and thus not falling pray to the snares that others have set down for them.

Love Spells can be found every where on land, air, and sea. However, most of them are temporary fixes, (to say the least) concerning any given complex love situation. That's assuming that a particular spell would even be strong enough to help a persons situation at all. Are these spells simple and quick fixes? Sure they are, and cost little to boot. But again, they're temporary, and yield short lived results, as they aren't constructed to address the persons entire problem or situation. Perhaps they're even simple, as most only require a birth date, etc. But there again,

it takes more than a birthday to get the job done, in most cases. Now, don't get me wrong here as most casters out there can do a lot with low, medium, white and gray magic. Plus their good to their word when they tell you that they're going to perform the spell exactly to what you're asking. But, just the same, please don't expect them to pull off major miracles for $39.99 or $100.00. Its just not going to happen for you! They aren't getting paid to exert long exhausting hours working on your ritual, or speaking to you, for that matter.

However, if you're looking for something that has long lasting results, and that can cause a metamorphoses of the Human Soul, or causing one to actually see miracles manifesting in their life, then I would highly recommend this process. Of course this type of magical operation isn't for the weak of mind, heart, or spirit, and yes this process is a little more complicated and does take concentration, dedication and self sacrifice. However, most people can handle it with no problem, as they see the larger picture in the end.

Is this process time consuming? Sure it is! For both the Client and for myself, as I'm investing my life, time, and actual blood, unto a persons crises. Does this process take sacrifice? Sure it does! On both sides, as I have to make concessions, along with the Clients. My life is placed on hold when I take a case on, as things I may wish to do, are not done. Such as, spending time with my family, Going on vacation, Losing my privacy and sleep, Listening to phones ringing and answering emails all day so that I may help others in time of need. But, this is still a small price for me to pay, verses what I ask of my Clients.

The Client makes his or her sacrifices by going against their nature and the normal ways of doing things by having faith in the Divine and myself to guide them. The Client has to take a brutal look at themselves, deep into their Soul, and confront the sleeping Demons that are keeping them down. A person has to relearn faith, hope, sacrifice and discipline, as this is the doorway to a happier life. It is my most sincere hope that this page has shed some light on the inward workings of this type of spell. Of course this criteria would differ with the lesser forms, of even this same spell operation, and wouldn't necessarily apply to other types of spell castings.

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