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What is Normality? Being normal is whatever standers society sets for us in the way of acting in a certain way or speaking in certain way. Moreover society also dictates the way that we should dress. eat. sleep conduct our relationships and live out our lives over all. Take for instance our clothing. Men have a certain type of clothing they wear and woman have their style of clothing however if the lady should wear men's clothing in this day and age not much is thought of this but on the other hand if the man were to wear woman's clothing it would be considered rather strange and abnormal.

If we hold this thought while stepping back in time to the 15 th century renaissance period then men wearing lacy garments wouldn't be thought strange at all and woman wearing paints would really be the talk of the town. Back in that day all the Gentlemen and Ladies loved the arts and dance however today if a man likes these sorts of things he is considered a sissy pants.

Again I ask you what is normal. When I was growing up divorce was a crisis and considered abnormal but again today its considered common place and normal. I even heard a story concerning a young man plans for his future and it went something like this. Live recklessly. Wild sex. No commitments. Get married at 28. Be divorced three times by the time im 50 etc. Is this normal? Back in the 60's it was get a good job. get married. have kids and grow old with your first love.

Normality is whatever the current mass majority of society is doing at that time and the way they perceive or conceptualize their current reality or the way things should be. So in other words if eight out of ten people all believe in the same way at any period in time and the 2 % are differing from the mass then the 2 % become the minority and are considered by the 80 % to be abnormal in whatever areas of life.

Let's take this a step further to the mental process level. Let's take a gay person for instance. If a gay man loves and wishes to have consensual sex with another gay man then this is considered abnormal in the way that the majority deems it unnatural and going against the laws of nature.

Again if two straight woman decide to have consensual sex with one another either while making a film for money or in the presents of a male just wanting to have a little fun then this is just considered kinky at worst however the woman aren't considered gay by the man. In European countries bisexuality is considered normal on the whole but would be totally considered gay activity here in the states.

In the European countries at worst a gay person would simply be considered a third gender but again in the states that same gay person is judged to have been afflicted with gender confusion or a identity crisis and thus being written off to physiological problems.

Ok now let's talk about rationality. If a man decides to eat his desert first and then his dinner second then this is considered irrational or abnormal behavior and the same can be said for eating your food one item at a time before moving on to the next item on your plate. If a person were seen eating in this way then that person would be judged as having a eating disorder of some kind.

This person might just be systematic or methodical in the way they eat their food and so fourth however the intake of their meal in this way is not shared in regards to the majority so that puts him in the minority and thus he is abnormal. What about thought process?. When I was growing up a man said he wanted to go to the moon and at the time everyone thought he was all ready there lol. He was considered crazy as hell because the mass thought this was a insane idea at best.

And what about when that silly guy flew a kite in the middle of a storm with a key tied on the end of his string hoping that he could catch lighting and trap it in a bottle. Everyone thought he was a nutcase for sure. Was this abnormal mental process I ask you?

Now if you witnessed two guys yelling at each other through two ten cans and a string what would you have thought ((Abnormal)) right? LOL. They were judged as fruit cake inventors. What about those big dummies who thought they could fly across the field in that crazy contraption called a airplane. This was considered to be frivols mental process, Right?. What is the profound meaning of this page you ask?. My answer is ((Hell I don't know)) LOL.

I guess just be yourself to no matter what others think of you. Be Happy in life. Always love Divinity. Dare to be different and set yourself apart from the rest. Live free. Be free. Express yourself. You won't always be popular in life and not all people will love you but Divinity always will. Be the trend setter. Be a force of nature. Be a force to be reckoned with. Conformability is a dangerous concept when living under the temporary rules and laws of mankind. If you live your life for others ask yourself this. Would they live their lives for me. Be your own person and stay true to yourself and family.--------------------------------Jim

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