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Heavens Boundaries

Why does a man seek to prove to others his own perceptions of the ways of Heaven? When, he at best, can only offer to the world pure conjecture of his perceptions as to the workings of Divinities operation.

I have heard men say, "I swear truth to my cause and to the living force of Creation, to the God above." But deep within the dark cornners of his mind, does he harbor himself as a God?

And, I have heard other men say with a certainty that, "there is nothing that lies beyond the gates of death but death itself," but yet they fear it. I have heard the vain man say that, "I am the way and light to your salvation and if you fail to follow me now, then you shall fade away to an eternal dust, then Hell."

Why do men follow their own doctrine of faith so loosely? Then only quote the verses from a book when it serves them only? And, why is it that they maintain a hardened heart to the practicing of their faith sincerely?

How is it that the holy laws of which they speak, only apply to others? But, they them selves are exempt from these same laws over and over?

The world has many holy texts that claim to be the true doctrine of spiritiality for the humanity of this Earth, that will infact, lead the mass to the Heavenly bliss sought after. But,

I ask you this, are all these texts written by an Angel or a man? And if by a man, then why are we to except them totalty as a divine law? Has not a man written these laws of his own hand and do they not serve as only the guidelines for his own nation?

Are these not, then, his own views rendered there-in, and where do we separate his views from a divine law? And how can we say that this faith or that faith justifies any fighting or killing over these various idealologies?

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