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I walk between the worlds of life and death, Heaven and Hell! As my Spirit has done this since the dawning of time, I dwell in the common form of a man. But, am I man? My only reality, are the wishes you make in the still of the night, when you think that no one hears you, as you gaze up and make your wish upon a falling star.

Your hopes are my ambition. All your quiet little whispers do I hear in the darkness of the night. Your lustful desires are felt by me. For, you see, I am a brother to Angels and Demons alike. Trapped in this Earthly flesh, bone, and blood, for an entirety. Wondering the echoes of time and space. The Earth shall be my domain forever more.

For I am Magic, and there of, a part of Creation's everlasting riding upon the wings of Dragons, in a parallel universe to yours. My body dies over and over. But, still I live. For that which is eternal, shall never meet true death, nor shall it be turned to dust. For I am the glimpse of fathom shapes in the darkened shadows of your room. As I am the fleeting echo, of voices in the thickened depths of a darkened forest. I am the speaker of Divine and Holy words, that shake the Earth with thunder and racks the skies with lighting, as they aid me in my quest for justice.

These forces of creation are in me, as I am in them. I am he that serves the Creator, and all the Ancient Goddesses and the Gods. I am the "Ghost Dancer" that dances the spiraling dance of change, between the worlds. You have known of me for thousands of years. You have looked upon me in the light of each day, and felt me in your presence in the dusk of each night. But still, you do not recognize me. But I have always known your bloodline, from the very beginning. And, I will be here to bid the last of you fair thee well.

You should know my name by now. For I have many. You have called me so many times. My name is Wizard, Priest, Holy Man, Witch Doctor,Witch, Shaman, Monk . . . Ghost Dancer. I am he, that holds deep within the Holy Spirit of Creation. I am he, in tattered clothing walking down a endless road, rendering what the world calls miracles, to the sick, hungry, cold, and homeless.

I am the vessel of creation, that rights the evils of man and teaches compassion, mercy, and justice, to them that will listen. And, to they that have seen me, and have known my ways, and who respects me not . . . neither loves me, or my ways, chances Heaven's judgment to their very souls. That judgment, is a thing far worse then Hell itself. For I am Heavens Spirit reincarnate into flesh. I am the Messenger.


In a day not to far into the distance future, will justice fall upon the great Kings of the Eastern lands. As fire rains death from the heavens upon their Kingdoms, and kills all of the unholy rebelled peoples there-in. The lot of that far away land shall wail in a profound agony. For hell itself, hath not furry, like the bereaved of the innocent. The mighty Kingdoms will fall to ashes, from the deadly wrath, of he who they performed abominations in the name of. And the perpetrators of misery will never be allowed to find rest. For the Angels of justice, shall peruse them by day and by night, on the wings of terror. Their doom will be sealed among the stars, and they will ride for an entirety in the torment of hells fires ever lasting. Even past the vanquishing of the last planet in Heaven, will they be blasted into the abyss. Angels will curse them! Demons shall take great pleasure in the dismantling of there souls! In that day, liken them to fuel for the molting pits, in the land of no return. To them, salvation is lost forever. For the unspeakable sins forged in a life time of unjustly destruction, and their peace will be not found, even in death! Their peace unattainable for ever more.

The man of evil deeds, will move across the river of the remembered not. They shall never have existed, to neither the Host of Heaven, nor the Host of Hell! Nor, shall there essence be recognized, by any creeping nor flying thing of the air or creature of the sea. They will never take the form of the spirit or flesh any where again. For they have truly written in blood, their own names in the book of death.


"Why The Children?"

Why are the children so young and frail, catching the abuse from head to tail. To Mommy and Daddy, they have unconditional love, but daddy is drunk and gives Johnny a shove. And as Mommy stands there, with an absent gaze in her eyes, to the neighbors and doctors, she tells little white lies. "He fell, he tripped and hit his head on the tub. And those burns on his skin, is acid he rubbed. He is just a kid, and he is always into things. The bleeding wounds on his body, he to himself does bring."

Baby Sam has fallen, into a pit of dust. With no one around to save him, like the parents he trusts. Mommy is inside, with her new love and doesn't hear, the trembling cries of her little boy's fear. As the dirt invades his little mouth and nose, clogging away his last breath, they find his tiny body the very next day, gripped in the arms of death.

Then there is little Annie, lying awake in her bed. She's, waiting for daddy, to come tuck her in, he said. Well, Daddy walked in, with a great sin in mind. Betrayal in his eyes, is what the little girl did find. He say's to her: "lets play a game and we won't tell mommy of your shame. If she ask tell her a little white lie.

Then, tomorrow for you in the store, anything I will buy. And to the murdering mother, with other things on her mind, for her two little baby boys, a lake she must find. She strapped them in, and put the car in drive. The children were doomed ,they did not survive.

So why must we, on kids declare a war? Why to their little bodies, we batter and scorn. For a child is a gift, from the most holy throne. From every single hair on there heads, to there little bones. For a child, is really an Angel, new to this world, and if you shall harm them one day, heavens wrath at you is hurled.

This is for all of the children who sought, nothing else in this world but, to be loved and cared for. But met there early death through abuse, neglect,and betrayal from their very own parents and family members.

I will go on to say that these children are now in Gods loving grace, never to be harmed again. To those that think that their black deeds will go unseen by the Holy Thrones of Heaven [[ your wrong]] and you will be unforgiven for this deed of betrayal forever more .


"Valor" A Knight is sworn to valor, his heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the weak , his word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked. His honor is bound to the Heavenly Kingdom, as to his King and Queen. His spirit holds righteousness only. His judgment is slow towards another. His hand, stands ready at his sword, to vanquish the foe with all his skill. His temperament is balanced with mercy. His heart is filled with compassion always. For he is a soldier.

"This is a remake off of the Dragon Heart poem."

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