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Dragon Spells is in no way affiliated with or connect to any Illustrated book or its Authors posted or listed on this recommended reading page. The views and statements expressed by the sole Author or Authors found in each literary work may or may not necessarily reflect our views or methods in magical practice. Dragon Spells highly recommends these literary works to those seeking higher learning in the field of magick however does not sell or monetarily profit from these written works in any way. Dragon Spells Does Not condone or advocate the misuse or abuse of any knowledge that a person may obtain from these text or any action that a person might possibly carried out as a result of the material found in any of these text.

Dragon Spells does not Condone or Advocate the Impeding. containment. obstructing or over all magically unjustifiably harming of others or in any other way shape of form. Get It Guys LOL? These posted books are just to point you in the right areas of research. No More. No Less. You may purchase these text directly from the Authors. In Local Book Stores and or on the internet via and other well known online stores. Or you can order them directly from distribution companies such as Llewellyn publishing's out of Canada. The selected text below are some of the best books that I've ran across over the years ranging from Wiccan Earth Magick to Enochian Angelic Magick onto Necronomicon and Luciferian Black Magic.

You really won't see to much up here in the way of Satanic magick or Satan worship for a couple of different reasons being: It's just not my Zip Code and in my opinion really doesn't have that much to offer in the way of spiritual growth. However without totally excluding it I will say that this material should be read at some point just to get a rounded diet of belief systems.The Satanic Bible By Anton Sandor LaVey is a recommended book in this area of research along with a couple books put out by his daughters. Just type in Devil Worship and one of his books should pop up for you on the internet if this is what your looking for right off the bat.

Basic and Advanced Magical Study: (12) : The Element Encyclopedia Of 5000 Spells By : Judika Illes

Advanced Magical Study: (13) : The Encyclopedia Of Angels By : Constance Victoria Briggs

Basic Magical Study: (14) : Guide To The Fairy Ring By : Anna Franklin. Illustrated By: Paul Mason

Basic Magical Study: (15) : Sabbats By : Edain Mccoy

Good Reading For All : (16) : The Gospel Of Thomas By : Marvin Meyer

Advanced Background Study On Spirits: (17) : Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, And Haunted Places By: Brad Steiger

Basic Magical Study: Really Good Book: (18) : Companion For The Apprentice Wizard By : Ooeron Zell-Ravenhearc. This text offers a actual school for Apprentice Wizards and possibly Witches. Please check within this particular book for more information on this.

Advanced and Basic Magical Background Study On Spirits: (19) : The Encyclopedia Of Ghost And Spirits By : Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Advanced Magical Study: (20) : 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings By : Aleister Crowley

Advanced Magical Study: (21) : Modern Magick By : Donald Michael Kraig Try these links for magical study text :

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