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Given that in ancient Paganistic societies had Priest likened Catholicism and other mainstream religions they seemed to have had more access to their Divinity in the way of not always having to go through the priest to get something done unlike Christianity. Also unlike Christianity when something bad happened to someone this was as a result of something that the person did to another or their infraction against certain part of Divinity rather then a specific part of Divinity making them do the ill deed or moreover that a part of Divinity was out to get them for no reason at all.

With the rise and fall or Kingdoms and Religions the mix that over all religion has evolved into can be quite confusing to say the least. Ritualistic magick has existed sense the dawning of time notably perfected by the Druids however I believe it was perfected much latter in time during the One God period or back about the time of Pre-Judaism and pre-Old Testament that really took off during the New Testament age.

As we ascended further and further beyond and away from the Elemental and God/Dess periods and entered into newer faith systems doing away with the rest of what we considered to be Divinity at the time Ritualistic magick and ritual as we know it today was complied in two or three main systems that have endured time and that can be found in practice today. The term Ritualistic magick really belongs more so to middle eastern and Christian systems and not to witchcraft as they worship Jehovah, Ala, or God.

The Witches or Wicca seven Sabbats belong to the world of Paganism and the worshiping of the God and Goddess. The terms of Ritualistic Ritual and Sabbats are misused and confused quite allot these days but if you ever have a chance to witness the rites of Sabbat or Ritual you'll see that they are very much the same in the way of repeating a mass in the same way each and every time it's performed. The only real differences is in the way it's performed. The times it's performed and who is being called or invoked in the ceremony its self. The Witches Sabots are primarily concerned with honoring the God or Goddess of the seasonal change verses Palm Sunday that places enfaces on Jesus The Christ.

Please remember that I'm speaking generally here regarding religious orders and faith systems for the reason that man made faith structures tend to branch off into hundreds if not thousands of various other disciplines. For instance: Catholicism splintered from Orthodoxy then Lutheranism and numerous others right on down to Satanism that derived it's practices in the exact reverse of the Catholic rituals but states that it has no associations to the church. These disciplines developed differences of opinion and on and on they went.

This is also the case regarding Wicca or Wiccan communities and faith systems as some will worship the God. Some the Goddess yet other will recognize both depending on who you speak to and thus I am only speaking generally here but at the same time giving the Viewer some insight to the common factors and differences that exist within each system. The old belief system were more complicated then the new ones however they accepted responsibility for whatever action was carried out verses the new systems that take no responsibility and blame everything on the Devil.

Today Ritualistic Magick is both a broadly and loosely used term or description by just about everyone out there on the net from the Solitary Witch to the hard core Necromancer to which is also a form of Paganistic worship of the ancient Babylonian Gods and Goddesses verses those that practice the magical discipline of Enochian that is derived from the Old Testament in the book of the Prophet Enoch.

Enochian is considered to be ritualistic Old Testament magick and Satanism would be looked at as the other end of ritualistic magick even though one is Old Testament and the other stems from the New Testaments of Christ. The Golden Dawn as well as other modern day magical text are a combination of the two disciplines as both Angels of light and darkness can be found working together in this text under certain planetary rotations verses the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey that seemingly focused on the negative aspects of Heaven.

Some Satanist consider themselves as earthly Gods in some cases that achieve their goals by manipulating raw Elemental Forces much like the Kings and high Wizards of the ancient world in certain regions. For Example: The King of Babylon that conveniently named himself Lucifer and decreed that all should look upon him as a God.The Keys of King Solomon can be considered Ritualistic magick as they belong to the Old Testament that intern was the forerunner to the Testaments of Christ the Savor. In the Keys of Solomon one can find repetitive Ritualistic movements using a structured order of both light and dark angels much like can be found in the Golden Dawn that also speaks in regards to the building of Solomon's Temple that ended up housing the Ark Of The Lost Covenant.

Let me also say at this time that many accounts in both the Old and New Testaments can be found in Paganistic renditions involving the Gods and Goddesses of old instead of God and Angels however because of the origin of this belief system these stories or accounts and rites stemming from these accounts are considered Sabots instead of rituals. Today many in the magical communities are combining the Old Ways of Witchcraft Sabot in with the newer forms of Ritualistic practices derived from the Old and New Testaments of Judaism and Messianic Judaism thus closing the gap between the mystical worlds that have been separated for so long.

More and more people are beginning to see Divinity as many within the one or one within the many if you will. Let me just stop and say at this point please don't get the mysticism confused with mainstream Christianity as this discipline pretty much preaches and teaches against any form of magical practice short of the Catholic Priest performing it themselves. It states in the Bible at one point that God shall not suffer a mystic to live or one that practices magick. I often times wonder how they get around this part of their ideology lol.

What is religion but the preconceived notions of Ideology set to disparate circumstance and yet how much more is faith without title or restriction. When it boils down to what's real and what's not I would say that one may worship Divinity in whatever way that seems best to them as it is their relationship with the Divine that counts more so then anything else. Ritualistic magick is a more constructed form of magical discipline that does in fact work however there is a ever present danger of Dogma that intern stunts spiritual growth.

But there again one is not confined or bound to Dogma's chains be it with the Practitioners of Enochian magick or in the circles of the Goddess or God. The recognition of Divinity as a whole isn't a bad thing and venturing out on to the less traveled road can be a very enlightening experience at times. There is allot to be said regarding every mainstream doctrine in the world as there is much to be learned from them but it's also good to keep in mind that all religions are as fallible as the flawed people who created them. In other words it's much easier to learn Ritualistic Magick and quote from the Bible more so then it is to learn how to speak from the heart to Divinity.

The strongest Magick in the world lives in the heart of the righteous who's love for Divinity grows by the day and thus it is possible for one in this mind set to pave the thorny path with gold and bliss. It is my most sincere hope and wish that this page has helped someone in some small way. Peace. Love and Safety to all.

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