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Witchcraft, Ritualistic Magick, And The Origins Of Religious Faiths Old And New

The largest distinction between the Old Religions of Witchcraft and Ritualistic magick that initially originated from Judaism and Islamic tradition are that witchcraft not only is rooted in the more ancient Paganistic societies predating all other forms of Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic or Jewish worship by at least two or three thousand years if not more. It is also different in the way of being primarily concerned with Elemental worship or the changing seasons unlike the other forms of worship mentioned above. The oldest living religions in the world predating Christianity and other religious traditions can be found in the Chinese faith systems that like witchcraft tends to mix the Elementals. Goddess and God aspects not to mention the positive and negative polarities of Universe and nature.

Likened to witchcraft these systems have also used Ancestral worship to convey prayers to the higher form of the spiritual nature as is also very commonly found and practiced in many Native American forms of traditional nature worship. The unique thing about these generalizations of faith system and or mass shared view is that these systems have successfully incorporated the duel role of sexes into duality of purpose such as good and evil by a given God or Goddess ruled over by a certain polarity etc. I've pretty much covered the unfolding of mans primitive faith systems in previous pages concerning the evolution from our earliest system of Elemental worship on up to the God and Goddess worship and onward to the One God concept.

Moreover I've stated that if one researches back far enough through the ancient belief systems a person will find that they all blend into one another at various points in our spiritual evolution the further you go back. In other words we all started out with one big story that was broken down to fit a particular culture in a specific time period. Man in his preoccupation with good and evil and or in a effort to explain his world a little better began structuring the God/Goddess systems as he began applying given names to the distinct elementals. This development of various Deity structures stemming from or out of the Elemental age not only gave man some form of control over his environment by being able to explain his Universe but also in way certain negative or positive events that had occurred in his life.

When people fell in love it was most certainly the Goddess Venus and her messenger of Cupid that caused this to happen. When the relationship went south it was the War God of Mars behind this treachery without question. On the other hand if Venus was in her negative cycles according to ancient Astrologers then she could invoke divine anger against a random couple that would intern cause a relationship to go sour. Again, Mars in his positive cycle could override the scorn of Venus and salvage the relationship. This of course depended on the right offerings and correct words were spoken in a prayer.

The ancient Alchemist and Magicians understood the Lunar and Solar cycles and moreover knew that these planetary and seasonal cycles affected the human brain in given ways. They knew that certain things might occur in various planetary phases. It was much easier for for Chiefs and Wizard to place occurring events under the God/Dess belief systems as this was more excepted then the scientific version or what could have been happening as a result of natural earthly evolvement and planetary spins. In the beginning of the Elemental age most tribes were into hunting and thus the God/Dess systems tended to consist of aggressive deity verses latter in history when agriculture was more prevalent and the aggressive Divinity was replaced with more docile Entities geared to farming and crops.

However if the harvest went bad then this of course met that Zeus was angered in some way or that Hara had something to do with it all. In a effort the village Magician or Enchantress would conjure the assistance of the Goddess Morgan or Other in the hopes that she could offer them the power of her magick that would hopefully render a spell to quill the anger of Zeus or any other God or Goddess that they might have offended. Giving names to the primordial Elementals and structuring a given the God/Dess system wasn't such a bad thing in my opinion as it did give us some comfort in the way of organizing not only our local environments but placed our entire universe in a chronigical order. It gave us a manual in which to live by.

Was this the correct natural order of things and or Divinity to any manually devised faith system? I would say who's to say. However I personally believe that Divinity consist of many things and who answer to and have been addressed by numerous and or countless names all throughout time. Even in the early days of Paganism or the God/Dess cults when Godly anger was invoked of a village blame was for the most part attributed to a mortal being either by speaking or physical doing something out of turn to man or Divinity however this started changing in many faith systems as the concept of many Gods and Goddesses were fading way and were moreover being replaced with the one God theory or widely recognized belief system.

In the current Chinese based belief systems the duality of good and evil still exist pertaining to a localized God/Dess system derived from the Elemental period however at the same time this particular belief system places great emphases on the natural positive and negative energies flowing around them in their living environments. These Energies are more commonly referred to as the Red and Blue or Green Dragons. In these ancient but modified faith structures anger can still be invoked by a misplaced word or deed however they seemingly attempt to correct this through offerings, prayers of forgiveness, and manipulating the energies around them through different forms of alchemy to which seems to work. One can observe the same things going on in Christianity to a much lesser extent in the way that prayers of forgiveness are yielded up to God and a candle is lit and so on.

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