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When it's time to grow mentally and spiritually. Often times we wonder why God and or Divinity lets bad shit happen to us in our lives such as deaths, breakups, separations and divorces especially when we have tried our level best in living a good and rightious life.

The first thing that we all have to remember is that Nothing last forever. Nothing Good. Nothing Bad because life in nature is likened to Divinity themselves ever Changing. Growing and progressive to the positive. if life doesn't end something for a Soul through phyical circumstance then death surely will.

The only thing that is eternal spanning over Humanities generations is the Devine Presence themselves. That which is flesh eventually returns back to dust. That which is eternal can never die. All things of this world exist but for a short and meaningful time but has no substance in the end but things of the spirit go on into infinity.

We must cherish the good and happy times in life and remember them in our moments of utter darkness so that we can draw strength and hope from them. On the other hand we must also remember the dark times in our happiest and care free of moments to keep us sober and alert to the fact that our mission in this life is to constantly develop positively both in a mental and spiritual way. Learn from the trials by fire and

disruption when it appears in your life as this is Divinity trying to tell you something that you have failed to hear them speaking to you in quieter times. Learn from this disruption that enters therein to your life. Learn from it then move through it whilst looking toward a more prosperous and brightly lit future with knowledge and wisdom gained from the experiences given.

Divinity shall ask painful things of a Soul so that we may grow and be glorified in Heavens eyes. What is ask now and in the future of you may be so painful that you turn away from Divinities decree however there is no escape. You may not retreat into solitude for long as how can one elude the judgment of Heavens Thrones.

I guess Divinity gives us enough free will to make our choices until our very choices become harmful to us thus at this time they tend to step in to our lives to save us from ourselves. I've been a child of the stars for most if not all my life and thought that i knew the will of the Divine but who can fully know the majestic heart of Heaven.

Relationships end for numerous mental. physical and spiritual reasons. Some unions fail because they weren't built on solid ground in the first place and can't withstand the onslot of wickedness in the world. Some end because one partner simply out grows the other for whatever reason. Some relationships simply grow apart through the passage of time for no reason at all.

Sometimes a relationship fails to serve the growth of the two people involved and thus they must find another mate in the world that will take them to the next level of learning. And lastly some couples must part for a time in order to deliver Divinities message to the whole of the world for its redemption no matter the great pain that this transition personality causes them.

Deaths. Job Loss. Ill health. Loss of friends and so on are other tools that Divinity will use as tools of Disruption in a effort to change a persons life for the better and to veer them from a destructive course in life. These are wake up calls that one must pay special attention to for when Divinity speaks to a Soul in this way then that person must listen or face the wrathful judgment of the Heavenly Court.

Only through self-introspect can one ascend the fleshly ways and snares of a earthbound existence. Only through merciless introspect and self-judgment can one see clearly enough to ascend through the initiations of Heavens Gates. One must cultivate a daily relationship with the Divine by understanding themselves first then those around them.

A Individual must Never place the themselves. others and material things of the world over the Devine Presence least they becon their own destruction. (I Am Jealous. I Will Have None Before Or After Me).

Many eons ago we knew our Divine and spiritual Parents however through the passage of time we have lost our way. We have forgotten there names and quite possibly lost our place amongst the stars. This is the time and place when all that is not meaningful in our lives will be blown out of existence leaving us only with what is real. true and rightious.

In the end we must find our way back to our spiritual origins least we all parish in the here and now. Remember the old ways. Remember the passage stating one will be taken and one will stay. Remember Heaven and They will remember you in these days of judgment.

In closing i will just say that these days are difficult and perilous for all living things yet all we have to do is to remember our Heavenly Parents in both the light and dark cycles of our lives and maintain a hope and faith in Them only to lead us from evil and temptation and into the glorious light and love of Creation. God and Goddess.

Pray for me as I'll be praying for you. Keep it real and always be true to yourself.

Written By Jim Morgan

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