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I am a fair but steadfast individual when it comes to guiding a person through the spell criteria. This is my life's work and I am dam serious about it. I can be your friend however please remember I still have the job of doing everything I can do to get your spell granted. Some people say that I am very personable.

Down to earth. and Funny and smart lol. Others think I'm the rudest most ignorant bastered on this Earth. Maybe I'm a little of all these things rolled up into one. Remember that I've seen. heard and experienced more things then most Human Beings should ever be allowed to see. hear or experience. I'm not your everyday person however I do blend in very well at parties lol.

People refer to me as Jim most of the time but some call me Daddy Dragon because of my fiery nature when provoked. I am brutally honest and will blurt out the things that your friends and family don't have the balls to tell you. I will expose your demons and pull them out into the light because they are your enemies and will kill you eventually.

Yes, I can be hard on you at times and even harder on myself in private life. I can also be kind. understanding and compassionate depending on the way a person approaches me. Like other Wizards I have a low tolerance for bull shit and will tend not to put up with it for long. I don't like liars. traders or thieves and will turn them into frogs if I have to lol.

My life is one of servitude to Divinity first and above all else. Then to you and myself lastly. Even though I am in the service of all that I meet here on this Earth it's a good idea to maintain a healthy respect for me. I in turn I will help and respect you. Remember that everything I see. hear and or experience so is it with the Thrones of Heaven.

My goal in the remainder of this life. To redeem myself in the eyes of the Devine for my evil acts against humanity in times past. My penance. Absolution and redemption. This is achieved through my positive intervention into the lives of those who are sent to me via Divinity. To aid the lost and beaten down of spirit and to place them back on the path of light and wisdom.

My existence is one of keeping the lost from wondering into the hellish places that at one time consumed me and or to rescue a Soul from the darkness. I but by the grace of Divinity was spared and thus I am here now not because I love you but by Devine instruction and decree to offer you the word of eternal life.

You may except this knowledge or reject it as life is all about free will and choices. I am all things to all people but yet above all else I am a Messenger and Teacher to the mass. I am you raised from obscurity into the light to lead by Devine proclamation. inspiration and guidance.

It is of small matter if you like me or not as long as you listen to what is being said to you. It's not the Messenger that is important as much as it is the message. I will lead you from your darkness. isolation and pain if you trust in me but for a short while for like you Divinity resides in me and will guide us all to safety if we listen them closely enough.

The downside to what I do is this. I can only ask Divinity for a thing however I can't force them into doing anything for you or myself. I can offer you the message of life that will allow you to lead a much happier and prosperous life but I can't force you to except or live by it.

I can inform you of what Divinity expects of all of us but I can't make you live by these Holy Laws. Only you can do this. I can prepare and educate you for this spiritual journey by giving you the tools that one would need for spiritual survival but as with some journeys in life this one in particular that must be traveled solo. "Hey", This page was suppose to be about me Dam It LOL. But I guess it's really about you isn't it?

It's about your life beating you down into despair and hopelessness and you looking for a way out right? Looking for the Holy Grail. The Magick button. The Devine answer to your problems. Ok, let's meet half way and we'll make this page about me helping you through a difficult time.

To put it in short I'm just a guy that who at one time fell from grace and who was made to wonder endless wastelands while chasing the ghost of my future all the while running from the ghost of my past. A guy who unessicarly suffered endlessly as a result of not being able to see past my own noise. As a result of this I was made to suffer through ten lives of misery all rolled up into one.

If I can spare you of this then my life will have been worth living. Even if I can save just one out of millions my life will have meaning and purpose to it. In closing, I am allot of things rolled up into one. I have vast life knowledge and experience not to mention wondrous magical abilities vested in me of Divinity.

A great Responsibility indeed. Why go through the suffrage that I was made to go through as a result of my own doing and ignorance. Why not take advantage of my experience and read tomorrows news paper today.

If you need someone who can really help you. If you need someone that will tell you the truth. If your looking for a true and loyal Defender of your cause that won't judge you then I'm your guy. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and Jan or myself will speak with you directly concerning your situation.

Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348

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