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What is Love?

What is Love? When you stop to think about it, how many people have you heard say: "Oh how I love you?" Or, "Boy do I love that." How loosely this term is thrown around in our world today . Any fool can say "I love you!" But often times, as is the case, it means nothing coming from a persons mouth, when it's not heart felt, to say the least, or the emotion of love is not fully understood by that person.

Many people confuse Love with the many other human emotions. Thus, they enter into a relationship for all the wrong reasons, such as Lust. The hope of obtaining wealth. The simple conquest of another person. The chase of the hunt. Purposes of domination. Sometimes, it's just for companionship with boundaries attached to it. They do not want it to progress into anything else other than friendship. Or they are just striving after that forbidden fruit of another, for the thrill of it, or just for sexual conquest, and so forth .

True Love is unattainable to a person, in my opinion, unless they possess some basic factors. Such as Friendship, Trust and Loyalty for that person. Also a hard driving Commitment to a relationship. As well as the Understanding of what will work in a union, and what will not work. Lastly, the posession of Faith, to know that it will work with the help of Divinity. Divinity, combined with your own will to make it a successful relationship.

Then, and only then perhaps, will a strong and long lasting love evolve out of that. If you have, in fact achieved these factors, then you are in a strong relationship. If not, work needs to be done. The ways of building friendships, I would think, would be the finding of things in common with the person you hope to be friends with of course.

Then there is the matter of Trust. You would have to see how your intended mate would react to, and handle, any given situation that concerned all people involved. Hopefully it will be pretty much the same way that you would react to that same situation. Also, how far would your intended go to provide for you, or just help out in the many areas of a relationship? Will this person stand with you when your in need of him or her [[ Will they be there ]] for you?

Then of course, there is commitment! How hard will the other person work with you on this relationship. By, meeting you half way in the many different views shared, and the certain ways of doing things by the both of you,

[[ Compromise ]]? And Loyalty! Will they have the strength to fight off any and all outside influences that could cause a problem within your relationship? If you do all ready have these components above, such as the Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment , Understanding, Faith ect, then I would think that you have a pretty good relationship. But if not, there is work to be done for both of you .

Here is a little saying that I have : If I don't know you, than how can I trust you, If I don't trust you, than how can I like you . And If I can't like you, than how can I love you?.......

A relationship is this to me :

You don't have to be right all the time. Sometimes, if the battle is not worth winning, it is better to just say your wrong, even if your right, to invoke peace in the home. Your mate will see the truth of the matter, in good time. Maybe he/she will even tell you they're sorry. But, always stand your ground for the good fight, or when you see that what ever your mate is doing might be harmful to the both of you, or others. You must correct the problem .

To know, that both are equal in a relationship, one is not better than the other, use your different skills to maintain and strengthen your relationship. Neither person has the right to abuse the other in any way shape or form.

Never speak against your mate in public. If they are in the wrong, then you would side with your mate against the public. Then go behind closed doors and iron their wrong deed out between yourselves. Never side against your love with strangers.

Never Let strangers into your relationship, unless it is some sort of a Professional counselor or Doctor. To let friends and family in, is trouble in the making. Even if they have your best interest at heart, they may not have all the facts. Now, don't get me wrong here. Because, if you have a good relationship with your parents, and they had never mislead you, then yes, listen to them. There is a lot to be said for parents, you know.

A couple should never, and I mean NEVER go out alone to a bar with out each other. This is trouble in the making! Why? Well, because the bar seen is nothing but a sex pit these days. If your mate has a few to many, then his or her morals go to shit. Especially if they're out with single friends. It's just to big of a temptation for any human.

Don't make fun of, or cut down your mate, in public. This sends a signal of weakness in a relationship. Believe me, there is always some one out there waiting to make a move on your spouse. Have respect!!

Love, and hold true to each other. Don't let the evils of the world creep into your relationship. Keep your small problems to yourselves. If there is something that you can't handle, then go get help from a professional if need be. And remember, Love does conquer all.

Jesus Christ said something like this about friendship: "Love knows no greater bounds than to give up your life for a friend." And yet, that is done every day. How much more is the love of your mate over friendship?

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