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In today's world everybody is concerned more so in what we can do for ourselves and the ones we love and not so much with what we can do for the stranger in need or Heaven for that matter. In life there's really three things that matter the most when you stop and think about it.

The first of which being the day that you are born. How you live your life and how you die. Everything else will turn to dust and pass into infinity. The day your born is a important day because of course your descending out of the spiritual realm into the physical world.

A great day in Heaven of celebration with Choirs of Angels announcing your arrival. The second event is the life that you live and Lastly Again,How you are viewed and received upon death. When your born everybody stands around you smiling. laughing and clapping while thinking about your future and the potential you hold. They think perhaps you will be the one that will make the world a better place where countless of others have failed.

Then long after your birth and after you have traveled through life with all of its successes and failures. Proud moments and disappointments not to mention your sufferings and learning experiences along the way you sit tired and weak thinking. Reviewing and hoping that you've made more right choices then wrong in your journey.

When you are old and gray and when you start to worry about your very mortality and wonder was my life meaningful. Does it have worth. Was I a benefit to the world or otherwise. When that day comes and your death is at hand will people be standing around you crying while fearing a great loss.

Will they also be smiling. laughing and clapping happy in the knowledge that they are standing in the presence of someone who did in fact make a difference in the world. I hope this will be my experience in the end. It really matters how you live your life. It matters how others perceive you to a point. A life is meaningful if its one that has brought love.

light and the wisdom of Heavens word into the world. A meaningful life is one that has strived for peace and harmony in not only their own life but in the lives of others around them. A meaningful life well lived is one that has successfully conveyed the message of love light. tolerance and wisdom to all.

In life one must consider the ways of Heaven and forsake the ignorant ways of the flesh. The ways of Heaven are eternal life and the ways of flesh are the sting of death. Each and every one of us are connected in some way not only to each other but to Divinity as well.

It's important how we conduct ourselves in life especially in uncomfortable situations that pop up from time to time. A well rounded or seasoned Soul has the capability to do without doing. To sometimes say that their wrong even when their right for the sake of preserving order.

To fight for only for those things that are worth fighting for and to walk away from those situations that are not. One must learn to stand alone before they can stand with others. A person must find strength in Divinity and self before they can unite with Divinity or their true spiritual nature.

(The Key): Cultivate the Spiritual Nature and all Earthly wants. Wishes and desires will follow and or be granted even before the need is expressed. Of course everyone is going to fall in life due to arrogance. pride. ego etc however it's not so much in the mistakes that you make as much as it's in the corrective actions you make.

Again, It's not how far or hard you fall as much as it is how long you stay down on the ground. Can you learn from your past mistakes and not be doomed to repeat those same mistakes over again somewhere down the road. Life is about being a beneficial part to the whole of creation while generating happiness and light in the lives of those who are in most need of it.

Or at least the ones you touch in life. Your birth and death are important events but more importantly is the way that you live your life as this determines how Heaven and Earth will view you throughout you life and at life's end.

We are all born into sin and given handicaps to over come. We are all tested daily to our very cores to see if were the real thing or just another loser walking down the street. There is no room in Heaven for Losers and the Gods hate and will smite the cowardly of heart. In other words one must courageously face the future of what could be while taking on this adventure with faith and a joyful spirit.

The keys to success here are: To bring joy into your parent's hearts the day your born. To bring joy and wisdom into the hearts and minds of everyone you meet and or touch throughout your life and lastly but not least.

To obtain and hold a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom the day of your approaching death but to moreover pass this wisdom and knowledge on before you go. This brings joy and happiness to Divinity and a celebration occurs once more as you ascend into the Thrones of Heaven.

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