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Nebuchadrezzar, the King of Babylon, shows up mainly in the books of : Jeremiah. Ezekiel and Daniel. The King Nebuchadrezzar, was a vicious, brutal, and egotistical King, that ruled over Ancient Babylon. He tortured, & heavily taxed his subjects, while he himself, lived in utter decadence, wealth, and total luxury, as his subjects lived in enforced and dire, or adverse, poverty .

In ancient Babylonian culture, it was common place for Kings and Queens to take on the names of Gods and Goddesses. Much like the Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans, Greeks, and many other densities did at that point in history.

In Isaiah 14:12-15 it is using the Divine name of Lucifer. But is really talking about the King, Nebuchadrezzar, [[ not]] Lucifer the Babylonian God. This is widely misinterpreted by the general public at large, due to no fault of their own, as people only repeat. or parrot, what is taught to them early on.

King Nebuchadrezzar, had in fact, applied the divine name of Lucifer to himself, to become god like in nature. However, Lucifer the Babylonian God of Thunder & lighting, knew nothing about this. (LOL.) From then on, this God was closely associated with King Nebuchadrezzar. Thus causing a confusion, as a result of this misenturpitation in the bible. So in essence, whatever King Nebuchadrezzar did, Lucifer was blamed for .

And now, without further adue, we'll get back to the subject of Angels, with all of this history and explanation out of the way. Angels, for the most part, don't possess free will as we do. Nor, do they have the freedom to make choices, as we do in our lives. Angels are subject and bound, to the will of the Force of Creation. An Angel doesn't really have any concept of good or evil, in the same sense that we know it.

However, they do have full unity with the force of creation, or with itself, to which I call Jehovah Tetragrammaton, and its intent for our progressive, positive, development. The Force of creation, knows only a creative and positive construction, or structuring, even though it might have to achieve this, at times, through a disruption, or actual destruction of something. No matter if it is trying to re-construct a mountain, or to re-construct someone's life in a certain way.

And, as long as it turns out in the better interest of that person or thing, this force doesn't really care how it get its wishes into full manifestation, or into our reality. Now, concerning Divinity and the way it interacts with us on a daily basis. Even though it is within Jehovah's power to send fourth these external aspects of itself called Angels, to force us into acting in certain ways, seldom will it do this.

It would interfere with the natural progression of our mental and spiritual evolution, as well as, all the other rhythms therein, and about us. However, they will step in to make a radical change, here and there, if this force views something as a non-productive rhythm, or action, that is harming the natural flow of general energies. Either within ourselves, or externally, in our environments.

But, for the most part, its all done by this Force of Creation, in the way of offering us free will to make the choices in our lives, that will in fact, cause us to learn and grow. As a result, these trials and errors or lessons, provided for us by the proper and improper choices that we make in life.

Now, to my next point, "The Dark Angels of Choice," or the business end aspects, of our Creator reaching out to us. We have so many names for this aspect of God. However, lets look at a couple of them specifically, called (Satan, Balaam , Moab }..

Job 1:6-8, 2:6-7 (1:6) "And the day came to pass when the sons of God went in order to present themselves before the Lord, and [the] Satan also came among them. (7) And the Lord said to [the] Satan, 'from where have you come?'

[The] Satan answered the Lord and said, 'From going to and fro and on the Earth from walking up and down on it. (8) And the Lord said to [the] Satan or Satanichas, 'Have you considered1 my servant Job, for there is not one like him on the Earth, a blameless and upright man who fears God and turns away from evil."

(2:6) "And the Lord said to [the] Satan, 'Behold, he is in your power; only spare his life.' (7) So [the] Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord, and afflicted Job with loathsome sores from the sole of his foot to the top of his head." So the Sons of God have come to present themselves before YHWH, and Satan is in attendance.

The implication seems to be, that Satan has been walking the Earth, searching for the faithful, among the people of YHWH or Jehovah Tetragrammaton. YHWH then asks Satan: "Have you considered Job, a blameless and upright man?" After this, YHWH offers Satan the chance to test Job, in order to show that Job truly is faithful.

There is seemingly a specific group called the Satanicha, and that they serve a special function under YHWH. For YHWH, does not show any empathy towards them in the book of Job. Rather, casually asks, "have you tested Job?" This appears to be the role of the Satan's.

Namely to measure the devotion of God's people, by testing them right? You know guys, its all so complex when you look at it through the eyes of man, and yet so simple, when you look at it all through the eyes of Divinity. I use to be very angry and confused myself, because I was viewing life through the restricted eyes of men.

I was full of fear and hatred of this thing called the Devil, looking behind every door and corner in life, to make sure he didn't get a hold on me, before I could run away. I was in the worst state of paranoia that one could ever image, thanks to the church and its teachings on this matter.

I was looking for this enemy, called Satan, from without, instead from within. I was my own worst enemy, and didn't even know it! I was like a dog chasing my own tail round and around. Then one day, I realized that, yes, the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ, that I had called on so many times, to save me from the Devil in the darkness, DID hear my prayers after all!!! Because I was slowly being lead out of the chaos and darkness, into the light of Divinities loving grace, to the knowledge. To see through all the clutter in this life.

I now realize, that Angels are merely an extension of Jehovah Tetragrammaton, the Creator of all things living and dead. Angels, are the forerunners to ever lasting change, and birth in both the cosmos and upon the Earth. Angels are the teachers to your Eternal Soul. If you ask me what exactly is an Angel,

I would just say, that Angels are the forerunners and messengers of Jehovah's pure love, will, and teachings. And sometimes, Divinities wrath. What is it like to be an Angel? Do you ever wonder, as I do? Would you ever want to be an Angel, that one day saves a persons life, only to have to come back and take that same persons life later.

Only an Angel carries hope, for the most worthless of humanity? But yet, do they sing glorious songs that echo through the galaxies for the righteous? Have you ever been brushed by the wings of a Dark Angel? And, have you ever been touched by an Angel brighter then the Sun?

If you have, as I have, then like me, you'll never see things in the same way that everyone else sees things. You'll never be the same way again!! If you look into the eyes of an Angel, you will see infinite truth about all things, including yourself.

You'll know, that all things are connected. If you had the chance to speak to an Angel, what would you say? For that matter, what would you do if you ever saw an Angel passing you on the street? Angels take every shape imaginable, from clouds, to a little mouse scurrying across your kitchen floor, as they watch our daily deeds (lol.) Well, in closing my friends,

I will just make it all real simple for you, and say, "Divinity loves you all very much and even though you don't understand the circumstances you find yourself in right now, believe me when I say, that Divinity is aware of your problems, and they do hear your prayers. Even when you don't think their listening." Until we meet again.---------Jim

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