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We are Divinity. All down through time have we have been hailed by so many different names and are known in so many ways by the nations of the Earth. We wear so many faces and are all things to all people. We are the Force Of Creation and the Parents to all living and past creatures that ever were and are. We dwell not only amidst the planets and stars but deep within you as well. For we so love the world that Prophets and Teachers were born of fire and sent to you in a effort to guide and protect the faithful. Our message of creation was murmured from the depths of the Sea and Heavens seventeen thousand years ago and life began yet our secrets we still whisper to you even now as you sleep in the darkness. We offer you the riches of the Earth and the gift of eternal life without end yet will you hear our message and receive these gifts of the spirit.

We gave you the gifts of our teachings yet you have dismantled them and killed our messengers. Moreover made power. ego and greed your Gods. Yet we still have hope and faith in you to see the errors of your ways. You gave up your divine place in the universal spiritual realm and cast our gifts of life to the dust of death. Yet we still love you above all else in creation. You've abandon and forgotten all of the promises made to us in the times of hardship now that things are better for you in life. Yet we forgive you because you're only human. Even when you thought yourselves Gods we smiled down upon you because like all children you will make mistakes from time to time . You've even went so far as to blame us for your own evil actions but we understand for wrong act is a bitter drink.

When you thought yourself worthless and cursed in the earth we were there to console you. If only you had opened up the door a little wider to receive the love offered to you by us perhaps our presents would have been more apparent to you. When you screamed blasphemies into the storms of your lives we felt compassion for you in the midst of your pain however the lessons dealt by us to you were necessary for your growth. We are Divinity. We are eternal. We exist in all places. We are the knowledgeable Ones in all matters of life and death. We are the Force behind Creation and the authors to your lives. We are a Force to be reckoned with as it is our nature to be the wasters of evil and the Destroyers of the wicket. We raise the repented from the sea of mans madness through our mercy and elevate a righteous Soul above the highest Star in Heaven.

We the Force Of Creation knew you before your birth and will receive you after you death. We are the weighers of Souls and deeds and the judgers of sin. Our Holy message has and will endure in the ages to come as it has in ages past. Our word will not be lost in time for we are forever and without end. We've maintained faith. hope and love for you the Human Race despite your atrocities against your own kind and we the Divinity. The kingdom of Heaven is present. The judgment of Souls begins. The Righteous will now be divided from the wicket. The ultimate choice is now offered. Know and love us as we have known and loved you or be lost to the dark ages of man to come where the sun warmth shall never be felt again and night shall reign supreme.

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