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The war within rages on beneath and beyond the quiet and calm exterior of what the casual observer can or would want to see of me. The feelings of injustice. Pain. depression and exile from the whole of humanity cloud my vision and muddle my thoughts thus abandoning me to myself and causing the profound re-examination of my long held ideals and beliefs of truth.

Moreover the way I now perceive reality its self is tainted not to mention the spiritual place I still hold fast to deep within my heart. Alone and isolated am I from all that would love or befriend me for the darkness is thick and smothering about my path that the living may not enter the realm of my existence. Walls and barriers shield me from those that would show me kindness as these same perimeters also keep the blackened beast strongly bound within protecting the innocent that stray into my presence and pathway from time to time.

The raging ghostly Monsters of the past tear away at my very inners with each passing day. Night fears tormenting my sleep nightly and without end for the way out is closed unto me forevermore to carefree life. The remote chance in being hurt or left behind I will not endure again. Those that would love and honor me are shut out quickly before I love them again.

Friendships I will make war on and loose them in strifeful combat so that I will not have to undergo the pain of their passing in death or have them experience it in mine. Alone in a world of many am I of my own design for what other safe way is there but this. Meandering down life's path waiting only for the conclusion and finality of death its self yet I wish whole heartily to live free forevermore and in peace with others.

Total Happiness I do not know living in fear of my own terrible actions against the undeserving I greatly despise. The Beast grows stronger by the day and second and unstoppable to me is this Foe for I grow weak and disillusioned of fighting the good fight. I wish not to suffer life again or feel its joys only to have them ripped away from me portion by bit likened to a blind man in a sea of thieves.

I wish not to be placed under the sufferage of physical reality past this life any longer for how barren and cold it is. So alone I will stay in the shadows of undetectable seclusion avoiding any passersby and remaining the unseen in a world gone astray. I am the unseen. The unnoticed. I am the bider of time waiting for the day of closure. Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348

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