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This page consist of a polite but firm warning concerning the spell Criteria that a Client or any free spell Reciepient must take part in regarding any spell casting process. Please let me first start off by saying this Isn't a spell kit. Not a Mo Jo Bag. Not anything you've ever carried out or performed in the past with other spell casting companies.

The spell criteria shouldn't be taken lightly or blown off as a unimportant part of a spell as it is the spell and or what powers a given spell towards it's successful conclusion. Please allow me to explain exactly what the spell criteria is so that everyone coming in for spell work knows specifically what will be expected of them by Divinity and ourselves.

Many times we as human beings seemingly get stuck in a rut despite all of our best and positive efforts thus becoming frustrated beyond the point of sanity and thus over time ending up blaming others or even Divinity themselves to which only serves to further enrage or embitter us.

Often times in our quest for self betterment we as Individuals tend pick and choose what we should work on personality wise and what should be left alone however this typically doesn't work most of the time.

It doesn't work because we are Creatures of habit plus the fact that we typically don't like to be inconvenienced or suffer discomfort as the general rule of thumb goes. Thus tackling and changing our most negative behaviors becomes a very unpopular mode of action or idea so we avoid it entirely.

In short we tackle the easy stuff and ignore the hard stuff or fail to see the real trouble spots in the very core of our nature. Traveling the path of least resistance has always been a intrinsic part of the human Spirit that intern acts in the capacity of blinders or moreover inhibits our view of reality as it stands.

In other words we tend to look at the world through rose colored glasses and fail to see and or deliberately overlook the repercussions that our negative behaviors have on others around us throughout life. Divinity or the Spiritual Nature views each and every one of us as cells in the body.

Some cells are beneficial yet others are detrimental to the over all health of the body. If a persons life is destructive to not only themselves but to other lives as well then this particular person catches the attention of the Universe much like the virus cell catches the attention of the bodies immune system.

Much in the way that the bodies immune system will tend to deal with the intruding viral cells Divinity will deal with a person who it deems to be detrimental to others and self and this isn't a good place to be if you know anything about the immune system.

How does Divinity address this problem of negative human behavior? It deals with it in numerous ways really. Typically it will attack the persons Finances. Health. Relationships and Family life much like a Curse or Hex spell will progress or unfold in many instances.

This is why so many people believe that they have been Hexed by another when in fact this isn't the case at all. Divinity of course carries all this out in the persons living environment or through those around that Individual.

(Special Note): If Divinity is intervening into a persons life in this way then no spell on earth can save them however the person can save themselves by firstly recognizing what's going on then making a valiant effort in correcting the problem. The first Key is in Developing a on going relationship with Divinity.

Awareness of any personality problems would be the Second Key to success. Accepting Responsibility for your actions is the Third Key. The Fourth Key would be the undying determination to resolve any defects or short comings in ones personality and the Fifth Key is in Keeping true to your promises made to Divinity and self.

The first part of the spell process and in keeping with the spell criteria is addressed through the N.R.P or the Negativity Releasing Prayer. The N.R.P allows the Recipient of the meditation to first develop a working relationship with the Spiritual Source while Identifying certain personality traits or flaws.

The meditation then allows the Individual to release these negative traits while replacing them with more positive and beneficial ways of acting out on or reacting to future situations in life. The Viking Runes are also used in aiding the Recipient in identifying personality problem areas.

These should be used by the Recipient first before entering into the N.R.P as they will choose the most important negative traits that need to be addressed first. Then the person should incorporate these traits into the N.R.P. The Viewer can find out more regarding the Viking Runes and N.R.P simply by viewing the menu links over to the left.

Lastly, Releasing The Spell Work. Faith and steadfastness is needed here for success and Obsession is the Great Spell Killer. Yes, We know how badly you the Client needs for this or that to happen however making yourself sick over it won't help things a bit. If fact it's only going to slow things down or completely stop the spells progression.

It's not enough to simply change yourself for the better all though it helps allot. It's not enough to know what your negative traits are if you don't make a huge effort in sincerely ridding yourself of them. It's not enough to develop a working relationship with Divinity if your not going to trust and or have faith in them. It's not enough to tell a little bird that it's free without opening the cadge door.

A person has to release the spell work before it can work for them. How do I do this your more then likely asking yourself. I'm glade you ask lol. A person simply releases the spell by not thinking about it everyday. Every second of the day. Every waking moment of the day and night.

This is the hard part I know but if you want your fondest desire to come into reality then this is the way it has to be. Some will say: What if I think about it every once and a while? Answer is: That's ok as long as you don't let it interfere with your Work. Eating. Sleeping and other areas of life. Remember the faster you can release your wish the faster your desire will come back to you in reality.

In a effort to assist that Individual undergoing a spell process we suggest temporarily or periodically changing the environment by removing themselves from the home or office place. This gives them a chance to reacquaint themselves with life over all and to occupy their mind with new and fresh experiences. In other words were trying to get them to release the spell by looking and thinking about other more positive things.

The worst thing a person can do regarding spell work is to sit home and think about their situation or spell work continually. Now, I don't want to come off as being nasty or rude here because I'm not but please let me just say that if you are thinking about contracting spell work with Jan Windglows on her site of Blood Love And Lust Spells at and think that your going to just throw money at her without adhering to this spell criteria then please go and find another magick site to do your work for you. she doesn't wish to waste your time of money.

If this is something that you think you can do or would like to take part in then drop her a email at Or give her a call at . I've spent a lifetime developing this magical system. Through my long years in putting this system together I have sacrificed more then I care to tell you about here on this page. This system if carried out correctly Works 100 % of the time and we have the real testimonials to prove it.

We even offer real people or past Clients that you can speak with to verify this success ratio should you decide to pick up spell work. The best thing about this system is that even though spell work greatly helps a Client it's not mandatory. If a person follows this spell criteria correctly then they can obtain their wishes without spell castings.

What do Yah think about that? Spell work does have its positives though such as the one on one spiritual counseling and crisis hot line service to which walks you through the whole process from start to finish. The free spell recast if needed and so on.

The whole spell process is around two weeks from start to finish and actual spell results can and often times do fully manifest in one to three weeks however depending on the person or persons were working with and their situations this will determine this spell manifestation time over all. In rare instances some cases can and sometimes do run three months or longer.

This again depends on the kind of situation that is being worked on and how well the Client can work with the spell process or more specifically the spell criteria. To be quite honest with you concerning the few slow cases We've had in the past I would say that the Client was either not following the spell criteria or just out right refused to follow our good and sound advice regarding their case situation. Again, As I've stated above this spell process isn't for everyone or people looking for a quick fix that aren't willing to do a little hard work on their end.

This system is for the person who has tried everything else and who has failed. This magical system is for the strong of heart that will tackle just about anything to have their dreams realized. This process is for those who are looking for that second chance in life.

For those who dare to believe while reaching out and upward towards to the Heavens. If this is you then give us a call right now to see what can be done for your situation. Time stops for no one and dreams can fade off into the land of shadows in the wink of a eye. -------------- Jim Morgan

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