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Why glorious God have you cursed me and subjugated my spirit to the call of nature by corruption of flesh and thus pulling your once loathly servant away from the light and back into the midst of darkness and despair. A endless death for transgressions served against thy family of man and the kingdom of heaven.

Try as I may to face the glorious light of your presence I can not withstand the radiance of your face and am thrust back quickly into the shadows of sin and disgrace. A fallen angel am I forever more into the pool of my misery. With each passing breath taken comes pure agony of death yet I will not die.

You will not let me die. Cursed by your holy hand and rejected by all manner of the living yet I am doomed walking the earth with hungry eyes and alone damming all that I see in heaven and earth. No love or kindness is left within me for you or the world in which you have created.

My Soul is dammed for all time via contracts signed in blood for a Warlock am I and certain destruction follows me wherever I shall go. With each passing second and with every hope do I beckon the world to stop turning in its course so that I may be set free of all trial and obligation for I am the master of anarchy in the flesh.

Woe, I am the storm that covers humanity with pain and plague yet mercy and love at my bidding as I am also the dream walker in the minds of the sleeping. I am not human nor am I spirit but trapped between the worlds as a phantom shadow without layer or home likened to the ghostly Dragons of a more ancient time.

My blood runs cold with curses of old without pulse or beat within my chest. My eyes consume all that they survey. My touch is death and my breath is eternal but cold as a winters wind. I am the one that the great church fears to whisper my name for I might come and visit them. All nature is at my aid and the planets revolve around my wishes for I dwell in a middle realm below heaven and above hell. Why hath thee oh God created a Creature like me with an unquenchable hunger for the innocent and vain of heart.

I am a force of nature violent and claim. Cold and hot to the touch. I am death but also life. I am the darkness at the edge of your brilliant light without rhyme nor reason and just existing. laying in wait for the unsuspecting. I am the counter. weigher and collector of Souls. The maker of spells and kin to all that exist in the unseen and darkened recesses of the universe. My touch is likened to sharp thorns upon the skin to all that offend me as my words are like sharpened daggers before my assault to the foe.

I am the merciless one and the bringer of hellish torment yet I will reveal wisdoms and mysteries to those brave of heart and quick of mind for no fool has ever survived my presence. My footsteps through the dimly lit forest have not sound and all that see me shall only see what they wish to see and not what I would have them see of me. I am all things to all people and can offer them their fondest desires should they dare to face their worst fears for I am not a liar or thief.

Why great christian God have you allowed me to transcend the ages jumping from fleshly body to fleshly body while the Ancient Ones are still pulsing through my veins and rule over my heart and mind. I am the irreverent one to your cause. The wild and free to your commandments. A rainment of forgotten pagan times. I am the warrior priest and the Wizard King without judgment or concience. I am what I can only be. I am a Warlock lost of spirit a fallen angel am I.

The rogue Confessor of your most holy secrets. The renegade of your holy laws. I am the witness to the fall of man and the offer of choices beforehand to thine highest creation. I am filled with the sin of ages and wild with the joy of madness yet I offer freedom through wisdom to the deserving. Woe to the man and woman of earth. I am behind every darkened corner and under your bed. I am the fly on your wall. I look upon you with hungry eyes as I weigh your souls. Face me if you will but quickly will be your end shall you do so.strong for the Gods hate the weak of heart.

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