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It's said that war is the game of Madmen and Kings lusting for power and dominance over the lands. There's two great truths that sadden me deeply about war as the first of which is that war it's self even exist as the second reason would be that people seem to always forget the reasons for war or that a war even happened.

Wars and the reasons for wars seem to quickly fade from our memories as we become complacent and far removed from all of the death and destruction that had once taken place either in this land or a foren land across the sea.

I had a repairman come out to the house to fix my T.V one day and we started talking about fighter jets as one passed over our heads just a few minutes before. Of course this lead to the subject of different wars and so fourth however as it turned out after speaking to this guy for a few minutes he apparently was only familiar with Desert Storm and the current war of today going on in the middle east.

This man knew nothing about World War 1 nor World War 2. Hell he didn't even know much about the Korean or Vietnam wars. so I started to quiz him a bit about why he wasn't familiar with these wars and ask him didn't they teach his generation about these conflicts in school.

The man was in his 30's and should have at least remembered reading about World War 2, The Korean Conflict and the Vietnam war in school but he didn't for the most part. He stated to me at the time that these wars were old news and that no one really cares about them any more.

I thought to myself how sad is this that hundreds of thousands of brave men and woman fought and died for the idea of freedom and that today's generations doesn't seem to deem these wars or the people that fought them important enough to care to remember the wars or the people that fought them.

About this time I gazed over at my 78 year old father who was sitting in his favorite lawn chair watering the grass and my heart sank to its lowest. It then became apparent to me that if no one remembers the war then how can they remember this little old man that gave his all to keep us free.

I decided to introduce the cable guy to my father as at that time I ask my dad to tell the man about his experiences in the Second World War and about his two tours in the Korean war as he was all to happy to do lol.

I have to say that this fellow received a first rate education as to the sacrifices that were made in that time in the pursuit of liberty. My father was in six major campaigns or invasions such as D day, Hiroshima and a few others. He spoke of the Naval Ships having their galilees full of the fallen in action and how he saw the Japanese jumping to their death from the cliff sides to avoid being captured by the allied forces.

He told the young man of the Comicosy Pilots diving their plains into the sides of his ship and how he remembers the smoke clearing away only to find that the dead bodies of his once friends were flung about all over the deck in bits and pieces.

My Father told the man how scared he was along with all the other 18 to 20 year old Soldiers from both sides and how he was made to fish out the dead bodies of slain soldiers from the sea with cable and meet hooks. He went on to say that some times their bodies were very bloated and rotten and would rip into two half's under the force of their own weight when they tried to pull them up onto the ships decks.

My dad went on to explain how often times he was in tears when he would pull a picture from the clutched hand of a fallen Soldier with the image of either his girlfriend, wife or baby son & daughter on it.

The price to any war is great as it takes its insane toll on any Nation as was impressed on the young man that came to fix my T.V via my dad. War rips families apart aa they leave deep and un-healable wounds through the spans of generations.

Some wars are fought against tearoney and some are fought for resources and still yet others are fought for vain and political reasons. However all wars should be remembered and the deepest reverence should be shown to all those that have served, After all our family members have paid the ultimate sacrifice as they given their lives up for us. They have suffered severe injuries for us. Their lives were cut short for us. They serve and die for us even now.

So the next time Veterans Day comes around perhaps you should think about the corages and fallen ones that faced the evils of war for us so that we may live free and safe. You may even want to take the time to visit your nearest military cemetery just to pay your respects by saying thank you to all that rest there. Better yet why don't you go out and give a solider a big hung while saying thank you for all that he or she does.

War is the ultimate human atrocity against its self as it stains our hands and hearts with the blood of the evil and innocent. If we become to complacent or to forgiving of the pain and suffering caused by war then we as one earthly race will be doomed to repeat this abomination of the spirit over and over again and thus keeping this evil alive forever more.

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