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Undying Truth Of Ages

In the world of Spiritual Seeker we tend to read the signs or omens from both the physical Universal worlds however these days it's not easy to interpret these Worldly and Devine messages thus leaving many of us confused, dismayed and left in the dark concerning over all life not to mention what's going on in our personal existences.

Many Seekers out there both past and present have given their all in the way of mental and spiritual evolvement only to have suffered or endured ten times more hardships in their lives as a result of these steadfast and loyal efforts thus leaving them wondering why these hardships in their lives even exist at all in the first place.

Moreover given the fact that God loves them over the Sinner and so fourth. To compound all of this further the diehard Spiritualist not only has to live with this ugly truth but is also made to observe others who seemingly could care less about spiritual growth and or evolving go on to lead prosperous lives over them Etc.

Now, I really have my own ideas about this and what i consider to be a more realistic interpretation of the Bible and or what Jesus had to say about this and other matters however i don't believe that the Mainstream Church would agree with my thoughts especially in the ranking of Heavenly Orders and so on lol. Mainstream Christianity could even go as far as to declare my personal truths as the darkest of Heresy's however with this in mind and despite this Im going to view my opinions on these perspective issues just the same to no matter what the Church in Rome thinks about any of it.

Jesus said: There can be no true child of God entering into the kingdom of Heaven least that child suffers trial by fire upon the earth. What did he really mean when he stated this? He simply met that in order for a Human Being to possess the gift of Spirit he or she must endure the hardships of a physical reality in order to become a

More Compassionate, Wise and Merciful human being in regards to the rest of Humanity and Self. Through these Sufferings, Hardship, Pains and Strifeful karmic test the Human Soul does in fact attain Christ like qualities that intern offers the Heavenly Spirit within us all life without end or eternal life to which is the ultimate goal of the spiritual warrior.

The teachings of Jesus Christ also advocated Temperance, Selflessness and Personal Sacrifice to a greater existent. Jesus taught balance in all things and that anything in excess was abusive to the Mind, Body and Soul of the Human Being. Anything in excess could be deemed detrimental to the Soul while at the same time undoing the flesh to a early death in other words. Jesus said: A person also must be Childlike in temperament to enter therein to the Kingdom of God . What did he mean by this?

Jesus was speaking in regards to the numerous questions we normally conceal in our hearts about life and the Heavenly Kingdoms. The promise of the Christ to us all in regards to this is that all of our questions will be answered in good time but won't be given at present as our state of growth doesn't permit these wisdoms to be known for our own good least these unseen truths shall cause our very own destruction through our misuse of them. Again like the Child what use would it serve to give the child matches and a can of gas when he doesn't understand the explosive nature of the tool that he possess.

When we as a race start to take the ways of Heaven seriously only then will it be timely for the Thrones Of Heaven to shed more holy light and knowledge into our lives so that we may finally understand our true place in the Universe. Until then we must stay humble, modest and obedient to Divinity likened to a well behaved child unto its Parents. The child conceives that the Parents really do know what's best for them even over what they deem best for themselves at the time.

The child is not informed about much in life and thus must walk blindly and quietly behind the Parents with full trust and pure faith in the Mother and Father to lead them back to safety and warmth. Liken this comparison to Divinity in the capacity of our Spiritual Parents and we the Children. This will clearly convey the relationship between Divinity and the Family of Man.

When the Child revolts against the Parents such as we have openly declared war on the Devine Kingdoms in Heaven then it only stands to reason that retribution is in order to some level or degree. How have we rebelled or revolted you might be asking yourself. We have revolted in the ways of Blaspheming their holy names sake by our unbridled negative actions against them, ourselves and others given to us as gifts in our lives. There are other countless hidden ways to blast their holy names aside from the most common avenue of cursing them directly and aloud with malious or contempt.

Jesus spoke of the hidden snares in life that could take a well meaning and compassionate person and put them well on the road to eternal death such as placing and loving things or items over God. Loving another Mortal Being or yourself over Divinity. (For I Am A Jealous God. No Other God Shall Be Set Before Me) was spoken to Moses upon Mount of the burning bush.

(Side Note) Christianity maintains that this statement is ruling out any other ancient aspect of Divinity or name used to address a certain manifestation of Devine nature such as Gods or Goddesses. I differ from this school of thought as i concede this statement clearly mean that no other being, ideology or item of this physical existence can be placed before Divinity period.

My second mindset on this matter is how can one separate a specific part of Divinity from the whole. Thirdly, Divinity is perfect in every way and is not capable of the oversight such as in the creating of any one part of its self that would or could overthrow the mass spiritual nature. Fourthly, How foolish is it to declare open war on a third of the Heavenly Host just on the say so of a few mortal men corrupt with power counting on the ignorance of a mass ancient society.

Examples of more common ways of snairful behavior would be selfishness, jealousy, greed, pride, gluttony and sloth. We as a Race have come a long way in some respects in our spiritual and physical evolution but in other instances have reverted back to day one. The main difference between our childlike Ancestors and ourselves would be in the way that our Ancestors weren't aware of the fact that they committed a wrongful act to another or property as knowledge of wrong or right action didn't exist or for the most part was overridden by their animalistic self-preservation and or survival and thus was considered a wrong act in the eyes of Divinity and not so much a sinful act.

Our Ancestors were given karmic lessons of course in a effort to teach them a better way of handling any given situation. Please keep in mind that we are a slow and stubborn race and learn slowly. We as modern people of the world dephonetly know better and can easily choose or make the distinction between rightious and sinful action however we tend to commit the sinful acts despite our knowledge as it is intrinsic to the Human Nature to take the path of least resistance. And behold this deeply stirs Divinities wrath against us to this present day and invokes the ancient prophecies into being.

What are the difference between Rightious and Sinful acts?. To address this question i would surmise that the answer lays within ones self-knowledge of the two ways of behaving. Again, If the person understands and knowingly acts out in a negative way or a way that will harm another or themselves in a particular situation then this is a sinful act because they know better and are aware of the ramifications of their individual act.

If a Baby steels another child's toy then we consider this wrong act through child's play and simply teach the child to share by simply removing the toys either from one or both children for a time. The Children soon learn it is better to share verses not having any toys at all. Let's use another advanced model for example: A man goes out one day and steels from his Neighbor.

The man has full knowledge of right and wrong act but chooses to perform this negative and detrimental act of steeling something over working for that same item etc. This is a sinful act to which will pull karmic retribution back to the man even before the man has fully thought about performing or actually committing the physical act of steeling. Divinity through our distant Ancestors and Prophets have specifically laid out the guidelines to what they consider to be rightious living and furthermore what the ramifications will be for out right or sinful rebellion to these laws of correct existence.

These laws for proper living are echoed in every main and obscure faith system ever devised by the Human Race. Case in point the Ten Commandments for example. Divinity concedes that we as a the Human creature can't possibly or fully live up to these laws of proper existence however they do expect us to try with all earnest if we are to be given a chance for eternal life without end or even a simple miracle in our lives. (No Exceptions).

Allot of you out there reading this site and think that I'm some sort of a Saint or Holy Priest atop a Mountain in Tibet but please let me say that this isn't the case. I am like you in every respect. I am at war within on many fronts. I look in the mirror and see both evil and good staring back at me and wonder who will win today. Who will be the vanquished tomorrow.

Will the love of Christ save me or will i be doomed by my own lack of good sense. I am you Reader. You are me. We are the same. We are the Messengers to the world imperfect and lowly as we are. But on the other hand its said that the Messenger isn't as important as the message. The Message dwells in holy infinity Glorious unending and true. Through this Devine message shall we endure as a race. Without it we are truly lost in a land of darkness and un-fulfillment ultimately leading to our eternal death.

If one has faith and looks into the eyes of Divinities glory then that person can't help being overwhelmed, consumed and blinded with their holy presence. One is thereof in the world but not of it partaking of it the worlds dire darkness but of Divinities all consuming love and peace. Food For Thought.

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