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Undoing Love. Is it Possible? Many out there feel there's no such thing as undoing love and that once in love always in love. I personally have come to realize that Love is a complex thing and unique as the two individuals immersed in it. Love is full of unforeseen pitfalls around each and every corner that can lead to trouble if not carful. Love leads to marriage often times with promises to keep one another for better or worst without regard for the future and or even thinking about the remote chance or possibility that something could go wrong in the relationship. It's assumed that all will live happily ever after however this isn't always the case is it? Life and relationships are anything but fairytales more so then they can be nightmares if not handled correctly lol.

Relationships need constant work from both sides as any given union is just a step away from utter disaster at any time or day. We've discussed the issues or topics of what it takes to keep a relationship together such as having good communications and Respect etc regarding other postings on this site and moreover when these things are absent how the union becomes sickly or frail however I'd like to break it down a little further or on a more personal level today if I may. Most accept the fact that in order to maintain a union or relationship they must earnestly work on these two issues in particular but for some reason fail in doing this for whatever reasons and thus therein exist one of the problems for eventual dismantling of a union.

Another problem that exist would be in the instance that a one or both people in the relationship have become complacent or very caught up in the whole thing of being in love for the sake of love and moreover that the fact eludes them in the way that they are dealing with another person entirely apart from themselves. This is deadly to the longevity of any given relationship. In other words I can do whatever I want because so and so will forgive me or just over look it because he or she loves me no matter what. Successful relationships are found only in situations where the two persons involved are ever and constantly vigilant towards one another that furthermore allow each other to grow in a separate but positive ways apart form themselves.

The Couple also maintains the process or balancing act in growing together largely through Finding Common Ground in disagreements through yielding Communication. Finding new and exciting things to do together on a daily basis and by Respecting one another's decisions even though they might not agree with a course of action at the time. In the marriage vowels that we all take it's said as the two come together they become one however this couldn't be further from the truth. Yes were together in the marriage or the flesh but there again One has to consider that the Mind and Spirit is a whole separate issue all together as after all a marriage is about spiritual union and not so much a physical one.

Marriages built on material gain or sex seemingly don't last in comparison to marriages built on a spiritual foundation that end up lasting for years or even a lifetime. So, What are the Marriage or Relationship Killers here? Complacency. Lack Of good Communication. Lack of physiological and spiritual growth. Disrespecting your Spouse. Doing your own thing. Failing to recognize that your dealing with a separate individual that might not see everything the way you do just to name a few things. You know, Marriage and over all Relationships are not about kissing butt or one sided affairs. There not about getting your own way all the time or about keeping up with the Joneses more so then they are about working really hard to keep them together wouldn't you say?

I had written a page on the site called (What Is Love) some years ago that basically outlines a successful relationship however this page was misconstrued by my Ex wife and others as being able to do anything a person wanted to do within a marriage under what we perceive as Unconditional Love. This was definitely Not what I was trying to convey on this page and or not even in the remotest sense as unconditional love like love has its boundaries as well that shouldn't be crossed. I guess like anything else someone can take an idea or notion and split hairs with it or define it down to such a fine point until it fits their own perception or ways of doing things and so on. In short certain ones have completely taking this page out of context and have placed it way out in left field somewhere.

Love and Unconditional Love STOPS at the point of continued physiological and physical abuse and or causing another spiritual death. Unconditional Love means Forgiving someone of their short comings Once. Twice or even Three times depending on the offence however it doesn't mean that we can just ignore every principal or conduct pertaining to any given relationship or union by disregarding the welfare of the other person in our life entirely. Moreover centering only on what we want or what we think is the right thing to that only continue on to harm others and ourselves as a result a twisted perception.

Again, Like anything else even the boundaries of love and unconditional love can be breached and defined past their original intent. One can either adhere to the law so rigidly that they are actually in violation of that law or they can take it to the extreme by twisting the law and modifying it to their own specific needs and wants past the feelings of others to which is even a worse offence in my opinion. Lastly one can observe the law of union and have a successful marriage to someone for many years and so on. Love is likened to a wild bird that can't be confined or owned for long least it die from suffocation.

Love isn't a thing in which you Buy. Sell or Trade more so then it is something that is given freely by another. A precious gift from Heaven that is more precious and fragile then a new born baby that one must protect not so much from the world but from ones self. Love is a Divine joining of Mind. Spirit and Heart that transcends all physical marriage or earthly pleasure. True love ascends beyond the stars themselves in its purity. For all the very human emotions that we have Love is by far the most elusive creature to be captured however if one lays the proper ground work even this wildest of creatures will perch unexpectedly like a dove beneath Ones windowsill without a well thought out plan of capture.

Love isn't bought with money or favors anymore then you could buy the warmth of the Sun. Love isn't about holding good deeds performed for a person over their head just to get your way because this then means that the good deed had a hidden price on it and thus it wasn't a good deed at all more so then it was hidden service with strings attached. In short it wasn't performed in the name of love more so then in the interest of calling in future chips should that person have need of them. We've all done this at one time or another and to some degree haven't we? Remember that the World in all its ways has no power over your relationship unless you open it up to the world by not following your good common sense. The purpose of life is in acquiring knowledge and the meaning of life is to achieve Happiness. Love and Prosperity through the wisdoms obtained through past trial and errors. Thank You for reading this and may I wish All of you the best of Love. Happiness and Prosperity in your lives.

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