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Trouble in Paradise Lost Place Amongst The Stars

Insanity is the most mentally perplexing condition that I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing in my life. It not only consumes the mind. body but spirit.

The curse of curses unexplainable and horrid. A death of the mind and the master thief of memories. The reaper of logic and reason and the bringer of mass confusion and early death to its victim. God Dam this curse upon Humanity as it is the stealer of love and strength. The Killer of faith and God.

How does one ascend to greatness then quickly fall into ignorance and despair. Moreover into constant and perpetual dilution. I have seen the face of madness twice over in life and fear this worse then death its self as it forces a person to witness an entire personality dismantled before the ones very eyes and leaves a you powerless in offering any kind of assistance to the ill stricken.

The laws of logic and rationality do not apply here in this invisible world of the mind and thus are not understood nor do these things exist in the mind of its victim.

Could Insanity be the ultimate punishment to the wicked. How can one learn anything from the chaotic ramblings caused by this killer of the soul. How can one ever heal from this deeply imbedded thorn to the heart. The insane are the walking dead void of directed feeling and loyalty.

How can one speak the dead back into the mere existence of life when death claims tightly to the spirit of the fallen. To loose one to insanity is likened to loosing a person to death forevermore without reprieve. How can the lost understand the pain of others when they know not the pain of themselves.

One moment you are known and the next not. Loved then hated. Violent opposition are they. A battle raging within a still cold heart without compassion. An Attacker on the move that doesn't understand the cold steel of your defense against the raging onslaught of their madness. All forgiveness is lost on both sides and not regained.

The insane exist only in the land of the lost. The dead care not for the warm-blooded and love not life as hatred. malice and loneliness only do they know.

How can one fight such a formable Foe that only wishes to kill you with their love and strip you of all dignity while imprisoning you in the name of hypocritical morality.

No choice but to retreat from the war into more familiar lands where one can live in peace for the rest of their days in the arms of true love and harmony. For even Warrior Wizard Kings know when the battle has been lost. Fallen in arms and beaten down bloody retreat is necessary to survive as not all battles can be won.

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