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Speech and actions will then send a message to the Universal Forces that a particular person is in fact a beneficial part of the family of creation ever working toward the spiritual growth and longevity of its existence. When this occurs, then it's definitely advantageous to spell work as the individual is all ready in sync with and in the grace of over all Divinity thus making the Divine Presence more receptive to the client's wishes conveyed through a spell casting. Even without spell work this type of positive and constructive behavior usually tends to yield a person very good things out of life without ever asking for them. Let's take it away from all this spiritual stuff for a moment, and look at the benefits that this mode of positive behavior will bring you on the earthly plane.

When people act in a positive way and or in the way of peaceful resolution to any given set of problems, then others around that person can only gain respect and love toward that certain individual. In short, light draws light and darkness draws darkness. A person in tune with the Divine Creation will offer peaceful resolutions in the face of adversity and chaos. Furthermore a person of Divinity will respond to those who transgress against them with fairness, firmness, order, temperance, and justice above all else. A person under the grace of Divinity shall never lose even at times when the odds don't seem to be stacked against them; nevertheless, when you are in tune with the Cosmos, Divinity will always stand behind you while eventually carrying you off to eventual victory to no matter the situation.

When a person or group is in tune with Divinity, then not only do they clearly see the physical but the spiritual world and the inseparable connection between the two. The blessed children of the Divine are aware of how these two realities interact and exist and or pulls strength from one and the other clearly bringing the two unique realities into to one Heavenly bound union with physical earth. When one is in a righteous flow with the Divine then they are at the center of Creation itself. Imagine this: never having to defend yourself because you have the whole of Creation and all that exist therein standing behind and in front you ready and willing to give Their all in defense of your cause.

Knowing that all who have harmed or transgressed against you will be given their just reward without you ever having lifted a finger against them. A Child of Divinity through Divinity's love and respect for that child is given the gifts of communicating with all of nature. The gift of receiving wonderful things in life without ever asking for them. Wow, How cool is this? Not only can a person obtain these things by simply observing the Laws of Divinity but can become and or be considered the greatest Wizard or Enchantress of all time as at this point in the game as all of Creation is at your finger tips and or at your beckon call. This is the way a person becomes the Master of their own universe.

Of course the Unchanging Spirit or the ones who fail to change only exist to enslave themselves to life's random events without ever really understanding why this or that happened to them here or there at different points in their evolution. Never having a specific direction in which to travel. Never achieving the goal set for themselves. Always feeling that something is missing in their life. Always trying to fill the unending void within. The free spirit only wishes to learn more and more with each passing second of the day. Moving forward in life while bringing laughter, happiness, and joy to all that they touch. Only wishing to serve Creation in what seems best to them. The only sadness that the enlightened ones unfortunately experience would be in the friends and family who have fallen to the side and who have become forever lost in time and place.

Even the seeker is not exempt from stumbling or pain at times as the very nature of physical existence is in growth through changing events and thus causing growing pains in not so much a physical pain, but in the pain of loss and regret for others who have failed in staying the spiritual course. Who have been separated from the seeker for all time due to their ignorance of the facts or the realities confronting them in life. The seeker also feels a mournful pain or loss when at times they have to defend themselves from the ignorance of others who were once loved above all others whom attack without provocation and out of despair. Aside from these sad things, the seeker tends to be obedient to Divinity's Universal and Elemental laws of nature that encourage the feeling of pain and the temporally remembering of it. The learning from it. The releasing of that pain and the replacing of it with endless joy in the knowledge of Divinity's Divine love and grace.

The Unchanging Soul tends to exist in its comfortable environment of like minded others whom gossip the day away with meaningless words and deeds and who is moreover content to swim in the same little pound to their days end. To stand still in time and space with no wish in moving forward or backward likened to a stone deeply buried within the mountain side. The "Seeker" or the "Obedient Ones" are continually reaching for the stars while being very unconcerned with the trivia's of the day for it is the scared knowledge in which they strive thus drifting further and further away from all fleshly goings on and or pleasures of the world. The ever changing spirit embarks daily on this ongoing journey alone and moreover misunderstood by the many and received by the Master of all creation that they serve so diligently.

At the end of this journey, a intertwined and blissful union forms not in death but in eternal life after life. The sad and undisputable fact regarding the person whom resist change to the positive or doesn't learn from and release life's events would be that they are in fact resisting the natural flow of creation its self and or swimming up stream against a violent current so to speak; and thus, obtaining eventual failure and defeat as their ultimate prize. However before this even takes place the unfortunate soul must endure a lifetime of hardship and irrefutable torment. They will have lived and reflected back on a lifetime full of regrets, pain, despair, and forbidding sadness as a lack of their spiritual fortitude and concentration pertaining to what was occurring in their life and so on. The Kingdom of Heaven isn't found by looking down or closing your eyes to what's going on in life.

To those whom are incapable of learning from past mistakes due to a malady of the mind, then may Divinity keep them under their Mercy. Love and Grace for all of creation has its place but to those who can comprehend this message of life then let them learn from it. Release it and endure a life of boundless joys and bliss for this is the primary reason Divinity has seen fit for our existence. To error. To learn. To Remember. To Release. To bring happy resolution to the world in you new found knowledge. To endure happiness. To serve Divinity. To reunite with Divinity in the end. It is my hope that you the Viewer have enjoyed his page and blessings to All.

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