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The Unchanging Spirit

There are those who repeatedly fail to hear the over all message of Creation that calls a person to profoundly change every facet of themselves or more specifically in the way they think right on down to the ways they will react to life events. Yet on the same note who will ultimately suffer horribly in life as a result of their stubbornness should one continue to shun that small voice beckoning to them for positive change.

I ask myself if some people just aren't willing to change because it's to inconvenient or uncomfortable and yet perhaps they just think it's a impossible task for them personally or maybe still yet they feel that others around them will in some way block their efforts in becoming a more positive force. To those that hold the wisdom's of past negative patterns and who choose to learn from their past mistakes I would say these are the blessed ones.

The many that choose change over stagnation can't go wrong in my opinion. To the ones that choose stagnation over positive change ultimately choose a lower station in life and emanate psychological, spiritual, and in some cases early physical death through stress and other unknown reasons. What about those that are sincerely incapable of changing? At this point we have the three groups being the ones who choose positive change. Those who refuse and resist right thought and action and lastly those who don't recognize change or a reason to change. This is a particular area that I really don't know to much about other then the fact that this enigma can be found in the realms of severe mental retardation, chronic chemical imbalance. In the criminally insane and in those who excessively abuse drugs or alcohol to the largest extent.

These are groups that tend to have the scratched record syndrome as I call it who continually repeat the same patterns of thought. speech and action over and over again regardless to the negative outcome that a certain mode of negative behavior might draw or bring on them time and again. These groups simply don't have the capacity to recognize the relevance of learning from their past mistakes nor do they look to the future with any regard. Reality exists in the here and now for them in a nut shell. Regarding the person with a non-treatable chemical imbalance or other medical conditions that adversely affects the mind along with the severally and mentally challenged. I would only say that Divinity judges the great and small and places many of these the unfortunate ones in their loving grace and protection.

As far as the criminally insane, only God knows where these Individuals belong or fit into the scheme of things outside of being a chaotic part of nature itself. Divinity knows where the line of rationally ends and where insanity begins and thus they will judge everyone accordingly to their level or degree of action and sin etc. Spell Castings are greatly influenced according to ones mind set in the way that this given mind set will determine either the success or failure of a particular spells over all activity. A little known fact and huge misconception would be that the Magician, Practitioner, Wizard or Enchantress can supersede all negative situations for the client under their own power; or via the Divinely given gifts they possess; however this isn't the case at all.

In most instances the Wizard or Enchantress aren't perfect by any standard however they do typically have their heads in the right place to start off with and for the most part and thus obtaining their desires personally much faster then obtaining something for another person that may not have control of their thoughts or actions. As mentioned in other postings by myself on this site that state: Divinity isn't a mindless mass of idiot energies that one can just manipulate or order around but is more so a very directed Force Of Creation that is intently aware of itself and what might be beneficial or detrimental to its existence be it in the Universe or here on earth. I believe that the Divine Force or the Source of all creation is about Order and not chaos.

It's more so about constructive Creation and not mass chaos or adverse purposeless destruction however it will use chaos and destruction as a agent for greater positive environmental change periodically or at times. This movement often time occurs amongst the physical planetary's and earthly elementals right on down to the things that happen to us in our daily lives to a greater or lesser extent as we are all a part of the physical whole of creation its self. Spell Castings can be performed in behalf of a give person however in order for them to be effective in bringing that person wishes into reality they must align themselves with the positive creative flow of the Universe and moreover not work against it or go against the flow as it were.

How does One begin to take control over their life? How does one become closer to the Divine Nature or in accordance to its natural laws of creative and positive growth? To address these questions I would say that it all begins in the mind of the seeker. Again, when a person is in control of their thought processes, then this in turn will govern a person's physical actions and in the way that they would tend to respond or react to a given set of positive or negative circumstances. Please keep in mind that this is a Universe that is very aware of itself ; and you are a part of it and thus when a individual creates good energies through proper thoughts.

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