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All these stories have one message and lesson in common with each other and that being in every instance that the Human Race became so abusive, corrupt and evil towards one another to the point that we as a race blatantly and sinfully disregarded the Universal not to mention the Elemental laws of creation, and for civilization that we inadvertently beckoned for our own destruction. Divinity through its physical self called nature railed unbridled wrath against humanity for its transgressions not only upon it self but against the Divine Host within, without and around all of us. Even if one doesn't recognize a Spiritual force then that person has to contend that nature in it self is a self generating force of creation and that it will protect the whole of it self by destroying any detrimental element in its framed structure. In other words, it will fight and kill any part of it self that it believes will kill it, in the long run much like a human body will attack anything that it perceives to be a illness within it self.

This would be considered the Primordial movement of Self-Preservation. Numerous things can set this type of posture and attack off into motion in the natural world such as over population, derelict and malicious abuse of the environment such as the pollution of the water and air; the elimination of Rain forest; too many cars; Strip Mining; Wars and their experiments with Nuclear and Biochemical Weaponry, just to name a few things that might be going against the nature flow of things. I'm making allot of educated guesses and/or theories here, however, the fact remains that either by Divine decree or by Natural proxy we have a real problem in our lives that is progressively affecting the very root base or foundation of our civilization and this is of course greatly affects our relationships and family structure. There are other elements as well that contribute to our decline as a race such as the breakdown in morals and ethics; Spiritual absence and assessing our worth by the money and status we hold instead of spiritual fortitude, not to mention severe lack of stable leadership in our churches and government.

Now that you've read my synopsis of what I think is going on both spiritually and naturally in the world today perhaps this has given you some insight as to what's going on in your own personal environment or at least has given you a place to start in the making sense of it all. Please let me move on and explain further to you what Magick is and how it can greatly aid you in your life. Magick in my definition is the specific and direct communication to either the Divine conciseness or Natural World. The Natural World is everything around you including people, animals, aquatic life, plants along with other components that maintain the natural world such as the entire substance of the spirit, earth, air, fire and sea. The earth and everything on it is connected into one big living creature with a singular consciences that constantly communicates with its secondary elementals such as again the wind, fire and water. I'll go on to say that if a person possesses the secrets to communicating with Nature or the natural world to some small degree then that person can ask this hidden world from most to not only work their environment around to their liking, but can do the same for others.

This communication is a fine art in it self and not everyone can do it. There are allot of folks out there that claim that they can but the sad fact is that they can't because they haven't taken the time to properly learn how to do it. Others out there can in fact pull this off to some degree, however, they lack the full speech to make their spell results long lasting or permanent. Magick is also a direct and specific prayer or repetitive speech to Divinity to which is the over all watcher of its physical counterpart, which is Nature. They're many very distinct ways that one can and must communicate with both the Natural and the Spiritual Worlds and again this wisdom is lacking from many Practitioners in the world today, despite their claims. Please let me be very honest with you here when I say that maybe only 20 % of the Practitioners in the world today possess this knowledge and most of them come from long lines of Wizards or Enchantresses like Celeste and myself. Like Celeste and myself they have also vested long years of study towards their Arts.

Successful Spells require exact Natural and Spiritual communication, as these are the keys to getting anything done in a person's physical environment. Not only does it take this, but also one must also know what the Spiritual and Natural worlds require from us in order to fulfill an individuals request be it large or small. The Natural World is a vast place and the Spiritual World that exist within the Universe is a vastly larger then the Natural realm. When one can understand what needs to be spoken and yielded up in the way of offerings to these vast hidden expansions of existence only then can change be invoked in a given person's life for whatever reason. We know that there is a spiritual existence of some kind that seems to be strongly or closely related or connected to the physical realm of physical existence. We also suspect that these two realms can be communicated with. It's not to far of a jump from there in making the assumption that these two planes of spiritual and physical can intercede into a negative situation and thus invoking positive change in that particular environment. Moreover, what I call destructive intervention can be invoked into a situation for positive change as well depending on what a persons needs would be.

Since I have received numerous requests down through the sites history for my famous Advanced Black Magic Love Retrieval and Disruption spells please allow me to give everyone a little insight concerning how it all works, so that you will possibly have a better understanding of how these spells communicate with the not only with the Divine, but Natural world as well. When a Client requests these particular spells from us in a spell packet that is specially made up for them we then explain to that Client what is expected of them by Divinity in the way of Releasing Negative Traits while using the Negativity Releasing Prayer or the N.R.P. This prayer is an essential part to the spell process as it allows the Client to clean themselves out spiritually and thus resulting in a better connection to the Divine Nature. The N.R.P will also stabilize and ground the Client thus resulting in a better physiological mind set and through this bring them back to a healthier state of physical well being or better health.

The N.R.P is also instrumental in the self-recognition of why a person says and does the things they say and do, thus at this point the Client can now take his or her previous negative energy and convert it into positive energy simply by changing the way they mentally process and physically act out on any given situation. By doing this the Client's life then will exist for the good of all instead of the detriment of a few. When a person becomes a beneficial part of the living force of creation then that person is standing in the center of Universal balance to where all gifts of the physical and spiritual plane flow inwardly to them. There are many other interesting points of interest concerning this tool of Divine communication between the Client and Divinity, however, I don't wish to stretch this page out any more then it all ready is. If you would like to read and acquire the key's to spiritual and physical success please look up this Free Meditation on this site under "Negativity Releasing Prayer". In an effort to further condense this page it would also be well worth your while to also look up"Spell Workings" and The "Importance Of Imprints", as these pages will further explain in depth how the physical spell actions are carried out and what is involved in the creation of them, etc.

Now that I have given you a little insight into this process please allow me to explain what all this has to do with a possible love situation. Let's look at the relationship that is either going or has gone bad. Since I believe that the planets are out of their natural cycles and have strayed their common course it is quite likely that they are emitting negative energies all through out the Cosmos and thus reeking havoc on the mortal mind through the eradicate and severe altering of our brains chemical composition. In plain English this means that since polarities have changed in both the universal and elemental levels of existence then all physical matter must change to keep in step with the whole universal dance. To break this down even further these changes in environment are now dictating human mental process and acting out behavior through these enforced chemical changes that have occurred in our minds and bodies. Case In Point: Let's take the typical couple for instance that have co-existed with each other for five, ten, twenty or even fifty years with only minor disagreements taking place through out those years, but nothing major or life altering to speak of.

However, one day the mood starts changing for the worst as time progressively moves on and thus once these minor disagreements start to change into something more sinister and long lasting that never seems to go away or completely heal up, after all is said and done. The couple will typically then start to cement their positions on any given situation and thus becoming inflexible to their mate's point of view at which time peaceful discussions become arguments and arguments become battles that in turn manifest into full fledged wars. Every statement becomes an act or declaration of war in the advanced stages of a problematic situation such as this. This route of progressing conflict later turns into a potent breakdown in communication to which ultimately ends up in estrangement, separation and then divorce. The sad thing about this is that the couple never sees it coming for the sole reasoning being that the chemical changing within their brains is so subtle or creeping thus making the progression of events almost seem natural in the way that they manifested.

Now let's speak further on the subject of spell work and how it can correct such issues of Hormonal Imbalance, Temperament Issues, Chemical off set and its effects on not only the brain but the entire physical body...and the breakdown in communication between two people and so on. Spell work holds good premise on the grounds that it is by nature a direct communication to the very Divine nature in which all root cause either being reward or conflict is derived from in one's life. Through magical practice, when performed correctly, will and can in fact either partially or completely reverse the adverse effects of an irregular natural phenomena such as negative planet spins and the polarities they emit or subjugate to we as Human Beings.

By speaking to both the Spiritual Force and it's Natural physical counterpart, or Nature, it is quite possible to change the outcome of any situation be it for financial, health or love related. Again, to pull this sort of thing off one must be well versed in not only the numerous forms of Spiritual communication but the Chemical sciences or what's known generally as advanced Alchemy in a good many Magical circles. This compliment of knowledge only comes through years of Soul Searching, pondering untold universal and natural mysteries, Occult Research, Magical Experimentation, Hardship, Sacrifice,Trial & Error, Courage to the point of foolishness and an undying thrust for knowledge to no matter what the cost is to one's life and eternal soul. (Special Note Of Interest): In my case the quest for forbidden knowledge temporally cost me my life as I was made to suffer a N.D.A or near death experience as a result of reaching out into the unknown.

All my life I have pondered the seen and unseen mysteries of Heaven, Earth and Hell. Some things I did see were glorious beyond human words or description and other things shown made my blood turn to ice. I did attain a certain degree of knowledge and influence with magical practice however I wasn't really able to correlate or link it all together until I under went, or moreover experienced, the N.D.E. At this point in my chaotic life and despite all that I had learned in my many years previous to this, my life was still a mess and seemed to be taking a turn for the worst. My life was a miserable state of affairs spiraling ever downwardly into the fiery pit of self-destruction in all its aspects of love, finance and health, etc

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