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The Flower and The StoneDedicated To The Lonely

As I was walking through the forest one day I noticed a beautifully arrayed and dazzling little yellow and red flower growing out of the very heart core of a rather large stone. Of course there were other equally brilliant and or beautifully colored flowers of blue. green. purple and gold around the stone and in the surrounding fields however the little lonely flower growing out of the stone caught my attention more so then rest.

I ask myself, Why would this little flower swaying so gently back and fourth in the summers breeze choose its home atop a cold and rigid stone instead of seeding its self in the warm and fertile earth as the others had done. Yet, Another question I ask myself was how did this little seed find its way to the top of this stone in the first place.

And thus I dared to walk over to the stone and flower and ask them to tell me their story. The stone first spoke and said: Lonely was I cold and rigid standing in this place for centuries. Yet I had something to offer but none to share it with.

The stone went on to say: I have wept since the beginning of time and have prayed to Divinity saying what have I done to offend you that I should be doomed to transcend time alone. The stone said I am alive and can offer much.

Some would say that I am heavy and cold. I say that I am solid against the wind and can offer shade on the hottest of days and warmth in the coldest of winter nights. Some say that I am dead and not good for anything. Yet I hold the Earths mass in place. I am the record of time and house the smallest of nature's creations.

The Stone went on to tell me that it prayed many of nights through the years to the Heavens for a Speical gift so that the world see its beauty and worth. On spring when the Creator sent his Angels of Nature about the Earth while painting it with the Heavenly seasonal colors the stone was noticed as a thunderous voice came from the Kingdom above commanded that the stone shall be granted its request of beauty and worth.

Of course the Heavenly Angels obeyed but thought how can we fulfill this request for it is a stone cold and rigid. The Angels painted the stone with brilliant shades of green moss on the north side but the moss couldn't stay for the stone grew to warm in the day and was brightly lit.

The Angels then surrounded the Stone with more flowers and trees but then the Stones natural beauty was hidden away from the world. So in dismay the Angels removed all from the stone while pondering what shall we do for the Stone. The Angels then looked across at the beauty of the entire earth and spoke loudly:

Who among you will befriend the stone in its journey through time yet none answered because the stone was thought cold and rigid. All at once in the thunderous mix of creation a small voice was heard saying: I see worth in the stone and find substance for my growth. The Angels looked and looked over the earth for the small voice through the mix of creation a then saw the little flower lost in the field.

Then Angelic hands raised the little fragile flower up out of its obscurity and placed it atop of the great stone and said together will the two reign throughout the spans of time to never be alone or wanting again.

The Great Stone shall hold and protect the wonder of Heavens light found in the Flower and the flower shall adorn the strength of Creation found within the Great Stone. If you feel yourself alone in this life please know that your not as Divinity hears your prayers likened to the Great Stone.

If you feel lack of worth or are lost in the crowd then know that someone does find worth in you and substance for their growth likened to the flower. Like that flower you will be raised from the obscurity of life and shall know love and peace for the rest of your days. SPELLS PROTECTION SPELLS Protection Spells protection spells

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