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The Dread Book Of The Necronomicon

Typically most if not all newly arriving Practitioners to the magical arts tend to go for the darkest and most powerful thing they can find in the new age book stores or on the Internet however this isn't always a good thing. The Necronomicon has been described by H.P.Lovecraft as being a malevolent book of death containing all sorts of ancient monsters who live within its bloody pages. I feel this compliment of various textual works have been misrepresented for the most part for the sole reason that this textual work is no more good or evil then the next magical text however likened to any text containing magical material a person would have to take care in not abusing or taking certain invoking out of their context while using them for other magical purposes.

The Necronomicon simply means, "The Book Of Dead Names" ; not to be confused with "The Egyptian Book Of The Dead", to which subsequently leads the dearly departed souls through a systematic array of spiritual steps that intern and eventually lead the soul to peace and life eternal. In essence, the Necronomicon was a series of belief systems derived from various parts of the middle eastern regions that moreover contains in theory some of the most ancient of Gods and Goddesses of that time period, region, and culture. These were the Gods and Goddesses that were replaced with newer versions of themselves as humanity progressed spiritually on through the eons.

Most of the time this text can't be found in it's entirety no matter if one is searching for it in the stores, or over the Internet simply because it doesn't exist in these places. The original hand written 900 page text can be found in the British Museum Of Antiquities written in several different languages that are moreover spoken in various dialects. Even some of the languages and alphabets are considered dead languages or obsolete alphabets. For a beginner to decide to work with what does exist of it over the Internet would in my opinion be total folly as this text deals mainly in Advanced Alchemies.

War and raising the dead. Raising the spirits of the dead or to disturb the dead in any way is considered harmful, baneful, or unlawful magick as these activities impede the pathway of the human spirits after death. This magical activity can and will bring a person down into the realms of insanity, not to mention utterly destroying their life should one not stay the course and watch what they are doing and saying. In short I wouldn't recommend this discipline for the beginner or the weekend Wizard or Witch. There's just enough material out there to get you in a lot of trouble and no one or thing to get you out of it as spells have to run their course.

The Necronomicon isn't a bad or intrinsically evil text however it is one that should be respected on every level like any other magical text. This particular path will not have mercy on its users despite their ignorance or mild abuse of it. Many have used the Necronomicon to achieve great and positive things including myself however they like myself have studied magick for at least Two to Four decades and know where and when we can pass through a gate and in what gates we may not pass through at certain times. In order to assist the seeker in finding the right discipline and spiritual path that is more suited to them personally, I've decided to post several excellent books ranging from the beginner to the most Advanced students of magick. These texts will be posted very soon so please be looking out for them.

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