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How Does One Believe In Divinity

In these times it's hard to believe in anything especially in something that defies your natural senses right? It's so hard to believe in a Force Of Creation. God or Goddess that would "ALLOW BAD" things to happen to you despite your best efforts in doing the right thing isn't it? It's so hard to see and hear how happy others are that don't give a dam about anything and who moreover seem to get away with just about everything in life while you on the other hand get busted for throwing a gum rapper out the window of your car huh? It's Difficult to loose your Son or Daughter in the madness of a political war or to Suicide without ever knowing Why.

Moreover in loosing your Spouse to a divorce for no good apparent reason. It's so Hard to understand why a beloved family member or even yourself has been stricken down with cancer or some other dreadful melody when you've tried to take care of yourself all throughout your life right? How could a God or any other form of Divinity do this to you or me Right? I can't Even begin to answer these questions for you as I can't even address some of the travesties that have occurred in my own life however I will say Blessed are you who Suffer in these latter days for mercy shall be yours in the end.

In my futile and weak effort to explain why these things occur I will just say that no Child of Divinity may enter therein to the Kingdom least they have been tried by Holy Fire. Sometimes a Soul just doesn't hear Divinities message in their life. Perhaps a Soul Doesn't want to hear Divinities message or moreover maybe their to busy listening and following those who are more lost them themselves to hear or see anything. Maybe a Soul hears the message but doesn't act out on it and lastly perhaps the Soul (is the messenger without even knowing it). Divinity lives through and around us and thus through our experiences suffers and enjoys life along with us. Perhaps their not as far away from us as we think they are.

We also have to realize that everyone around us has a spark of the Devine Spiritual light within and that they are a gift to us for however long Divinity allows them to stay in our lives. For tomorrow they may be gone forever. The time has ran out in saying I love you or I'm sorry. The time is gone to enjoy that last day in the sun with them. Even I have people in my life that I'm extremely disappointed with however I choose to forgive and release them back to their individual purposes in this life. Back to the Divine Force Of Creation they go to see the errors of their ways. Back to the drawing board so they can further spiritually evolve and grow.

It saddens me to move on without these folks however I have a great and undying hope in them to live up to their untold spiritual potential as time goes on. All Souls are destine to evolve if not in this life then the next. This must be the case for all people as to cling to Hurt feelings. Hate. Malicious and Jealous behaviors will only serve to open up the door to spiritual death. When bad things happen to you in life stop and think what could have caused it and can I prevent it from happening again. When bad things happen in life to you think about the higher purpose it might serve.

Perhaps Divinity is using you as the Messenger to convey love and mercy in the face of adversity or pain. Maybe Divinity is using you to example justice in the face of injustice and moreover perhaps The Divine is exposing you to the masses as a innocent child to see if the world has learned the lessons of ages. Jesus said what is it to love someone who loves you back and how much more is it to love someone who hates you. How much more is it to show kindness to those who misunderstand you.

And Lastly, How much more is it to show compassion to those who have not shown you compassion in the present or past. As long as you stay in within the laws of Divinities rule and or the positive and beneficial laws of Humanity not to mention giving all that you meet every available opportunity to do the right thing by you and others then your life will only get better.

Blessed are you that choose and are Obedient to the Laws Of True Divinity. Blessed are you who seek to be the Good Soul despite the worlds madness and temptation. Blessed are you who make the effort to love your neighbor. Blessed are they who stay true to themselves and Divinity. Blessed are they who Love Divinity before themselves and who trust and maintain hope and faith in the Devine in the midst of their darkest hour. Blessed are they who are made to suffer physical pain and great injustice in the Names Of the Most High Thrones. Blessed are they who champion Divinities cause and who defend the lesser of Divinities children.

Blessed are they who grow in the light of Heavens wisdoms and knowledge. Blessed are the care givers of Humanity and the Earth. Blessed are the Peace Makers. Teachers and Prophets that lead the world away from the chaotic wickedness of uninvolved Souls. Blessed are all the Messengers who came before us that offered the better seed. Blessed is every human Soul that has a righteous Mind. Heart and Spirit for they shall Inherit the New Heaven and Earth.

For those who love money shall be as a poor man throughout the rest of their days. To those who are in love with love shall not know love and will be loveless for all time. To those who have made the craft of mans hands as their God shall be they void of the true Divinities grace. For those who bear false witness shall be shunned in the end by all nations as a liar and thief. For those who love war shall be conquered by all nations now and for all time. To those in love with evil and death shall be they consumed by the Beast in darkened places to suffer eternal death forevermore. For those in love with the fleshly ways of the world shall inherit only the cold grave.

To those in love with dispute of the Holy Word shall have a place in hell reserved for them until the end of days or time as we understand it. For they who speak dubious dialects and lead the lost further into oblivion shall be the inheritor of Heavens scornful wrath without end. To those caught up in perverse ways shall Heaven label them as Abominations amongst the living and the dead. And to them who have lost their way and choose only to venture further into the darkness shall suffer the absents of Holy Light. Love and Grace for there will be no place found in the Halls of Heaven for the wicked.

No, I can't answer all the questions above at the starting of this page as to why all things happen to a person in life. I'm just not that qualified to do so. I can't force you into believing in Divinity nor would I want to as this is a personal choice. I can't send you a Book. Tape or cast you a spell that makes you understand or that guides you through the process in reaching spiritual evolvement however I have taken the time over several years to write this site in a effort to reveal the keys of wisdom given to me through my N.D.E or near death experience.

I'm not a God. Angel. Demon or otherwise just a man who has had a rather adventurous life who furthermore has either accidently or by Divine proclamation stumbled on a better way that works not only for others but for myself. This site is my small contribution to the world. Take it or Reject it but know it is freely given from the heart with No strings attached. It remains as free as it was 10,000 years ago. It's The Word. The Good Seed that is in fact from the Tree of Knowledge and Life. Bless One And All and Go Your Way In Safety

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