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I would like to take this opportunity just to give a big Thank You to all my Clients of the (Past and Friends as I have learned so much while having the privilege of knowing and working with each and everyone of you over the last eight years. Just to say Thank You seems so inappropriate or inadequate to me right now because it doesn't really do you guys much in the way of justice in my opinion. How can I even begin to convey to you my friends how much you mean to me and how much all of you have helped me in both my professional and personal life?

How honored I feel that you trusted me and let me into the most private recesses of your lives. How special you've made me feel when at times you allow me to dry your tears and still your fears. Many of you had sent me numerous gifts throughout the years however you didn't realize this at the time but you were the greatest gift to that anyone could ever give to me. It was you that gave me the chance to share all my experiences with you not to mention allowing me to introduce the Divinity that I know and love to one and all.

A good many of you just happened on the site and some were looking for a specific service, but I think all of you were sent to me and I to you via Divinity in a effort to serve our growth on both sides. I've done my best to be there as you have always been there for me throughout our time togather. We've made each other laugh and cry and shared secrets that will never leave our lips lol.

I've grown to know most of you better then your own families know you, I still know each one of you by name even though you think I've forgotten all about you. You've shared your pain and joys with me over time but above all you have had a unwavering faith in not only I but in the Divinity I serve. How could I forget you. How cool are you who sat and listened to my long winded stories and read over the many pages of the dragon sites. Most of you know my site better then I do as you not only read it once but numerous times LOL.

No, I've not forgotten any of you any more then a father could forget his children. Some of you were close to suicide when you came to me and thank Divinity that I was able to talk you out of it at the time . Aren't you glad I did? Why seek a permanent solution to a temporary problem right? Some of you were in prison when you came upon the site and contacted me and now you are a upstanding member of society. Bravo for you.

Some of you were in unhappy in marriages and some wished to enter into a marriage but we worked it all out between us and now you've all went on to be a happier people in life. Sometimes when I get down and or spiraling into the tunnel of despair it seems that one of you will either call or write me with a uplifting message of hope and sometimes even scold me for not practicing what I preach LOL. Thank you seems like such a understatement to me in reguards to what you've all done for me.

You know at times some of you called me when I was extremely tired and in a bad mood but you over looked it because you understood that I was only human and at other times you called and I sounded like a slap happy idiot, but you just laughed along with me instead of pointing out my retarded behavior and moreover how wonderful are you for this. A lot of times you guys came to me off of other sites all down trodden because what you wanted so badly in life didn't happen for you and yet you gave me the chance to bring your wish into reility despite what you had all ready been through and how courageous were you because of this.

You didn't run and freeze up with fear and mistrust instead you stepped out in faith one last time while showing the world your stamina. Aren't you glad that you did? Anyway, I don't want to be long winded here so in closing I will just say again Thank You one and all and please know that you have my Utmost Admiration. Respect and Gratitude for all that you've had to endure on your path to dragon spells and for all that you've done for me after reaching the site. -------- Jim Morgan II

Janhett T. Windglows Email : Web Site: Telephone : 208-714-4348

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