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~Testimonials II ~

Upon losing my job of 17yrs., I contacted Jim and he performed work to help me with my situation. After a time I was offered a much better position with a better salary and many more benefits than the position I had before. I feel that Jim helped me with his powers and I would recommend him to anyone that has a difficult problem. Be it a problem with work or with any other matter. He helped myself with my problem and I feel he could help anyone else with theirs. Doug W.

This is my second time requesting Jim to do a spell for me, and it was a success, again. I was with my ex-boyfriend for a year and a half, and we broke up a few months ago.. he told me that he loved me, but that "it couldn't work"..I was convinced that it was hopeless and I would never get him back.. well I had Jim cast a love spell for me and 2 weeks went by,and nothing happened, but Jim stuck by me and told me not to lose hope and helped me through it, and the other day, he called me and told me that he wanted me to come by and bring back some of his things that I had.. well, that turned into us hanging out, and us kissing at the end of the night.. hopefully everything will continue to go well and it will turn into a relationship again.. thank you so much Jim, from my heart, I don't know what I would do without you, I feel like I always have someone to turn to when I need alittle help in my life- and that person is you. -Christine
~Hi this is to say thanks Jim , he helped me to get my hopes back , I try other people and the only thing they did was ask me for money , in three months I spent a lot of money. Everytime I called the person to see how the work was going she just said to me I'm picking up a lot of negative or a lot of positive. Always the same thing and then she sas but I need more money we are getting closer, months pass and nothing happened , then I found Jim on the web page for spells I emailed him then he gave me his phone# but he called me and told me what I had to do. I wasnt sure but in 3 weeks things start going well . He can help you if you need help in love and any kind of spell. Be positive beleive in him and you'll find the happiness in your life.--------------- Gaviota

Jim of Dragon Spells did an awesome spell for me. My ex-boyfriend had been using me for his own purpose, while he was dating some other girl. Later, in November, the girl he had been dating followed me a couple times, and had almost run me off the road. Anyway, Jim did a spell for me, the beginning of December, to have his life be turned upside down. Well, the moment the spell was cast, my ex fought with the other girl, and I just found out that they just broke up before Christmas. He is extremely miserable in his love life and work life. I 'm still waiting for him to beg me to come back with him, and I have faith that it will happen. --Annette

~I would like to thank Jim for his long and undieing efforts with my problem , My wife left me you see for another man three years ago but I could not stop thinking about or loving her for these three years and it just made me crazy with no sleep and muddled thinking all the time and as a result of this i lost many jobs and just felt alone , So one night a friend ran into me and he told me of Dragon Spells and how I could get a black or white magic spell done there and how they really did work .

But I have to tell you that i thought me and magick huh you have to be kidding no way i don't beleive in that stuff , but there was nothing else that I could do and I had tried everything else at that point that I could think of and nothing worked and magick now was my only option , Well I had Jim do a black magick spell for me and i really didn't know what to exspect, Well it worked and i have never seen anything like it before because what I had been trying to do for three years ,he did in one month , my love came back to me from out of no where and we are getting married now in the fall , I don't know how he did it but he did and we are forever greatful to Jim for all of his Help. BladeRunner

~This is is a letter to say thanks for all you've done for me. As you know my whole life i have been a very depressed and negative person, and things never seemed to go my way . Once you cast the protection spell for me , everything started to change . I noticed myself feeling different , and becoming happier . And i noticed that certain people arond me have gone and my stress level has gone way down ' Now life and work have been so much fun . Thank You , you've have made me a believer. Dan

It's me Jesse. It's been a while since I spoke with you last. I have had some great things happen to me since my last email to you . I met a wonderfull girl named Annie. It was as if we were met for each other . I say this because we get along so great together. We moved in together. Next thing I know, I'm at the 24-hour Safeway at midnight buying a home pregnancy test. When I got home, my girl took the test. It came out positive. Since it was a two pack, we waited until morning and took the test again. and it was still positive. It sure was quiet all day between us . This is for real. I'm finally getting the child I have always wanted granted, Annie had a boy and it turned out that he and I are a perfect pair. I had not only fell in love with Annie, but I was in love with her son Nathan as well .

I then had the life I've been dreaming of.Her family loves me, her friends love me. Everything is perfect now.The last spell you cast to have them drop the charges against me worked.They threw the case out against me and now I am a free man thanks to Celeste and you ,It was so weird because my case didn't really have much to stand on in the first place but I came through it . It just worked out to my advantage. So all in all the spells you cast were 100% successful in every way as I got the girl ,child and was freed of all charges . If anybody out there is doubting the capabilities of Jim and Celeste please don't because Dragon Spells is the real thing! THANKS ~Jessie

"Jim has done great work for me and I am now starting to see results! My case is a hard one, and I have gone to several so-called magicians, voodoo priests ect before Jim, and no one else can offer what he does...basically if he can't do it, nobody else can so other sites are a waste of time. He has a heart of gold and will stay with you until you get what you want and need, no one else can or will ever offer that! I know my situation with my ex-boyfreind will work out and all will be well soon.

Jim has helped me understand how the spells work and is always there for guidance. He helps you to lead a happy life while everything manifests, which is a very important part of the spell! If he didn't tell me this then I would never have known how the angels and forces are working through the spell. So far knowing Jim and seeing how the spell is happening, I feel totally safe and confident that things are turning around! You will see definite changes for the good in your life no matter what with his spells!" Paula.

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