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I must say that when I first came across this site I was probably one of the biggest skeptics ever. But I was desperate, in love, heartbroken, and well I looked at it as a last resort. I never really beleived it was possible, magic, NO WAY!!! but love and madness go hand in hand and although I considered this madness I did it anyway. As awful as I felt, there was one thing that James gave me which made me feel better even after our first conversation, HOPE. He talked to me forever, gave me so much of his time, at all odd hours, he made sure that I was ok. He treated me as a friend, not as a client, maybe even like a daughter.

He was wonderful! Throughout the WHOLE thing, beginning to the end! He really cares about the people he chooses to help, its not about the money, it really really isnt!!! He is like my gaurdian angel. Well he took my IMPOSSIBLE SITUATION of this man I was crazy in love with for over 10 years who completely took advantage of me, used me, disrespected me, all in the name of friendship since he NEVER wanted anything more. I wasnt his type. Well I dont know what James did or HOW he did it, but this man is not only crazy in love with ME now, he wants to get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before he NEVER had time for me, now I'm all he has time for! He wants to take me out, take me on vacations, buy me stuff ....

I mean thats obviously not the point but I'm saying - what a complete change! the only way to describe it would be a miracle! Put your trust in James, he will NOT let you down! You will be getting WAY MORE then your money's worth. I cannot say enough about this man, he is probably on of the kindest men if not the kindest man I have ever met. * i hope this isnt too long, i just want everyone to know that this isnt some sort of 'business' for you, that u really do care, and u are choosy of whom u help. and i for one, with my broke ass, know its not about the money to you! janne

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


I appreciate you and James making me feel like I'm your only client, and asking me how am I doing. I would just like to ask you, if you can tell me, did the cards show the Angels getting to -------- yet, as far as encouraging him to contact me, or to soften his heart towards me?

I also appreciate you always responding to me so promptly. Thank you for not leaving me out here by myself. I can't wait until ---------- contacts me, so that I can leave wonderful comments on the website about you and James and your excellent customer service and extravagent spells that really work! Ainne B.


hey, my names allie. about a year and a few months ago, you cast a spell for me. I was ------- and I wanted to marry this guy [haha it sounds crazy now that I read it]. honestly I had forgotten about the spell for a few months. for a while we still talked and we're together but things are so different now, we are together all the time, he is my love & I'm his. we talk about marriage everyday. I just wanted to write you a letter and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. when you told me the price for the spell, I thought it was crazy but now I would pay it a million times over and over for what you have given me. he is the absolute best thing in my life, and thanks to you I'll never lose him. it was fate that I found your website!. thanks again!



When I first called I spoke with Jim and explained my situation, he patiently listened and then explained to me the process...I had the feeling this time I called the right person (I already spended lots of money with other people who offered to help me out)..Jim introduced me to Enchantress Jan. I bonbarded them with emails and calls at the beginning because I wanted to do things right with the Negativity Release Praying and they never got upset at me, they were really helpful all the time, specially when I was feeling down and I didn't know who to talk to.

There were ugly things happening in between my boyfriend and I in that time., that Jim adviced me to move out of the apartment as soon as possible..and I am glad I moved out. At the beginning it was not easy, but I did as I was told (and it was not easy !!!), I started hanging out with a friend, meeting some new people and forgeting in part of E... There were days I wouldn't think about him at all. And it happened on one of those days I was not thinking about him at all that he called me (two months after no talking at all)... He said he missed me, he said he was sorry for things that happened and I had a wonderful time with him.

He said he loves me and didn't want to let me go. And let me tell this, I, sometimes don't understand some things or I just feel that everything that happened in the past might pass again, and I get frustrated... but just recently I am learning that trying to understand or find answers to some things is not good, all it does is make me feel upset. I am learning everyday reading the advices from Jim. I am still seeing E..., he brought me 2 bracelets from the trip he made to visit his mom, he is not the kind of person who will give gifts, and there he was with a box with two bracelets inside!<o:p>

I consider Jim my good friend, he has been very patient with me and gave me the kind of treatment I will receive from my parents (a lovely and caring one). I thought I was just going to get a wish come true...but it is not just that, it is a learning thing every day and winning two new great friends in my life.



Everybody out there who have found your true love and lost him/her and need some help to get him/her back this is what you´re looking for...I´ve tried alot of psycics that are liers and just want you is where you really, truly gets help...Jim and Jan are truly your friends...

My situation was that I had found my true love and lost him in a bad way. I thaught that I had lost him forever, but with Jim and Jan's help I´ve got him back. We hav´nt spoken to eachother for five month and then suddenly he calls me up...we started dating again and he tells me that he wants me back and try again. He told me that he had missed me and it has always been him and me. Now we are back together and I promise that it is because of Jim, Jan, Divinity and the Angels. I am so happy and thankful that words are not enough!

So Jim, THANK YOU! I love you! Thank you for all help, support and love you have given me! You are truly angels sent from heaven.. If you don´t belive me or doubt, ask Jim for my email and contact me and I will tell you more personal details and you will belive in miracles...


Thank you so Much!!! I cant begin to explain what is happening. But heres a
little update. On tuesday I got a call from my ex ---------- that she broke up
with her boyfriend I just couldnt handle being in that type of relationship.
Thursday night we hung out and I took her to the beach to kind of relax and
just talk. since then I saw her friday and she stayed over saturday night.
She still seems a little reserved towards me and says shes pacing herself
but Im so glad to have her back in my life. I would like to thank you both
for the time and effort you put in to doing this for me. Jeff


Jim kick-started my life after 30 years of abuse that made my life so
miserable that for the first 30 years of my life, I didn't want to do
anything but die. Since young, I hated myself, and hated living. No
religion, or sellf-help books or ordinary counselling helped as they all
failed to identify the root causes of my misery. I was suicidal, depressed,
and no positive thinking BS worked. I had a multitude of personal/money/love
woes that I could not handle because I was so alone in life.

I came to know of Jim and Dragon Spells in the first quarter of 2004. I had
already spent thousands of dollars being swindled by all the other so-called
"magical" sites that are out there. No one was able to help me despite their
false promises. I saw the flow of scam sites come and go from 2003. A
thorough web search led me to Dragon Spells through an unknown search
engine. It was the day my life begin to see birth. When I first spoke to
Jim, he not only struck me as gentle, kind, open-minded, non-judgmental, but
most of all, was insightful with a keen 6th sense. He spoke as if he
already knew me. I then tried the Negativity Releasing Spell several times
at first from April-June 2004, but felt no immediate improvement, and was
extremely frustrated. Through Jim's encourgment over several months, and I
believe, spell work, I am slowly starting a new life with a more positive
mindset at age 31. I saw effects after a year of waiting. I can now wake up
every morning, and not feel like dying! I may have been too damaged since
childhood to be able to garther all the fruits that others are reaping in
this world, but at least I know that Jim was instrumental in my recovery.
Thank you!



I had Jim cast a custom-made Dancer's Spell in June 2004. Within 4 months, I
felt my dancing
improve. That same month, and alternate months thereafter, I won my first
string of Ballroom/Latin dancing awards. In 2 months, I was invited to do 2
performances at a public Ball. I did well, and was invited to enter a
tri-state competition in June 2005. Although I didn't win anything in this
competition, I am happy to see my dancing improve over time with the help of
Jim's Dancer's Spell.


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