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Hey Jim,

Well, its been a long while since we've spoken and you can anticipate us talking on the phone again eventually (finals are coming up so I've been a little busy lately). But, I'm just taking a little time out to show you some gratitude. This doesnt concern the money spell.. although, rest assured, I will be thanking you in a tremendous
way when that manifests. No, this concerns the negativity releaseing spell...Jim, that spell...that has worked wonders for me. God bless the angels, and God bless you Jim.

Postive things, have been happening to me lately. And its not like my life is a fairytale...its just a lot more bearable on my part, and I am a lot more accepting of myself. I cant describe it, I mean, I'm doing things I wouldnt normally do before the spell. When I disposed of the candle,

I placed it in a wooden box and thrust it into the deep running currents of the Mississippi. I threw it with such anger and resentment, for all those times I never beleived in myself or what I could do, and for all those times I wouldn't allow positive things to happen to me. When the box hit the water and made an aburpt "splash"...

I felt at was like all that anger I had bottled up inside was sinking into the river. Actaully, it felt like I had thrown myself into the currents, the girl who kept me from living a deserved life for so long. When I walked away, I didn't look back, and it was so strange, me walking away. I

cant explain it, it was like a part of me was watching me leave, a part
of me that I felt I abandoned for good. Well, like I've mentioned, since then, things have been getting so much better. Its weird (ive said that alot) because everything just feels soooo different, in a good and positive way of course.

Things are still happening, and I'm glad. Of course, I have to put forth effort for the spell to completely manifest, but the point is, the negativity release spell is a miracle in itself. I am becoming the woman I have always wanted to become, slowly but surely. I just thought you should know how great that spell is. If these are the results I'm getting from just that spell..I cant wait for the money spell to transpire! So thank you Jim, and I will talk to you soon.

Thank you jim


Dear James; hello again.I'm doing fine.This almost 9 month nightmare is nearly over.I called the Cocoa Bean Businessman in the Ivory Coast on wednesday morning to speak to him about when he can send the $100,000 loan he approved for me and ------ back on 10/28/03.He could'nt tell me on the phone when I called him.But later on wednesday evening ------ called and spoke to him about it as well.I then called and spoke to her on thursday morning(YESTERDAY)and she told me that the Cocoa Bean Businessman has a agent here in the USA who is going to send me a regular paper check in the postal mail very soon for $100,000!! Wow,that was quite a spell and one recast!! It hit the Cocoa Bean Businessman, ------ and Attorney ----- harder than a bullet in their chest!! However the securities company remains as hard headed as ever.I and ----- are so elated that this matter of claiming the consignment at global securities will be all over very soon!! Finally,I checked to see if I had sent you the full $400 fee and you're right,I only sent $300.As soon as I get the check and cash it I will send the ----- and bonus for your help.You should be glad to know that your spell really worked good and I'm very,very satisfied with the results!! Respectfully, Alan


Hi Jim
Ihas been a while , but I wonted to say hello and let you know I di not forget how you have helped me . It's been about a yearback together with a few minor bumps but Bob and I are still together and determined to make it work . It been a long road but with your help it happened . I hope you remember me Karin from Canada (The difficult case which took 3 years) your emails ans supportive chats on the phone helped me through some difficult times. I believe in the power of angels and in wonderful people like you and Mike.

Thank you thank you thank you I hope everything is well I think about what you did for me (us often) Keep in touch

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