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Hi Jim,

Wow. Just have to tell you about the email I got this morning from the object of my! It seems the dear boy had such an intense dream about me last night it woke him up. Mind you, this is a man who rarely if ever remembers his dreams. He said he woke up in such a "state"...sorry to be so graphic here, but I know you want to track this spell...that he had to get up and go into his bathroom to relieve himself. He also told me that all he thought about yesterday was me and sex. He then ended his letter telling me how much he loves me (something that is also rare for him...usually he just says he "misses" me.) in a very "mooshy" way.

So I guess if I was looking for something to sink my impatient little teeth into, this sure fits the bill. 2 days! It only took 2 days before the dreams and intense sexual longing began. I am totally blown away and impressed.

He just called me as I was writing this...he told me he woke up at 3:15 am...I woke up out of a dead sleep at a bit past 2:00 am as well...the exact same time, allowing for our different time zones. I'm sure this doesn't surprise must hear stuff like this all the time. I've just gotten hooked up with people who couldn't deliver what they claimed...whether intentionally or just for a lack of skill, so please forgive my surprise at what must be to you "business as usual."

I read your personal history last night on your website and was humbled. My confidence in your abilities as well as my hope, soared. In many ways I can relate to your struggle to find meaning in life and peace...and yes, God. Although I have never experienced the supernatural realm as you have, I have always felt like an odd ball because I am hyper aware of everything going on around me...people, undercurrents between them, feelings. At times I just "know stuff" too, like the phone will ring and I know who it is before I pick up. I'm just used to this. With ------ I often "ask" him to do things for me, like call, write or leave me a voicemail and he does...except I ask him in my mind only. On Thanksgiving I was really missing him so I wrote him an email and asked him if he could leave me a voicemail on my cell phone...which he did, then he called me and we talked. I had assumed he'd read the email. He hadn't.

It was also nice to see a picture of you as I am a very visual person. You have very intense eyes.

I'm looking forward to talking to you this coming week.

Your friend,



Hi Jim,

Just to let you know, I spoke to Wilna and said to her our communication is not so hot so we are working on it, she even phones me now, and e-mails me. So the spells is starting to work, lol, I'll keep you updated on how things go, thanks



Hi jim, lately alot of good things have been happening to me that wouldn't normally happen. My school refunded $381 back to me in the past 8 days, a boy who goes to my school
confessed to me that he liked me, and other good things have been happening to sense you cast my money spell. thank you so much for everything Jim.



I don't know what to say Jim and Jan about all your genorisity. But thanks. One day you will received your reward for helping so many people. God Bless you Reney

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