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Thank you Jim for the outstanding service in carrying out my spell. Your professionalism and wisdom of the arts detached me from all doubt I had brought about by others who have taken advantage of so many people. The way your spell worked in such detail, and with such power was nothing less than amazing. You a true sorcerer and master of the craft. Please extend my gratitude to all the angels involved and let them know how grateful I am. Their presence continues to be very strong, almost acting like a protective shield in certain areas of my life. I feel truly blessed, and very grateful to have discovered your site and got to talk to you. James


Hi Jim,

Once again you are 100% correct my friend. P----- called me after not hearing from him for a month...and him calling me and telling me (with wife standing next to him...) he loved his wife and was going to work on his remember our phone call.

So I finally took your advice, LET GO of him, sent you the info and imprints per our phone conversation, really truly decided to move on, and WHAM. He calls. His wife left him Jim. She moved to Florida. He's coming out to see me this weekend...after 8 1/2 MONTHS and two YEARS of shit.

Please don't email me...I need to get a new address. His lovely wife is getting into my account on a regular basis...changing my password and trying to get stuff on him to use in a divorce...and things she's threatening to share with my husband. I'll let you know when I get my new email address...with a security question that is not so easy for her to figure out!

Anyway, I'm much stronger now thanks to you and am definitely keeping my options OPEN! I owe you a HUGE letter of testimonial. It will be forthcoming.

With many thanks (and a big hug...)



Good Morning ----------:) I wanted to let you know.. I got a call back from the job in San Francisco.They are going to run a background check on me and a blood test for drugs and they said im their first pick but their worried about the commutte... Also ------ has been calling since yesterday. After explaining to her that i have nothing to say to her. I hung up on her. and she keeps calling. she called my job today. and i told her i had nothing to say. and asked what she needed or wanted from me and she said nothing i just want 5 minutes of your time. and i told her again i didnt have anything to say to her and hanged up on her. she called again but i ignored the call. So the spell is working.

so just so you know i would never leave dissatisfied with my experience with yourself and Jim. You have been wonderful and i got something way better than i ever expected from my spell:) unlike spellmaker. they never got to know their clients or try and help. it was always about well it isnt working because you need to do this other work. it was always about money and buying more products. if we wanted to talk to ---------- it was 40 bucks for 15 minutes or 75 for half an hour. Unlike Dragon where i was always welcome to call and email was always available. With Dragon i felt like i wasnt on my own. Someone cared and wanted to help me change my life. And that means the world to me --------..


I wanted to say thank you for helping with all my troubles. When I came to you six months ago I was heart broken over my Boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. We had split up at the beginning of the year and it was devastating to me. I found you through a friend and even though it took me awhile to have all my work done it was well worth the wait. Thank you for being there during those months. Just two weeks after my spell was cast I met the most incredible guy. We cant stay away from each other other even now. I feel like I have known this man my whole life. As you know my Target did call, he said that he wanted to see me. He also said that he has thought about me allot, but I was no longer interested in pursuing anything. I have something much better with the man I met. Thank you for every thing and I will be keeping in touch.


I believe the impossible is possible thanks to Jim and the divinity Its been almost a year since my boyfriend and i have been back together after almost 3yrs apart . it has been a long painful ordeal to which i owe you so much gratitude . you renewed my faith supported me through a difficult time . only a true friend wouldbe there at all times especially the late hours listening to my concerns , supporting me and encouraging me to let the spell work forget about it . I was the biggest barrier . We got back together a year ago in December and had some ups and downs . She would not go away confronting me calling him begging and harrasing me .This ended in may and things are great ever since, I am forever grateful for all you did for me---you helped me through the most difficult time in my life. The impossible was able to happen. we are now talking commitment . he regrets the time we wasted apart and the hold she had on him. so my advice to others don't give up have faith allow the spell to work forget about it . i cant stress this enough. Thank you thank you thank you . Kim from Canada

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