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The Advanced Enchanted Goddess Dagger, Chalice, Marriage & Divorce Spell

In the Pagan faith and in many other ancient Celtic. European systems around the world the Dagger represents the male or masculine influence and the Chalice is symbolic of the female or feminine influence. This casting addresses both the strengthening or the dismantling of a marriage.

Some Unions occur for the wrong reasons then move on to develop into a Marriage that exists on shaky grounds like the relationship before it. Thus the marriage like the relationship should have never occurred in the first place as this false union only tends cause pain, hard feelings, division and mass confusion in the end on both sides.
The worst part of this is: It's all done in the names of our Creator. God & Goddess. When it gets to the point that a person realizes that the person their married to isn't really their soul mate and that they made a BIG mistake then its time to get out of the oppressive situation that your in so you can start living life again as it should be lived with your true soul mate or the one Divinity met you to be with.

This enchantment can help you make this smooth transition in life by arranging a life circumstance that will allow you to leave the negative or oppressive situation and thus entering therein to the new and happier life circumstance without breaking stride.
On the more positive side this same spell can transform a Marriage going bad and save it from the perils of divorce by simply strengthening the existing love. Reducing the stress levels. Protecting the relationship from outside influences and or suitors and much more.

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