(The Curse Of The Necronomicon)

(The Curse Of The Necronomicon): This is the Strongest Death Curse in the world. It's fast. It's Stealthy and it's Deadly as Hell its self. If you are seeking the early demise of a Enemy and or Opposition of any kind then this is the spell for you. It will Permanently remove whatever problematic person or persons from your life--- period. If your NOT SERIOUS about having this spell performed. Don't have the funds or are having reservations about the whole thing then please don't waste our valuable time in writing in with silly questions and so fourth.

However if you are serious and have the funds then let's not waste any more precious time in getting your work going. This spell cost $ 3,500.00 U.S.D. If you have bothered to press the link to this second page then you have all ready seen what's involved by looking at the pictures on the top and bottom of the first page. Once this spell is cast there's no turning back as this particular spell can't be stopped even by myself.

If you think your going to become scared. squeemish, or start feeling sorry for the unlucky Recipient of this enchantment then Again, Don't bother contracting us to perform this Advanced Black Magic Death Curse for you. The term Necromonicon means: Book Of The Dead or the book of dead names. Its origins are from the Middle Eastern disciplines out of the land of Mesopotamia. Some say it was un- earthed in the place known as Megiddo. Better known by its more ancient name of Armageddon. This place exist out side Jerusalem's city limits to the east.

The Necromonicon is comprised of numerous middle eastern text dealing with Ancient Gods and Goddesses of war. destruction. death and rebirth of the world. It's one of the oldest creation stories known to man predating the Old Testament by thousands of years. There has been speculation that what we call Angels today in these modern times were in essence ancient Gods and Goddesses or moreover perhaps even Extra Terrestrials that had a great deal to do with starting up what we call humanity and civilization.

A fictional novel was written concerning The Necromonicon by Lovecraft and a few others however as it turns out the Necromonicon wasn't as fictional as everyone once thought and held more credence to it then ever imagined. Many times when writers want the Public to know about something that they know will be construed as outlandish or crazy by the over all establishment they will tend to put the message and or story out in the form of a fictional book.

Now that I've briefly gone over the history of the Necromonicon please allow me to yield some most fascinating details about this exceptional spell casting ritual. I will not tell all for to do so would enable and empower the morally deprived and stupid to perform horrible things to the unsuspecting and Innocent. The spell takes One Month for its creation or to prepare as we build our spells from scratch and according to ancient traditions.

We first hand craft the wax doll standing one foot high by three or four inches wide at the shoulders. This wax doll effigy is crafted out of very hot wax while mixing the ingredients of high alchemy into its composition. When the doll is cooled and set we begin to hand sculpt it into the persons physical likeness not to mention dressing it up in the style of clothing that the Subject is accustomed to wearing.

Moreover we go on to invoke the secret Angelic Host of Possession into the doll thus causing it to become the counterpart of the Target or a small but potent part of the person in question. The Doll or Dolls are then referred to as the Subject all through the process of the spells creation. We sleep and eat with the dolls. We bathe with the dolls. We carry the dolls around with us throughout our daily task while speaking with them and so fourth.

We convince the dolls of things to do in the best interest of everyone concerned. This imprints the dolls and connects them to the subject or subjects that much more. This activity causes the dolls to connect to the spirit or soul of the subject in question thus making the physical body of that individual more receptive to our commands be whatever the command might be.

While this process is transpiring we go on to hand draft the Angelic and Astrological charts to which is also referred to as the blood offering plates. Since the Divinity in which we are dealing with are hostile at best, they require a blood offering primarily amongst other things to appease their blood thirsty nature hence we spill very substantial amount of our own blood as the blood from animals just won't do for Them. The hand drafting of these mutable plates or charts along with the many Angelic signatures placed over them will take us at least a week and a half to complete.

Once we are engaged in this part of the process we then start to hand write the thirteen foot spell its self in ancient alphabets originating from the Middle East. This involves countless hours of very tedious invoking. Calling of the Angelic Host. Placing the request. The protection clause and the charge of release etc. Now, all the while this is being done we are also setting up the five very elaborate altars and purchasing the very rare and hard to acquire items needed for this extreme and advanced black magic
ritualistic spell casting operation.

When the work is complete then we start placing the spell components together and set the date of the casting. The castings themselves can take as long as three to four hours for the initial casting and can spread out into the month as we work in accordance with certain planets for certain things. We do have a open door policy regarding these rites however some restrictions do apply so please inquire within about these stipulations to attend.

WARNING Notice: Even though we call these Death Spells please know that these spells are left up to the Spiritual realm regarding a prayer request. Will it be granted or not. in what way will it be granted and when will it be granted and for who. No Guarantees Offered.

These particular set of spells will tend to simulate death in the way of removing the Target from the Clients environment via whatever means such as causing the Target to move. To be hauled off by the police or to just fade away into the crowd never to be seen again. These spells will also cause the Target to actually change their ways and thus turning them into nice people LOL. Sometimes Divinity will see fit to remove a person from this existence however this is again left to their discretion.

Should you the reader of this page decide that you would like a spell of this nature performed please contact Jan Windglows at passionspells@aol.com and click to her site of www.bloodloveandlustspells.com as I am retired. Also, Please know that Jan and Myself (Do Not) advocate any physical action or pursuit taken by another person in the way of causing physical harm or death to anyone by any other means be it physical or physiological.

We are spell casters only that offer up various spell request for given Clients period. We will not offer any suggestions to carry out harm or death to another. We will report physical attempts of harm or otherwise against another human being to local. state and federal authorities. We don't mean to scare you however these lines of conduct must be decisive and clear to keep everyone out of trouble regarding this issue and service.

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