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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of The Advanced High Magickal Arts !

I am Enchantress Jan Windglows---- your High Enchantress and Sorceress of Love And Lust Spells. Welcome to spell spells casting castings spell castings, ritual, rituals for love and financial success! Here joining me on my website is my esteemed colleague and magical advisor, Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll of Dragon Spells LLC, now recently retired. At Blood Love And Lust Spells, we will completely and in great detail address every detail all of your specific needs concerning magical
spellwork. There is no time for guessing or speculation when it concerns the needs of our clients. We take what we do here very seriously, and will not waste your time for the simple reason that we are here to ensure that you will attain all of your goals in life.

James and myself offer our combined 57 years of professional magical expertise in the practice of Sacred Magic and how the knowledge that we have attained has been passed down to us from ancient ancestry and secret magical practice from as early as starting in the 1700's to this present day and age. We stand alone in our expert field of knowing what it takes to practice successful magic, and are highly specialized in practicing many diverse types of ancient as well as present day types of magic including many types of blended magic that will in addition instill added strength into the spell itself- such as witchcraft, revenge or justice spells, money spells, cupid
love spells to cause someone to fall deeply in love with you, and so much more here for a spell, spells casting, castings, spell castings ritual, rituals for love and financial success.

This beautiful original work of art shown above this text is one of our Spell Charts. This one was created and copyrighted in 2005 by James and myself as a great spiritual work dedicated for The Honor And Glory Of Divinity, which is one of our "Life Release" Spell Charts.We hand-draft these special charts for all of our spells here at Blood Love And Lust Spells that are actual "Offering Plates" that we make and offer to Divinity in our Rituals of the Advanced Black Magical Spell Workings and spell, spells, casting, castings, spell castings, ritual, rituals for love and financial success. The actual spell chart itself is what is called a Double Hexagram that has been filled with hundreds of Angelic Signatures of many different types. We do not keep these charts as they offered up in our Advanced Black Magical Spells in the Sacred Offeratory Ritual Fires during the actual spell spells casting castings spell castings ritual rituals for love and financial success. All of this we do, for the Glory Of Divinity, Our Creators, who Love us all, and who graciously grant our wishes in life however They see fit to give Their Special Divine Love And gifts to each and every one of us.

These spells take days and sometimes weeks to produce, so as you the public can see what kind of work goes into your Advanced Black Magickal Spell Workings and Enchantments. The Sacred Scroll in which the spell is written in various different types of alphabets can sometimes be as long as 8 to 10 feet and more in length, which are written by hand and also given in the Advanced Black Magical Rituals in the Sacred Offeratory Fires on behalf of the spell reciepients.Now, here is more interesting and informative topics of magick for you to ponder and consider: There are many people who practice certain religious preferences become concerned that magic or even the mention of Satan or Lucifer will mess up their religious status---however we are aware of society as a whole and what the general public thinks and feels about magic, black magic etc. and assumes it is all "Satanic" or that Lucifer is a main element in our spell spells casting castings spell castings ritual rituals for love and financial success however this is not the case.

We are also here to educate and bring understanding about how real magic is practiced where this is a concern. There is no need to be intimidated or afraid that obtaining spellwork will in any way alter their present religious status , you are protected here in every way- especially spiritually- so you can work with us and get your spell started then attend your favorite church on Sunday without feeling " weird" or guilty about having spellwork done because of your religious preferences.We certainly are aware of the many individual needs our clients have, and will work with them whatever their walk in life is, for we do not practice evil magic- only justice in magic where it is justifiable. We are well aware that for the modern day Christian and many other religions that magic casting is considered "taboo" but in actuality, magic is a beautiful spiritual experience that has been created for all to enjoy and benefit from no matter what your spiritual walk is, or your religious preference.

Fear can become a crippling factor in our lives many times holding us back from many blessings and benefits that are obtainable via magical spells. If you need to discuss this aspect of spirituality with us, we are happy to explain anything you feel you need to know about magic upfront so that any fears or hesitations that may be acting as obstacles in your life may easily be removed and set you at peace with any concerns such as these.Put in the proper perspective we even offer many types of black arts spell spells, casting castings spell castings ritual rituals for love and financial success as well as money spells, life and death spells that can make the transition easier for instance, if there is a terminally ill person that needs help in passing on , or an Advanced Black Magickal Death Spell to rid you of your enemies very quickly and effectively that will give you the justice you need and deserve. Plus there is absoleutely no back - fire or karmic payback involved in our spells, as all of our spells are written in the names of peace, love, and justice.

You will feel confident after viewing this site that you have finally arrived at the place that is the most knowledgeable and skilled in regards to practicing the most potent forms of magic that produce very rapid results, and that gives you the most state of the art, strongest, most powerful, most innovative, unpresidented globally available magic that is now available to the public.The special spells that we offer are actually a combination of many different types of spells, to strengthen the power and potency that is required in spellworkings that produce concise and very rapid results in attaining your wishes. Blood Love And Lust Spells use only the finest imported rare substances and ingredients available that are utilized in all of our individual spell spells casting castings spell castings ritual rituals for love and financial success. Our company buyer travels internationally to specific locations all over the world in order to purchase each special herb, raw organic natural materials, and rare potions that are required for our magical practices and spell castings- so we can be sure that each client only has the finest available materials that will be utilized in their spell, or any type of custom designed spell spells casting castings spell castings ritual rituals for love and financial success.Some types of magic (but not all, for there are too many to list on this page) we utilize here are the following:

Sacred High Power Magic, Electric White Light Energy Magic, Egyptian Magic, Tarot and Celtic Runic Magic, Enochian Magic, Death Craft, High Power Black Magic- ("Black Magic" simply is termed so as it is the most potent method of spell casting) Justice Spells, Curse Removal Spells, along with many other numerous types of Sacred High Power Magic.We are happy to offer as a result of many years of experience and expertise, our original rendition of the original ancient practice of The Art, what it takes to change the energies around you and your loved ones in order to attain your spell wishes, making them a reality in your life---via the sacred (and secret) formulae of real true magic that has been passed down through many generations of Magus, Sorcerors, Enchantresses, Wizards, Witches, Mystics, Shamans, Spiritual Masters. Jan Windglows's family bloodline as well as James family have magickal roots that stem down from ancient ancestries that have passed this magickal
knowledge down to the present date by succession of Royal Heirs- dating back to as early as the 1700's from Royal Bloodlines of names that are so sacred they cannot be written here for public viewing.

We will be working with you to attain each and every one of your wishes and desires. Long ago when we first met, we both shared with one another in the course of one of our conversations that we both in fact came from a long line of magickal ancestors... and that surprised us both ! Now we are very happy, honored, and excited to offer the public 58 combined years of professional expertise in our field. Never to this very day have we ever had a client walk away unsatisfied. We are a professional licensed business in Idaho in the United States of America, and we guarantee ALL of our work to the complete satisfaction of all of our clientele world wide. We are a
fully licensed business in the state of Idaho--specifically for spell castings. We feel you will be greatly impressed and will have even more confidence in the fact that you have arrived at a place of business that delievers on and keeps their promises to the client. Our clients journey with us in a beautiful pleasurable experience of the entire magical process-- and also learn a great deal about the real truth about magic, how it really works, is designed to work specifically for you for your spell spells casting castings
spell castings ritual rituals for love and financial success.

In addition to making available the very powerful and potent Sacred High Power Black Magic spell Spells casting castings spell castings ritual rituals for love and financial success. (Black Magic meaning this is the most potent, powerful form of magic- has nothing to do with "Satanic magic" etc.) we also offer many other types of magic, depending on the individual's request. The Sacred High Power Black Magic is extremely powerful, for example, and is very rapid in producing the desired result of
the client's specifications, wishes, and desires. In addition, over the many years of this sacred knowledge and experience , we have combined many diverse types and styles of magic that instill extra added potency and power in every spell. We are well versed in many different forms of Ancient writings such as Theban Script, Hebrew Script, Angelic Script, Enochian Script, Celtic Runic Script, Latin Script, as well as obscure types of script that has become obsolete because of it's origin dating back so many hundreds of years having culminated into secret magical societies that in the days of old were banned and forbidden to practice because of the power alone of simply writing an enchantment down on paper, and in the process of simply writing in this alphabetical form of this timeless, secret and very forbidden script, actually witnessing what is written happening in the physical reality at the actual time of writing it. In other words, as the secret script was utilized in an actual spell spells casting castings spell castings ritual rituals for love and financial success request- and as it was being written, it started actually taking place according to what was written down on paper at the time.

Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348

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