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In a Black Magic Love Spell like this one illustrated above, one could expect the following things to take place to the intended target of such an enchantment:The mark will start thinking constantly about you, (in a good way of course) as in all the good times that the two of you had shared together in the past; The person targeted with this spell will experience a containment of sorts such as an eating , drinking , sleep depravation, to a excessive and unbearable existence.

There mind will be muddled ,confounded, and unable to process anything that is going on around them. Which in turn, will have an affect on their finances and job security. The reason for this, the persons mind will be on you totally and how they should return to you at any given cost. Their nighttime dreams will be filled with ghostly and horrible specters if the person is not dreaming of you. This will cause them great stress. The person will lose appetite due to stomach illness.

The person will lose there sex drive with all but you. They will feel strongly compelled to return to you for this release. If there are any other perspective mates in the area for this person, this spell will promptly do away with them, as well as any who would stand in the way of this spell progression. This type of spell will absolutely destroy any and all enemies around you or the target of this spell. It will also separate the target from family and friends, to place them away and by themselves.

This happens solely so they can be handled in a more effective way by cutting off any and all support systems that might be keeping this person away from you. This spell will intensify ten fold with each passing day until the person in question returns to you .

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