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We Offer You The World's Finest In Very Advanced High Magick Love
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Love Spells, Beauty Enhancement Spells, Revenge Spells, Curse
Removal Spells, Pet Blessing Spells, and Much, Much More.....this is the
very best and finest form of Highly Evolved Power Magic, so please choose
your spells wisely, and enjoy the amazing results !

Each Power Spell Enchantment listed here includes FREE Spiritual
Counselling Services. Customized Spells and Enchantments are available upon
request-- simply write and inquire how a powerful highly customized spell
can be designed specifically for your individual needs and desires!

Enchantress Jan Windglows is also happy and would be pleased to custom
design your very specific and specialized spell. Call or write to
Enchantress Jan today at 208-714-4348. When leaving a message, please speak
slowly and clearly and leave your telephone contact number so that your
phone call will be returned in a timely manner.

Please write to for a FAST same day response to
your letters and e-mails.

The Advanced Black Magickal Curse, Binding, Enchantment Removal Spell

This magical operation permanently breaks any curses, bindings or
general enchantments placed on a person for any reason, no matter if a curse
or binding was geared to break up a relationship or to ruin a persons
financial status and so forth.

This spell also addresses and breaks any and all curses geared to ruin
one's good name, health or to steal a love from the client, just to name a
few things. This Magical Operation is the strongest, fastest and most
effective spell casting of its kind that will most assuredly banish all
other forms of cursing influences and/or magical side-effects.

This spell operation lifts and eradicates curses from such faith
systems as: High Black Voodoo, Advanced Enochain, Advanced Wiccan Magick,
Earth Based Magick, Celtic and Hoodoo curses and bindings, just to name
some of the more major forms of Witchcraft commonly used on or against an
unsuspecting Victim.

The Advanced Black Magic Curse, Binding, Enchantment Removal Spell
consist of : Hand made designed "Life And Breath Dolls"
sculpted in the likeness of the evil Wizard, Witch or Warlock and
their Patrons or allies in attack against the Client. The spell it self is a
hand written or customized prayer designed to meet the Client's specific
situational needs, wants, wishes and desires on virgin parchment paper
scroll measuring nine feet in length by ten inches in width. The actual hand
written prayer is tediously written up in the most ancient forms of Celtic,
Angelic, Hebrew and King's English alphabets, while at the same time
invoking over three thousand and seventy-eight protection and curse lifting
Angelic Host from every known faith system both in the ancient and modern
worlds. This very elaborate spell doesn't stop there, as it also uses the
very most potent forms of High Alchemy to ensure that all the planets in our
Solar System respond favorably to our request of the lifting of any negative
influence in the Client's life circumstance.

Before a Client decides on any other spell casting they should really
seriously consider this to both clean up their existing living environment
and to lay a healthy groundwork for any other spell casting that they may be
considering. If the Client enters into spell work with pre-existing curses
or bindings on them then this could greatly jeopardize the future of any
other spell work by slowing it down immensely or possibly even stopping the
progression of that spell or spells all together.

.....for detailed information and instructions about how to begin this
powerful spell working, please write Enchantress Jan an e-mail at
Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348

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