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[1]-What if the target of the spell is stubborn?

This really doesn't matter to much as when the Client of the spell stays within the spells criteria they will not only quicken but strengthen the spells over all results. Also by staying within the spells criteria the Client becomes more justifiable or rightious in the eyes of Divinity thus causing this Divine nature to become more receptive in the granting of a Clients request.

In other words when the Client becomes more rightious then the Target in Divinitie's eyes then Divinity tends to move into the Targets life by implementing positive change and direction through moderate to intense disruption in a effort to drive the Target back to the Client for a second chance concerning relationship.

[2]-How long will I have to wait before I see results?

This depends on what type of spell action your having performed in your behalf. Most spells will yield partial but immediate results for a Client even before the spells creation has been completed. Once the spell has been fully performed the results of the spell will and should become stronger and stronger or more evident in a Clients life circumstances with each passing day. We really can't place a precise time frame on a given spell action for the sole reasoning that many spells are diverse in nature and will tend to manifest in their own time and space.

Again depending on the type of spell casting manifestation times will differ. For instance, in the case of a love retrieval spell: The time frame could be anywhere from three weeks after the spell has been performed up to the planetary cycle of one year and one day. This really depends on how well a Client can work with us and their spells criteria.

[3]- What is the Life Expectancy of my spell?

As a general rule these spells are designed to last and last. Again if a Client stays within the spells criteria and seriously considers the good and solid advice given them by their Counselor then the Clients spell can have both long reaching effects in their life not to mention causing the spell to last indefinitely.

[4]-What if my spell doesn't work?

It's not a question of "WILL" the spell work... It's a question of "WHEN" will the spell totally manifest for the Client. When spells are created and performed for a individual basically what were doing in essence is that were presenting both the Client and their situation in the best possible and or rightious light before Divinitie's Kingdoms. Were stating to the Divine that our Client is aware of the spells criteria and that they swear to uphold and live by it. We further state that we will guide and become a Companion to the Client while ensuring that they perform every task within the criteria to the letter. This is then the existent of our office or powers to invoke positive change in that persons life.

Divinity then moves into the persons life with their Divine influence to invoke positive change by granting the Clients wish. When spells are moving slowly this could be as the result of a few different problems such as: (1)-Obsessive Behavior on the Clients part. In my experience obsessing is the number one enemy that opposes any one persons dreams to no matter what that dream would be.

Obsessing is the constant Negative or Positive thinking in regards to a certain subject matter. Obsession will typically cause such things to occur in a persons life as Mental Anguish. Sleep Deprevation. Eating and Fluid Disorders. Employment Problems. Severe Illness. Separation from family. Friends and lovers. This is self-destructive behavior that totally is contrary to the spells criteria. The spells criteria advocates mental. spiritual peace and growth.

Not mental or physical pain. Not Anarchy or Chaos. When a Client gives in to uncontrolled Obsessing this is also basically Illustrating or demonstrating a lack of faith in the very Divinity that we have called into that persons life. Divinity can grant a wish despite this obsessive behavior but often times will not until the person fully releases the spell and shows childlike hope and faith in the Divine nature to bring their fondest wish into reality for them.

(2)-- The second reason that a spell may be manifesting slowly : If the Client is again outside of the spell perimeters in regards to unauthorized activities such as acting Negativity towards others in their living environment. Divinity exist within all of us. Divinity will use each and everyone of us either for or against one another in a effort to yield the life lessons that must be taught to us if we are to grow mentally and spiritually. (3)- Divinity wishes us to have perfect balance concerning our emotion and thus putting us back in control of our lives to a greater extent.

If we are lacking emotional balance in our lives or are fully out of control with our emotions then our spirits live more or less on the degressive side of spiritual growth and not so much on the positively charged progressive side of spiritual and mental evolvement. Again this is considered destructive behavior. (4)- Another factor concerning slow spell results might lie in the area of hidden Divine knowledge. Sometimes Divinity sees advantages in delays that we ourselves perhaps can't or don't want to see at the time. Divinity has a way of setting up future situations to our benefit and this is why we have to exercise trust and faith in them to know what their doing in our lives.

(5)- Another reason that a spells might be reacting slowly in a persons life could be because a person might not except Divinity as a real or viable Entity that can actually help them. For more information concerning how spells work please review (Spell Workings) found on Dragon Spells . Lastly I will just say two things here. A persons spell will only work as fast as the Client will permit it to work. Releasing the wish. dream or spell and working on ones self are the greatest key in this life to unlocking the doors of joy and prosperity.

[6]- Do I offer any guarantees?: Absolutely Not. Your Shocked right? Please don't be LOL. I will not use the guise of guarantees to gain your business as I'm not willing to sell my eternal Soul for the sake of dollars. (1)--We don't guarantee our spells simply for the sole reasoning that we can't guarantee how well you will be able to work with us. (2)- Will you be able to stay within the boundaries of the Spells Criteria.

(3)- Will you be willing to perform the Negativity Releasing Prayer. We can't guarantee that your going to listen to our sound advice concerning what should be your positive speech and actions in regards to your situation. (4)- We can't guarantee that you will provide us with the correct facts of your situation and so fourth.

The Above and foremost reason that we can't make guarantees is that we can only ask Divinity for something and can not force them into doing or performing anything for us. Divinity loves us and will do anything to make us happy in this life however they do have rules that must be followed in order for them to grant any given prayer to any person or group. (5)- I can vouch for Divinity as they have been with me all my life while granting most if not all my request within reason of course. Unfortunately, NEXT PAGE 2

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