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[1]--Write the names into the candle.

[2]--Bless or consecrate this candle with oil in the names that you have just written into it in the name of Jehovah Tetragrammaton.

[3]--Wrap nine black bands of thin ribbon around the candle and tie each one these bands off with three knots.

[4]--Again, consecrate these nine black ribbons in the names of each negative attribute that you have chosen to rid yourself of. Write these down on a piece of paper and set it to the side so you can remember them in the same order that they appear on the candle it self.

[5]--Now at this point you should have the Angelic names written into the candle and you should also have nine separate bands representing the nine separate negative traits wrapped around this same candle.

Now please place the candle firmly into the candle holder and place a piece of wax paper under the candle holder to avoid any wax dripping on your table or floor. This candle should be placed in a safe and stationary place throughout the duration of this prayer.

[6]--You are now ready to begin with this prayer. Go ahead and light the candle and invoke the angels that you see written in this prayer either mentally or verbally and ask them to both witness and help you in getting rid of this first negative trait.

When you feel that they are present then begin to speak to them and explain how this certain negative trait has caused you trouble in your life and that you would like their help in getting rid of this hindrance etc.

Now this prayer should continue on until the flame burns down through the first ribbon as at that point you would visualize this trait leaving your body and absorbing into the candle.

[7]-- When your ready to close out the prayer just thank them for their attendance and help as you then at this point go ahead and extinguish the candle with a spoon. Your prayer has ended for that night only but must be a repetitious process as the only difference being a different trait for each night.

This prayer must be done consecutively and without fail for it to work. Also it doesn't matter what time you perform this prayer as long as it is performed each night .

[8]--When you have completed the prayer fully and are ready to dispose of it please carefully pick up the wax paper containing the candle wax and ribbon remnants without touching any of this material other then the wax paper and either toss it in the trash can or dump it in the forest somewhere to where it won't be bothered.

If you at any time touch the wax or ribbon after lighting the candle it will have the reverse effect on you so please take care not you touch it directly.

However if for some unavoidable reason you do have to touch it after activating this prayer then wear a glove or use tongs to correct any deficiencies . Good luck to you and let me know if you have any more questions or problems pertaining to this prayer.-------------------- Jim YOUR DONE

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