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"What this site is about, and what it isn't about." We do believe in the Goddesses and Gods, as aspects of our divine Creator. That to which, we give total credit for bringing this site to you. We do not condemn any Angel, in the higher or lower realms of heaven, just to have someone to blame for our own short comings. We do not believe that we travel through life under our own power, nor are we victims of circumstance in this life. All things happen for a reason, and the Creator around us dictates what happens and what we learn from it. We do not condone violence or hate towards one another, for any reason. Especially those of race , faith , gender, country or politics. All faiths are welcome here. Your faith will not be judged in any way, shape or form. Neither, shall any request that is asked of us in the way of mercy, be turned down, for any reason. We do not condemn any church, although, they may condemn us as being evil. We do not believe that a war in heaven, ever has taken place. Further more, we believe that Lucifer, is not the father of any lie.

But he still holds our Creators most loving grace. This entity still holds its ranking as the most beloved Angel to our Creator, as the equal to his brother, Jesus Christ. He is known as the evening star, and Jesus Christ is known as the Morning Star. Lucifer is the father of Light and Knowledge, and Jesus Christ is the father of peace and love. Lucifer and Jesus Christ are both linked to the planet Venus . We believe in Jesus Christ, as the aspect of God that came to Earth to teach the human race the ways of Heavens. Peace and love, through the blessed vessel of the Virgin Mary. Made possible through the Holy Spirit of the Heavens. We do believe in turning the other cheek, but only to a point. Then we fight the good fight.

We then lean on the justice dealt through heaven, to the offender. We believe that Heaven sends the "Angels of Light." to aid us in our growth here in this life. To help us evolve, into better people. Through the knowledge we aquire from them, we achieve happiness and peace in our souls. We believe that this site was made, and brought into being, with the spiritual intervention of the "Heavenly Host." To eleviate some of the worlds pain and suffering , and to let the masses know, that we are not alone . We hold true, that every one of us was placed here on this earth, for a purpose, and not one of us is more important then another. Male or female! Rich or poor! It makes no difference who you are, because we all have work to do. Even if you just help one little animal, or person, in your whole life time, then you have served heaven. Perhaps in some great way, and they shall write your name in the book of life.

We believe, that all people have the capacity to possess spiritual gifts, and hold secret knowledge from our Creator Jehovah. We also hold true, that Magic, as we perceive it, could not be possible, without the divine permission of the living God, through the release of his Angels, who make it possible. We believe that many of the Angels are sent here, to watch over us. They were not sent to harm us, in any way. They just protect us from our selves, and offer us choices of right and wrong . We believe, that the order of Satan, is just one of the nine orders of Angels that God will use for wrathful reasons, of his own choosing. The church has placed this order of Angels, into one all evil being, to cause the sins of the world. They made him to look like poor Pan, another ancient God of love and music .

Please keep in mind, that our Father in Heaven did not intend for the Laws set fourth by him, to be so complicated. But, like anything else, this word has been turned into something corrupt and misused by man, for control of the masses, and for wealthful reasons. The only true things that we really have to hold on to in all the books ever written, [[ by man ,]] would be the Ten Commandments, and the teachings of Jesus the Christ. Jesus' teachings, for the most part, have been untouched. Even as God sends one of the order of Satan's to tempt Jesus in the flesh, as God has sent one of these Angel to test Job, and King Solomon, as well as the people of Moses. This site is to invoke insight on the viewers part, and to cause deep self thinking into ones well being, of the soul. This site is about Love , Justice, and the Divine intervention of the Creator/God/Goddess, and universal Angels. Please know, that if a wish or a miracle, happens in your life as a result of you coming to this site, I give all credit to our Creator/God/Goddess, and to the Heavenly Angels, who have seen fit to intervene in your life, and invoked mercy into your situation. For I am only a servant of the Heavens, as you are, and can do nothing by myself.

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