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When one looks upon Wizard or Enchantress what do they see? A seeker is what they see. And when the Wizard or Enchantress lays aside their ceremonial robes. wands and staffs what are they then? Again the answer would be a seeker without magical tools lol. When a Wizard or Enchantress puts there books away and takes off the Hexes and pentacles they wear what are they then?

The answer would be that the Wizard or Enchantress wouldn't be diminished in any way by doing this as they can still seek the divine wisdom with open thought and nothing else. Really what is a Wizard or Enchantress do you know? The answer to this question is that they are merely a men and women like any other however these folks have a unquenchable thirst for universal knowledge as their always asking the question WHY. why. why".

What happens when the Wizard or Enchantress stumbles and their faith is perhaps shaken for some reason?.The answer is. All Humans will suffer this from time to time to no matter what they do or who they are as we are all children of the Devine and will be tested accordingly..

Lastly, What is the point to this silly little paragraph above. The answer is : I WANT to hear your wisdoms. I want to grow mentally and spiritually off of your ideas and theories. For four years now I've been on the internet pouring out my heart and soul for everyone to hear.

I've made my life's pain. joy. trials. tribulations and errors public knowledge thereof relinquishing any right to privacy and mode of secrecy. I am a SEEKER seeking truth and enlightenment but sometimes I feel like a wispier in a raging storm that no one hears. Most the time it seems like im a voice in a full room yet the room feels empty as no one answers my questions. When I speak the question WHY to the world it shrugs its shoulders back at me and remains silent.

Again another question. Why is this?. Seeking the truth and solving the great mystery takes more then one man as it takes the participation of the entire world to do this. What do you know that I don't? What do I know that your not privy to?. Tell me all about the experiences that you've had in life. Tell me of the things you've seen but couldn't explain. Tell me of your sorrows. regrets and joys. When you look inside yourself what do you see?

When you look at others what do you see? Have any of you had a N.D.E or a near death experience out there and what did you see?. Did it change your life profoundly or did it not have any effect at all? Tell me of your magical feats and experiences. Talk to me people and I promise not to post anything you tell me unless you would like me to do so. I'm waiting so speak and let the growth begine on both sides.

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