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We have received many requests in the past and present for "House Clearings" and "Curse Removal" spells, which are growing ever more and more popular with each passing day; thus we think that our new highly specialized in person service of "Paranormal Investigation" is our best response to the overwhelming public demand for this highly individualized occult screening service which is found under our main service of "Road Dragon Spell Casting" on the Blood Love And Lust Spells Web site, under the blue sub menu heading on the first page which is entitled, " Paranormal Investigation Services".

Our unique and very elite services are for clientele who seriously feel there is a need to have their dwelling place screened for abnormal paranormal disturbances and are actively seeking a solid solution for their situation regarding any type of paranormal dilemma should indeed contact High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows for full details on this specialized service via e-mail at:

"Road Dragons" Paranormal Investigative Services is a fully equipped, and self contained mobile unit prepared to travel to location at the client's request. Upon our arrival, we determine exactly what is causing the negative and or detrimental activity in the client's environment. We then resolve the matter and clear any problems away concerning any potential type of energy work that may be needed at that moment, or needed in the future.

Some impeding influences are internal such as Poltergeist activity and some are derived from external sources such as negative spell castings and or curses placed on client and home by another person or spell caster that the client has no knowledge of. We begin our search for resolution in looking for or detecting any unwelcome and or unwanted ghostly guests or energies in the home. We also determine who and what a given entity is if in fact we do find spiritual activity.

Perhaps, for instance, an entity may hold some sort of vendetta against the owner of the home such as can be found in the "Bell Witch" incident. If a ghost, spirit, or entity can't be detected in the residence and the home its self seems to be free of spiritual disruption or intrusion, then we quickly confirm the root cause of the problem externally in the way of out side magical attacks coming from others against the client, or who the entity is directing it's attacks.

It is a widely accepted misconception that many curses are rooted in external causes such as a enemy having or personally casting a curse on a particular person. Even though this may be true in a given percent of situations, this may not always be the case with all spiritually based problems.

Let's discuss home haunting's and how a confused a unwanted apparition or apparitions can interrupt ones life is numerous and malevolently dubious ways. As in the "Bell Witch" incident, the situation started out with Mr. Bell allegedly stealing money or property from a woman who, in turn, placed a curse on him. As a result of her cursing, the Bell family began experiencing a wide array of spiritual problems ranging from illness, actual physical injuries inflicted on them by the entity, to over all disruption in every area of their lives.

The malevolent spiritual entity involved became such an intricate part of the families lives causing many diverse types of daily disturbances. In addition, the entity progressively tormented Mr. Bell everyday and night, which finally resulted in Mr. Bell's death. The spirits' evil malevolent behavior interfered with the Bell daughter's love relationship to the point of causing the eventual break up between the young lady and her fiancee'.

There are in fact many types of brutal and very evil spiritual beings have such a powerful diabolical controlling nature and supernatural overwhelming power, that they are more than capable of exerting any types of raw supernatural power and force beyond the capacity of human understanding that enables them to accomplish any type of damage in any degree that they wish, with whatever method they wish to do so.

In the case of the "Bell Witch" incident, that particular entity caused unending mayhem on top of the all ready present nightly disruptions such as throwing things across the room, physically injuring family members, people visiting the family in their home, and many other types of extremely harsh poltergeist type activities. For more information on the "Bell Witch" you may type it into your browser to obtain several types of books written by different people on this subject as it is a well documented and historical event.

Spiritual intrusion can be as a result of diverse and or numerous reasons such as, for example, homicides or suicides that have taken place in the home or around it either in the distant or recent past. Perhaps for instance, the home may be located on, or in close proximity to a designated grave yard or other sacred ancient burial grounds. Perhaps the home may be located either in or close to some type of spiritual vortex.

The owner or occupant of the home may unknowingly or knowingly possess clairvoyant or telekinetic skills that draw certain specters or spiritual entities both malevolent and benevolent in nature, or perhaps the family residing in the home may have had a generational curse placed upon the family much like what happened in "The Bell Witch" incident.

Spirits can be drawn to emotionally charged environments such as situations where negative verbal combat or constant arguing has been, or is taking place. Depending on the location of the home, and the history of the home, the disposition of the people living in the home determine what types of spiritual activities may be found in that home or area, and in addition, the types of spirits that may be residing in that home or area.

Case in point being the very prominent case of "The Amityville Horror" to which is said a Poltergeist became so strong that it actually punched a hole through the existing physical reality and was capable of pulling a physical being through a spiritual vortex or portal.

It has been our personal experience that most cases of spiritual intrusion will not progress to the intensity of the cases sited above however it's not hard for one to imagine or see the potential for trouble that a haunting can cause in light of these particular cases. Be it a lost soul or a spirit with unfinished business or perhaps even in worse case scenarios a Poltergeist any kind of spiritual presence given the right circumstance can cause many types of problems in their goal of bringing a person's life down to ground zero.

Negative spell castings or curse spells placed on the client by others for whatever reasons can also in fact cause spiritual conflict in ones home and work place by invoking negative and hateful spiritual beings in to the person's reality and by opening up portals in which they can enter through into the persons environment and or life.

The goal of the Black Magician casting a curse spell would be in bringing down the victim in any way possible such as through their finances, health, and personal relationships with family, friends, co-workers and love interest. They achieve this through what is more commonly known as "Diabolical Possession" and thus, in many instances, will utilize the all ready existing spirits in a given area to carry out their will on a subject.

This type of possession through magical invocation can worked in two main directions being the actual possessing of a thing sent to the client or the actual home of the client and lastly, assuming spiritual control of a person's mind to either to a greater or lesser degree that will as a result, set that person on a predetermined course for destruction.

With "Road Dragons Paranormal Investigation Service", we are fully prepared and equipped to assess any type of situation of this nature, and provide the exact solution that works quickly so that the client may attain their normal state of life back and live with the peace and happiness they want and deserve, remaining protected from future manifestations of any negative spiritual nature.

This service will identify any spiritual forces in the area, and explain who and what type of presence the spiritual being would be and what's is keeping a certain presence in the area. We will also dispatch any entities or temporally confine them there in a particular space depending on what the client would like to do at that point in the investigation.

We dispatch all spiritual creatures back to their dwelling places with the deepest of respect for them through very powerful, holy ritualistic rituals. The fact of the matter is that we can address any kind of a spiritual matter be it a simple haunting or Poltergeist activity, or any curse cast by another person on the home or client or remedying what we call "spiritual pulls" streaming from someone in the home.

We address these highly delicate situations through various magical prayers and ritualistic methods known only to Jan and myself. As highly skilled Magicians with a combined experience of 56 years Enchantress Jan Windglows and myself are considered Masters of the advanced black and white magical arts however we are also very capable of spiritual communication through our various gifts of being spiritually attuned clairvoyants and thus this is so important when it comes to dispelling or neutralizing of negative forces either within the client themselves or the clients entire environment surrounding them.

Often times the trouble usually starts when a portal or vortexes is opened either purposely or unintentionally by unknown persons and thus opening "Gates" between worlds. Without these gates, spiritual beings may not travel so if you can "close the gate", then accesses are closed to any spiritual force that may wish to harm the client.

Jan and I are both proficient in opening and closing or spiritual gates as we so commonly do when performing our advanced black magick rites and thus this skill in its self would be invaluable to any perspective client or clients. If your a person that has tried everything on the net and moreover are tired of wasting your hard earned money concerning the half hearted efforts of others then we invite you to contact us.

If your'e having spiritual intrusions that are only growing worse as time passes, then please know that these disturbances will worsen progressively with time and that simply attempting to live your everyday life and ignore the disturbances will not address the problem in any way; but will pave the way for the disturbance to heighten and grow more intense resulting in ongoing havoc and chaos for the suffering individual.

Should you be that individual in need of our assistance in this highly specialized area, then please contact us immediately and have your history and contact information ready so that we can set up a consultation for you as quickly as possible. In closing, we look forward to being of assistance to you in the near future.

High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows

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