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The first thing that we must keep in mind is that Divinity is constantly watching us to see how we handle a given situation. We have to make sure that the trespass is a real threat against us and not just something we perceive as harm. If the threat is real and the person has left you no other choice other then to defend yourself then you must go to that person and try to try to make peace with them in any way possible. Again, Ask Divinity for their wisdom in the matter then listen to what comes back from them. Give the person every benefit of the doubt. Be kind to them in the face of their adversity.

If this doesn't work then approach them again and clearly announce your intent in resolving the problem at hand through the appropriate action be it going to the police. Boss. Family member or Neighbors etc. Make sure that the punishment you issue to them fits the crime and that your taking whatever measures against them for the right reasons. Be clear in your thoughtful intent to both yourself and all concerned. Make sure your own house is clean before you tell another their house is a mess..

Ask the person how it was that they came to be offended by you. If they tell you and you are guilty then apologize immediately. If your not guilty then speak reason to them and try to meet them half way. If their totally off base or out of line with you then let them know this in a diplomatic but firm way away from others that might be listening. If someone has offended you then give them the opportunity to make amends or apologize.

After this has been done then ask Divinity again for their wisdoms on the matter at hand. You do have the right to defend yourself against the innocents actions through their ignorance. You do have the right to defend yourself from the Evil Ones and their intent of harm against you. Even though you do have the right to defend yourself against the foe it would be a good idea to stop and consider who the person is that is attacking you and for what reason or reasons. Put yourself in their place and try for a moment to see things the way their seeing matters as this might help you to resolve the difficulties with them.

If a situation can't be resolved no matter what and accusations and threats are hurled back at you and or the person begins to bear false witness against you then present the unblemished truth against them. If you win or lose it is a small matter as you have conducted yourself in accordance to Heavens laws. You may win or not upon this earth however you will always win Heavens Judgment of Grace in your life and they will have many more rainy days then you will on through their lives. If you the Viewer can receive these wisdoms them with a open mind and heart. Know yourself and you will know others as we all come from the family of man.

If you know yourself and what makes you say and do the things you do and say then you will begin to understand others and why they do and say the things they do and say. Thus when this knowledge has been obtained then not only will you become aware of what positive things to engage in regarding daily life and what negative situations to avoid. Furthermore you will begin to see the Master Plan Divinity has for Humanity and how we are very closely connected to them.

Remember, It all starts on a journey that only you can take. No One else can take it for you. No one can do this for you no matter how much they love you. No person on earth can make you do this. This is your journey and yours alone. Should you be the daring one that undertakes this spiritual journey I'm here to tell you that it won't be easy or smooth going at first but it will be worth it in the end. Just think of it. You will never need another spell cast for you as everything will be provided in your life before you can speak or think a wish to the Universe.

Your place will be secured in the Halls of Heaven. No evil wish or spell will ever harm you. You'll be free to enjoy your life without restraint. Of course please remember (To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required). Once you undertake this journey there's NO Turning Back and you have to stay the course. What does this mean you ask? Answer: It means that you will obtain great wisdom that will make you responsible for the things you say and do to others in your life. If fact. You will be held ten times more responsible then the average person because of what you know.

You can never go back to handling things in the ordinary way that you once did for what was given to you will be taken back from you many folds should you revert. it's a Long Journey full of Snares and Traps of every kind. It's a journey not for the weak of heart as the path can be dark and confusing at times. Full of Challenges and controversy however if you keep your eye on the prize then Nothing can stop you. Go your ways in peace and safety and may Divinity Bless you All.

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