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Self exploration of the Spirit is the key to discovering not only a more prosperous life but the existence of divine mysteries that encompasses every one of us throughout our entire lives. Many in the world will tell you: (Come with me for I am the way) but if you follow them blindly in many instances you'll end up more lost and let down then you were to begin with. And moreover to your unending disappointment you may find that they have seemingly lead you down the road to either utter destruction or perhaps the road to nowhere at best. They may have had good intentions or perhaps less then admirable or hidden agendas concerning you however the ending result is that your left alone and all dressed up with no place to go.

Faith systems and or Religion like relationships if built on shaky foundations will often times crumble beneath ones feet. My gift and promise to you in the following paragraphs below is much more then a common faith or belief system as It can yield real and immediate positive results in your life. If you take what is stated below at face value not to mention having faith in both Divinity and yourself the days of your failures and defeats are over forever.

There are no Broken Promises here unless You break them to yourself. There are no Let Downs here unless you let yourself down by not following the rules. Divinity will never Abandon you even if at times you Abandon them. There isn't any cost for these wisdoms as they are a Divine gift to ALL rich or poor. Imprisoned and Free. No Strings Attached and you owe nothing to anyone except yourself and Divinity.

However I will say that ALL will not be successful in this venture as some may not be willing to give of themselves to others. Some may be caught up in outmoded belief systems that won't allow them to open themselves up to this eternal wisdom. And yet others just won't be willing to simply take responsibility for their own actions in life. I am happy to say though that All will be brought to the same path in the end and moreover pass through the door of spiritual enlightenment when it's all said and done as this is Divinities decree that all Souls are reunited with them. In other words everyone will sooner or later be confronted with achieving this task so why not make it easy on yourself and go with the winning team.

The first step on this path is your relationship to yourself and thus this is where your journey really begins. A solitary journey that is ever moving onward to your progressive and positive relationship to self and others in your over all living environment. Ask yourself this: Do I really trust my eternal spirit to another person that might be just as lost as I am? What if their subject to the same problems and vices that I'm currently addicted to.

Wouldn't it be better for you to improve yourself from the inside out by becoming a more positive and or beneficial influence to not only self but to those around you via spiritual growth instead of just going to church repeating the same old actions and words over and over again at mass. It's one thing to repeat something repetitively however it's quit another to put what your saying into practice. Step up to the plate and actually place into action what your promising to Divinity or God. Practicing what your taught in your own life. Practicing what you preach to others. Be a example to all even if it causes you pain or discomfort. Your going to slip and fall from time to time link me. Get back up and try again as this is all Divinity ask of us.

You might be wondering. How can I better myself from the inside out in a effort to become a better or more grounded person in life and or a more spiritual person. Please let me answer this question for you by yielding my own opinion based on personal experience in this matter. You would initially achieve this through a strict physiological discipline. Controlled thought or mental activity in other words. Constant evaluation of your spoken word and how others might perceive it. Think about what you say before you say it. Is my head in a positive place and how are others perceiving my thoughts and actions not to mention Divinity. Spiritually seeking the Source of your creation constantly by asking the question (Why). For example: Why am I here and to what purpose do I serve in the scheme of things. In the way of asking Divinity who they really are and to what connection you have with them and so on.

You would also start by reviewing your over all life up to this point in time concerning your accomplishments and failures. Then move on to determine what caused your successes or failures throughout the progression of your life.Think back. Ask yourself. How was I treating myself and others back in this period of time when I was doing well in life. What was I doing and how were others responding to my words and deeds. Were my actions positive or negative ones. Was I a positive and happy person or the reverse. . Ask Yourself. How did you manage to promote yourself towards that successful situation.

How did you intentionally or unintentionally sabotage yourself that resulted in your eventual and ultimate failure in a given project. See the patterns of your behavior and then determine what you can do now in the present to change your mindset if a negative one still exist. This will ensure that a negative event through wrong choices or behavior never happens again to you because you'll see it coming and avoid it. Learn new and positive ways of handling old problems that are more in tune with yourself and the society in which you live.

Moreover, Learn how to re-mimic your positive actions taken in the past as a tool to re-invoke success back into your life in the here and now. As you look back see the patterns emerging from the darkness that either served your growth or were detrimental to it then start laying out a plan for your future success. Many Churches out there mean well however they blunder and fail their Congregations in the way that they stop or fall short of really telling everyone what Divinities goal is and what we must do to achieve true happiness it in our lives. Mainstream Religion tells us that God doesn't like this or that however they fail in explaining to us how we can change ourselves or even the fact that we have the God given power to change our own destinies through our free will to make choices good or bad for that matter.

The easiest way in staying out of trouble here would be in realizing that Divinity exist in all of us and that we must concern ourselves in what I call Righteous Thought. Speech and Action. In other words Don't say or do anything destructive or harmful to others or self. If you do then correct it immediately least you'll call Divine Karmic and or retribution back to yourself. Remember the Golden Rule. Treat Others Like You Would Wish To Be Treated. Sin is not in the ignorance of sin its self but in the realization of that sin and choosing not to repent it or to correct that harmful behavior against others or self.

This is what turns a ignorant action into a premeditated sinful action. Divinity will send a warning to the innocent acting out in ignorance so that they might understand and change that particular way of reacting to something or someone. When one becomes aware and or knowledgeable of sin and chooses the path of least resistance then Divinity drops the bomb in their life by showing them how it feels to be transgressed against.

When a person has finally established what works for them in life and what doesn't behaviorally speaking not to mention being ever watchful in regards to not repeating the same old patterns and mistakes that have tripped them up in the past then this individual is ready to move on to the next steps in their spiritual environment. The first question one should ask is What Is Really Meaningful to them in life. Divinity and the persons spiritual growth and connection to the Devine should be the first thing on their list. Then Family. Friends etc. This leads me to the second step to which is the prioritizing of what is meaningful in a persons life. Again, The Devine should be at the top of the list. Then Family. Friends etc.

If a person chooses to place Divinity first and over all things and moreover if that same person chooses to develop their divine connection through physiological and spiritual growth via self-introspect then their life can only get better as Divinity views this person as a beneficial cell in creation and not something out to make it sick. In short. When your good to Divinity and others around you then Divinity and others around are good back to you. You become a child of the stars and being so Divinity will make your path through this life a lot easier if not blissful.

How do we change the world folks? Answer: We start changing the world into a better place one person at a time. We start with the stranger looking back at us in the mirror every morning while getting ready for work. We re-connect to the Spiritual part of ourselves that intern connects to the very Spiritual Force Of Creation to which is the origins of our birth in the first place. We must understand that when we harm another via verbal or through action what we are in essence doing is harming ourselves. Now, You've heard me speak of introspect and self-exploration and furthermore about learning how to handle old problems in a new way.

You've heard me speak in regards to Karmic pay back or Divine retribution and how some won't take responsibility for their actions but now I'd like to get more specific regarding this part of the faith system. Your problem thinking. Ok, I can do this. "But", What Happens if I am kind to someone and they just don't give a shit. What if I've tried to do everything possible in being fair and kind to this person despite their negative behavior towards me. What if they just won't quit speaking badly of me or they keep steeling or causing me problems at work.

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