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Outside of the services they offer up on their sites it really depends on your spell request and the Casters magical capabilities and or their over all closeness with Divinity. Please remember that all a Caster can do is to ask a prayer granted but can't force it to happen for you as again Divinity can't be ordered around by us. Some magick sites and Casters will stay with the Client and some won't. Some practice high or advanced magic and many are low magic Practitioners.

You have to be carful here by asking your caster numerous questions as mentioned above and by educating yourself before hand. It's a good idea to ask a potential Caster numerous questions about the type of spell they plan on casting for you and moreover them asking you several questions about your situation etc.

Where can I find a real spell caster? Answer Is: Legitimate Spell Casters can be found just about anywhere however the same rule of question asking applies as previously mentioned. Only by educating yourself on the subject of magick its self and by asking allot of questions will you be able to distinguish the real and sincere Caster from the Bull S_it Artist. Knowledge is your weapon folks so use it and safeguard yourselves from being taken advantage of in the future.

When Looking for a spell or spell caster to cast that spell for you here are some things to look for. If a site contains allot of garbage material on it not really relating to magick or let's say that a particular site tends to have material belonging to other sites copied and pasted on it then this strongly indicates that the site owner doesn't know to much about his or her art and is just looking for filler material to make the site look larger then life and or to make a big impression on the viewer. Moreover they just don't wish to yield the very important information that the potential Client needs to know for whatever reason.

Again, If you are moving through a site but aren't seeing much in the way of magical material then you should search on for a site that can give you the needed information or that can at least address your magical questions. Another good thing to look for would be direct emails and phone numbers that you can write or call day or night.

Should you see another email or number not belonging to the caster then this means they more then likely don't have allot of time to spend with you despite what they might be saying on their site in question. Look at the sites Testimonials page or pages. If the testimonial page consist of several uniform statements one right after the other all spelled or written in the same way then this is simply window dressing for that site and not real testimonials.

Other things that might assist you would be in the way of checking the site out with the B.B.B and licensing department to see how long they have been on the air or if they even have a business license at all. See What is their standing in the community and so on. Please do this through official agencies as they are reliable sources of information and not the gripe sites that just tend to be a free for all for anyone that has a gripe be it true or false.

Look at the services a site offers if any and ask specific questions about those services should you decide to inquire with the owner of that site. Beware of sites that bad mouth other sites as this typically tends to be a ploy to lead you away from a particular site via malicious untruths. That sort of thing is driven by greed and money so beware.

When speaking to a spell caster make your questions Clear. Decisive and to the point then look for clear and decisive answers coming back to you without hesitation or beating around the bush on the casters part. If you as the Consumer aren't comfortable with the answers that your getting or that your questions can't be addressed satisfactorily then it's better that you move on to find someone that can sit down with you that can address any questions or concerns that you might have.

After all this is your life and finance were talking about here so why settle for less. Don't be in a hurry in other words and take the time to find the Right Spell Caster for your circumstance. In short don't go to someone that is under qualified to handle your situation.

Another good thing you may wish to watch for is the updating of the site its self. If you see a site that looks as if it has been floating in cyber space for eons with missing pages or pictures. Lacks contact information or consist of one or two spell descriptions with a pay pal or western union button at the bottom then run as these are fly by night sites in my opinion lol.

Worse yet look out for the sites that Guarantee Spell Work as this can't be done by anyone. Spell Casters are real people who will be working with you. These are folks that you will be giving money to. Don't you think it to be a good idea in the way of getting to know them and their system of magical practice first before you contract them to do your work?

Spell Casters are just that :(Spell Casters). Many are not Counselors and won't have the patients for this kind of service so if your looking for someone to guide you through your spell action then be sure to find a site that specializes in this service. If your having spell questions then find a site that can address these questions and concerns to your satisfaction. If you have a difficult love situation or other then be sure that the Caster you contract is Qualified to get the job done. Find a spell casting service that will stay with and that will be upfront and honest with you before. during and after the spell casting operation.

In closing I will just say that the world of magick is a wonderful place that can and has assisted countless millions throughout time however like everything else in the world it has become rather complex these days when it comes to finding not only the right Caster but spell as well. Their are many exceptional Spell Casters out on the internet today with extraordinary gifts however and unfortunately they can be found next to the unscrupulous thief or the Caster proclaiming more then what they really are in life and this is why Education is so extremely important when it comes to spell finding.

It is my hope that this page has shed a little light on the Spell Caster for you. It is also my profound wish that a good many of you will read this page before you fall pray to the snares of the internet or perhaps bogus or fake casters. Please enjoy the site and if I can personally address and questions for you please let me know at . --------------- Jim Morgan

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