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What is a Spell Caster? Answer Is: This is a person that has been born into the world with certain spiritual gifts in some cases who has chosen to pursue a spiritual path in life and who moreover has chosen to move beyond verbal prayer into the physical acting out of that same prayer. Spell Casters are regular people who choose to lead their lives in a very unusual way.

A person of this nature tends in not pursuing the physical pleasures of this life but rather the spiritual mysteries of Heaven instead. Like anyone else spell casters have their problems to deal with and aren't perfect by a long shot.

Spell casters are extraordinarily gifted people that lead a human existence in a ordinary way most of the time however are forced to live in two very conflicting worlds being the physical and spiritual. This folks are by far some of the most misunderstood people in the entire universe that have been looked upon as God Like one minute and Thief all in the same breath especially over the last 300 years. Today exist a great confusion between a Spell Caster and the Tarot Reader and hence I'd like to address this misconception.

Spell Casters mainly deal in the changing of a physical situation through the manipulating of conches energies or living spiritual beings if you like. This is done through reasoning and promise made to the spiritual realm. The Caster communicates with the spiritual realm via the inseparable part of themselves called the human spirit.

The Caster moreover understand that the spiritual realm is not a separate Entity or mindless mass of energy that they can just order around but one in which a person must develop a working relationship with through physiological and spiritual growth. Even though most Spell Casters possess numerous spiritual gifts not all these gifts are necessarily utilized in conjunction with one another.

For Instance: If a Caster has the ability to see into the future then he or she may explain to the Client and or suggest a certain spell action but this is as far as it goes. Remember the Caster has the ability to change a physical environment through magical manipulation so it really doesn't matter what is seen in the past or future concerning a case. It only matters what you as a Client are telling the Caster at present as far as the goals you need to meet in the future.

Also one must take into consideration the strength of gift. Some Casters might do very well in the areas of casting ability but may lack in psychic ability to some extent. Other Casters may excel in clairvoyance and lack casting capability. I think the general Public would be looking for the one stop shop these days when looking for a Spell Casting in the way of finding a Reader and Caster all rolled up into one. This is likened to making one type of shoes fit all occasions if you will. Of course you may find a Caster to cast your spell that is in fact proficient in both areas of casting a psychic abilities but this is unlikely possibility.

Having psychic readings performed by your Caster is really a conflict of interest any way as the reading might be tainted from the start as she or he needs the work etc. Also, Please keep in mind that all Casters are not alike apart from being well meaning. Some Casters are very new to the trade and some have been around for years. Remember that Spell Casters are human and may be tempted to bend the truth a bit to get your business and this is why it's crucially important to ask allot of questions. It might not be a bad idea to read up on the subject of magick before you even contact a spell caster just so you can have some sort of an edge over the conversation.

Most Spell Casters work from home believe it or not and their offices consist of a desk top or lap top computer in the Study or bedroom lol. Some Casters have good family lives going on but most do not. Spell Casters for the most part are people who see the world through the eyes of Angels and have very different perceptions and opinions of the current events taking place in the world.

Even in the consideration that the spell caster is very human in many respects their minds are set toward more spiritual things and thus this can make for a very disagreeable union when you place them around other folks that aren't so spiritually minded. Allot of Casters are lone wolves or pretty solitary always trying to keep a low profile in most instances.

Most Casters or people of a spiritual mindset have had rather challenging childhoods and or have experienced a life after death experience or N.D.E that has change them forever. The real Spell Caster doesn't look at magick as something that is apart from the world but rather something that lives within. True people of the art don't necessarily practice magick more so then they speak and feel it into reality through a one on one communication with the entire living Universe. The real Enchantress or Wizard is the typical human being with a few extra talents while standing with one foot upon the earth and other in the Heavenly realms.

Yet, the dispositions you will find when speaking to people of the art will very greatly from one personality to the next. Some like myself will be blatantly direct with you to the point of being rude if need be. I want to assist you and have the best of intentions however I'm just a old Wizard with very little regard for Bull Hockey and will let you know it when my patients run short. Others in the art like Jan for instance will be very upfront like myself but very kind in the way she communicates to a person or group no matter how nasty or misdirected a Client or other becomes.

Again, The personality of your Caster will depend on where they've been and what they have been through in their lives and or how you treat them. It's important to speak with a potential caster in length to determine if this is the person you would want to cast your spell for you or not. In short once your spell is cast there's no turning back as you will have to stay the course and work with this person to the end.

Please know that you can Piss your caster off as they are human so be sure to ask all your questions up front and write down the answers so they don't have to keep answering the same questions over and over for you. In a nut shell remember the golden rule here and don't do anything to your caster that you wouldn't want them or someone else to do to you.

Most Casters generally aren't Spiritual Counselors' like Jan and myself so if your looking for a shoulder to cry on your not going to find it with some spell casting firms on the net. Spell Casters are just that No more or less as they will cast your spell and that's it especially when your opting for a low dollar spell.

It's a good idea to find out what services a casting site has before you throw your hard earned money at them. Very seldom will you find a spell casting company that only cast spells full time as most people of the art or casters will tend to work other jobs in the day. Jan is one such Caster that works a magical circle full time with no other distractions such as a second job. It's important to ask your Caster about this issue so you be aware of his or her times of counseling or magical operation apart from the other job in question.

As you can see I've touched on who and what a Caster actually is to better help you in understanding who we really are so when you are in need of magical assistance please consider that you are speaking to another human being whom is not without flaws but does in fact possess certain abilities in which can assuredly help you out of a particular problem in life. What exactly can a Spell Caster do for me? Answer Is: This is a tricky question as some Casters will promise you everything and give you nothing. Some will promise you nothing and give you everything lol.

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