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You know, there there is a consensus going around the internet currently, to where a lot of people feel they're being ripped off via magic sites and no doubt some of them are. Let's look a little closer at the phrase, or term, "getting ripped-off" and ask ourselves what does being ripped off really mean? My definition of being ripped off means: not getting what you're agreeing upon, in any kind of a business deal. No matter if your buying a pair of tennis shoes with the lights that flash in them and then finding out that the lights aren't working, this would be a good example.

Hence, going back to the store only to find out that they won't give you your money back. Or better yet, to go and get some work done on your car only to find out they didn't fix the problem after you've paid them and they won't make good on the repair, etc.

Let's talk about the relationship between magic sites and their Clients for a second... Unlike buying a item in a store with an exchange or money back policy or getting your car fixed, spell purchasing is a entirely different ball game. Both the Client and Caster, are commencing to deal with, and ask for, a favor from a ancient and invisible force. This force has a will of it's own, and knows that it is in no way obligated to help us in any given situation.

When a Caster offers a potential Client a certain spell that is designed for their general type of situation, they will also give a success rate factor or percentage for that particular spell casting. This is like saying, "Well, I've had success with this type of spell on a scale from one to ten like an eight." What they're doing, is in fact, giving that person a past case statistic on that type of spell, nothing more.

Of course all cases are different for the sole reasoning that everyone is at different places in their personal, spiritual and mental development. Plus their situations may be similar, but aren't exactly the same by any means. So each case has different aspects to it and each person is at their own level of existence. Thus, making it impossible for a Caster to say, "Yes I guarantee this will come out in the same way that my last case came out."

However, they can tell a person that chances of a success are in a person's favor, as they have certain positive elements that are existing within the situation. Such as; Communication, Good imprints, Willingness to work for the goal, etc. Plus, there are so many other factors involved. Such as availability of imprints; Will the person work with you; Logistics between people; The persons over all situation; How complex is the situation; Will they meet the spells criteria; and so forth.

Now, can one be ripped off in spell work? Of Course! Perhaps a Client has given the Caster "X" amount of dollars to perform a spell, but the Caster doesn't perform the spell for the Client. I find this to be rare in most cases, as Casters are bound by Universal law to follow through with the action once they have taken something from the Client.

No matter if it's money or a gift of some sort. If they don't perform the spell they know that they are subject to face the consequences via Universal Forces [ Bad Karma }. Then of course if the caster is lying to the Client, selling them extra services that they really don't need, or charging the Client more then what their work is worth, then this is highly unethical, but again, they will pay the price for their deeds in the end .

And still yet, if a Caster does not follow through with the rendering of other services, free or otherwise, promised to a Client, then they will pay the price... And they know this. However, most Casters will follow through with their services, because if they weren't ready to follow through, then they wouldn't offer them in the first place to the public.

However, there are a handfull of people out there that just don't care about these Universal laws and ethics. But there again, these same people are imposters and know nothing about magic. Better yet, they don't know what's coming for them as a result of them playing with fire, but soon will.

These Universal laws, are met to be lived by, as all seasoned people in the magical arts know. Casters have a great fear and respect of these Universal laws and take pride in their good names and won't put themselves in the way of karmic retribution, nor looking bad in the public eye. If a Caster is sincerely interested in helping people resolve their problems, then they will not do these things mentioned above as it goes against their nature and against the Universal laws.

What is a example of NOT being ripped off: If the Client is simply informed, or made Knowledgeable of, what is involved in the spell casting process, such as Tools Used, Diagrams used, Estimated Time Frames of manifestation, and The RISK FACTOR Involved of success or failure.

How in Theory The Process Should Work in their situation, and what they can expect in the way of offered services and so forth, then the Client is coming into it aware, and can make an informed choice from that information given. If the Client agrees with everything then at that point they have entered into a mutual endeavor with the Caster of their own free will.

If the Client understands and agrees with the process in the beginning and they are made aware of all the factors involved, then there is no way that they can consider themselves as being ripped off to any extent, If their spell doesn't manifest two minutes after it is cast. ESPECIALY, if they have received the physical aspects of the spell, such as it being performed by the Caster.

If the Caster makes a legitimate effort in helping,guiding or Counseling the Client with their situation, sense this is all the Caster can physically and mentally or humanly do for the Client in the first place.

When the Client agrees to the terms of the process, and is fully aware that the Caster: "ONLY HAS THE POWER and KNOWLEDGE OF PRAYER AT HIS OR HER DISPOSAL," then it comes down to FAITH on the Clients part, as to if Divinity will grant their prayer or not, pending a particular style of prayer casting. A Client must also weigh Divinities RAPPORT WITH THE CASTER, and have faith and trust in the Caster, to do what is best for them during the spell process.

It's NOT up to the Caster, however, past the point of physically performing the spell, and the counseling of the Client, if they bought these services, to make the Clients situation a reality. Personally, physically or forcibly. The Caster can only ASK Divinity if they will make a Clients situation a reality through the initial spell casting, or through re-castings.

No more, no less. They can only implement their knowledge and skill into the prayer by saying all the right things and doing all the right things, in the midst of the rite. I hope this has cleared up a few things here for everyone. ------------Jim & Jan

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